Thanks to Fellowship Friends like you in partnership with other Jewish organizations, the city of Nice, France, is getting much-needed security upgrades for its Jewish community’s schools, recreation centers, and synagogues.

We must protect Jewish communities wherever they are in danger!

Visit here to partner with us in protecting Israel and the Jewish people wherever they are in need: [...
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The Fellowship to Provide Security for Jews in Nice
The pregnancy of Yael Eckstein’s latest child, Shimmy, has been a difficult journey for her whole family.

Shimmy received a diagnosis of clubfoot just 14 weeks into the pregnancy. Unfortunately, doctors needed to wait until birth to see the full picture. For months all Yael could do was take care of herself, stay positive, and pray with all her heart.

Today Shimmy is almost a year old and...
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Yael: The Diagnosis That Changed My Family's World
Are you a Christian who stands with your Jewish brothers and sisters? We need your solidarity now, as Jewish institutions across America face many threats. Join Yael Eckstein to learn about it, and sign the 'Petition Against Hate' here: [ Link ]

Once again, anti-Semitism has reared its ugly head. A Jewish cemetery was vandalized in St. Louis, and 54 Jewish Community Centers were evacuated due to bomb threats. Rabbi Eckstein urges us not to become desensitized to these “small” acts of hate; this cannot be our new normal.

You can take a small action today by signing our Fellowship statement of Christian solidarity with the Jewish...
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Standing Up to Anti-Semitism
Chava, a 77-year-old widow, lives alone in Israel. She participates in The Fellowship’s With Dignity and Fellowship project, which provides impoverished elderly assistance with food, medicine, and companionship.

Chava also receives monthly deliveries from The Fellowship’s virtual supermarket, which offers elderly who are strong enough to cook but too weak to go shopping an opportunity to...
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Kosher butchers and supermarkets often sell these mini hamburgers on big game days.

Now you can make your own brisket sliders for the next Super Bowl, World Series, or other important event!

Bring Brisket Sliders to Your Next Game Day!
Ahmet and Zehra, two new olim (immigrants) from Turkey just sent us this thank-you note!

“Dear Fellowship,

We are Ahmet and Zehra from Turkey.

We made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) on the 20th of February with the help of The Fellowship, especially the Fellowship’s Freedom Flight coordinator for Turkey.

This was our dream, but we didn't have the courage to do it. The Fellowship coordinator...
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Life is always better with a couple of friends beside us.

Shabbat Shalom!
Sign our petition now to say that you do not accept anti-Semitic threats and attacks in our country!

Sign here: [ Link ]
Before David handed over his kingship to his son, Solomon, his first word of advice was to serve God and seek Him.

It’s important to put first things first!
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Already this year, a Jewish cemetery was desecrated and 54 Jewish community centers have received bomb threats.

This is unacceptable for a nation that cherishes religious freedom and Judeo-Christian values.

Sign our petition below and declare with us that there is no place in America for this kind of hatred: [ Link ]
Check back here to see all the new entries in our #IFCJColoringContest! We love seeing these creative expressions of faith and love for Israel!

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Jenny never thought she would end up this way.

She grew up in an observant family, did well in school, and was looking forward to starting a healthy family to whom she would teach a love for Jewish principles.

Then she ended up in Bat Melech battered women’s shelter.

Thousands of women end up in this situation and never saw it coming. However, thanks to this Fellowship-funded women’s...
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Battered Women Find Supportive Community Thanks to The Fellowship
Thank you, Mike Pence, for standing with the Jewish people!

The United States should not have to witness another anti-Semitic attack!

Pence: “There is no place in America for anti-Semitism."
Don't feel overwhelmed about the future.

God teaches us what we need to know at just the right time!
Ancient Hebrew carvings were just discovered in a synagogue dating back almost 1,800 years!

This new discovery gives strong evidence for Galilee’s ancient Jewish history.

Hebrew Carvings on Column Lend Weight to Galilee Village’s Jewish Past
20-year-old Fanya wandered through the forests, the sole survivor of her family after Nazis liquidated her ghetto.

Eventually, she stumbled on the Konyuhks, a Baptist farming couple living in a remote village of Ukraine. The couple took Fanya in and would bring her to their Baptist congregation’s weekly meetings at their pastor’s home. Everyone in the congregation was blessed by her presence...
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'I Consider It an Honor to Save Jews'
When we share our burdens and desires with God, somehow things just seem to be a little more peaceful in our souls.

Even though He already knows all of our needs, thoughts, and desires, share what you’re feeling with God through prayer and see what happens!
The competition is heating up! Check out these latest entries in our #IFCJColoringContest! This is the perfect opportunity to express your faith and creativity to win big!

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