Unfortunately, voices of hate, negativity, and opposition often become the loudest ones that we hear.

Let’s stand together and make our voices of love, truth, and compassion even louder!

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For the first time in over two centuries, the site where Jesus is believed to have been buried has undergone a major renovation.

Now, this Christian site in the Holy Land has has reopened in Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Jesus' Tomb, Newly Restored, Reopens in Jerusalem

As the story of a terror attack outside British Parliament continues to develop, join us in lifting up the victims and their families in prayer.

Attack on British Parliament

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Congratulations to our adopted IDF Lions of the North battalion who intercepted a missile fired into Israel from Syria this week!

Join us in saying THANK YOU to these defenders of Israel!
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An IDF battalion supported by our donors shot down the missile fired into Israel from Syria on Friday, in the first ever use of the Arrow air-defense system.

Thank you to these brave men and women for protecting the Holy Land!

IDF Battalion Adopted by Christians Shoots Down Syrian Missile

We must begin each day by asking “what can I contribute to God's world?” By doing so, we end each day with the profound satisfaction that comes with knowing that we have contributed to the perfection of His creation.

This sunset over the Holy Land captured by Yael Eckstein this weekend is a wonderful illustration of today's devotional! Read the full devotional here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
“Eat this bread…so that as long as you live you will remember the day you departed from Egypt.” –Deuteronomy 16:3

The Passover is a time that celebrates God’s faithfulness and redemption of the Jewish people. But due to poverty, illness, or other misfortunes, many cannot afford to celebrate this holiday that is so crucial to the Jewish people.

Be a blessing to God’s people this Passover by...
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Passover reminds us that God is present in human lives, He hears the cries of the suffering, and intervenes in history to delivery His people from oppression.

Many Jews today cannot celebrate this holy day that is central to their faith and identity. Shine the light of God today by helping provide a foodbox so a family in need can celebrate Passover with dignity.

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Fifteen years ago, Rabbi Eckstein saw first-hand the hopelessness in many of Israel’s impoverished regions.

This experience forever changed him, and led to the creation of Kupat Yedidut, a program which supports Israeli social workers to impact their communities.

Read Rabbi Eckstein’s life-changing story below!

Whoever Is Kind to the Poor

Ancient Jewish wisdom literature has many life lessons that speak to us today.

If you’re lacking in wisdom today, try cracking open the books of Proverbs or Ecclesiastes, and drink your fill!
Cobblestones are appearing all over Europe inscribed with the names of Holocaust victims and placed in the areas where they used to live.

While these brass cobblestones might be inconspicuous, they remind us that those who perished in the Holocaust could have been our neighbors, people we interact with every day...

Why Jews’ Names Are Etched Onto Sidewalks Across Europe

Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem has a new MRI machine thanks to The Fellowship’s faithful supporters!

Now, Jerusalem’s citizens have immediate access to MRI screenings, shortening the time needed for diagnosis, and saving lives.

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Passover is less than a month away!

Learn how to observe the Passover Seder with Rabbi Eckstein’s devotional guide!

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No matter what the weather is like around you, it can always be bright and sunny in your heart!

Just make sure you take a Shabbat!
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God will prosper what He calls us to, but God’s prosperity might look very different than society’s.