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Today we reflect on the enduring legacy of this great man in American history.

Happy Martin Luther King day!
“But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!” (Amos 5:24)

This Martin Luther King Day, join us in prayer that we may continue Dr. King’s legacy by building bridges between Jews and Christians, in Israel and around the world.

To learn more about the historical and spiritual bonds between the African-American and Jewish communities, download our free...
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Today we honor a man who fought selflessly for the rights of others, and was a strong supporter of Israel!

Happy Martin Luther King Day!
Tourists from all around the world love visiting Jerusalem’s Marzipan Bakery for its famous gooey chocolate rugelach!

Watch now to learn more.

Hunting Chocolate Rugelach in Jerusalem

What are the different levels of charity in Judaism? Find out in Rabbi Eckstein’s latest teaching on the Holy Land Moments Radio Program!

Listen, here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Even after rebelling against God and suffering the consequences, Jonah’s prayer was still answered.

God answers prayer because of HIS goodness, not ours. Could you imagine the pressure if it was the other way around?
Germany lit up the Brandenburg Gate with the colors of the Israeli flag to show solidarity after a terrorist attack left four IDF soldiers dead and 17 more wounded.

A couple generations ago, that very monument was used as a speaking platform for the Nazi party.

Miracles do happen. Change can occur. This is what motivates us at The Fellowship.
Peace in the Middle East will only come as the result of changed hearts, not a declaration from Paris.

Read Rabbi Eckstein’s latest article about the problems he sees with the upcoming Middle East “peace summit” and why Israel will not be in attendance.

A Prayer for Peace

The Babylonian exile was one of the most difficult periods for the Jewish people. King Nebuchadnezzar burned the Temple, destroyed Jerusalem, and scattered Jewish people all over the region for many years to come.

Newly discovered cuneiform texts give us a surprising look at what life was like as a Jew in exile from the Promised Land!

Life in the Babylonian Exile

The Fellowship team is praying that all of our followers and supporters are greatly blessed this Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom friends!
“Each day you save many people who, without your assistance, may have died from cold or gone to sleep hungry.”

We cherish every one of the precious people we have the honor of helping. Shulamit is 92-years-old and a beneficiary of our With Dignity and Fellowship program which provides food, medicine, and companionship to the struggling elderly in the Holy Land.

Eight months ago, Shulamit...
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92 Year Old Widow Says ‘Thank-You’ to Fellowship Supporters!

Approximately half of Israel's Jewish population is Sephardic, meaning they originated from Spain, North Africa, or the Middle East.

This vegetarian Yemenite soup from Sephardic traditional cuisine has a comforting spiced broth that will be sure to keep you warm this winter!

Let’s Make Vegetarian Yemenite Jewish Soup!

Have you ever heard the story about the first Torah scroll read in outer space?

Watch this exciting interview with the two Jewish astronauts who set up this historic event on our blog!

The First Torah in Space

14-year-old Darya is constantly cold no matter how much she bundles herself up. She suffers from hypothyroidism, which can be easily managed with a balanced diet and medication. But her family cannot afford the medication, and when left untreated, the disorder is difficult to live with.

Her Mother, Irina, works hard as a saleswoman, but only earns $180 a month. The family can barely afford...
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Eternity is in the hearts of all people. While our bodies will not last forever, our good deeds and our acts of love always live on in those whose lives we have helped.

Hear what Rabbi Eckstein says about leaving a righteous legacy from today’s Torah reading on our Holy Land Moments Radio Show!

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For most of us, winter temperatures are an inconvenience, but for some they are life-threatening.

This is especially true for Ella, an 89 year old woman who lives alone in Jerusalem. As a young girl, she spent World War II in a Jewish ghetto in Ukraine. She survived the war, finished her education, and worked as an electrical engineer for many years. She made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) in...
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Agatha Christie is one of the world’s most beloved mystery writers. But did you know she also had a hand in preserving biblical history?

Read below about Christie’s role in uncovering the ancient city of Nimrod, known in the Bible as Calah! We bet you never would have guessed!

Agatha Christie's Role in Uncovering Biblical City

Most of our lives are spent with everyday routines. But sometimes we have moments where we are supernaturally placed in a specific situation to accomplish something great, just like Queen Esther.

Have you ever had an “Esther Moment”?
This note just came in President-Elect Trump’s transition team acknowledging that they received our previous petition urging the upcoming president to stand for Israel.

We’re grateful to God for the privilege of living under a system of government that listens to its citizens and responds. Thank YOU for speaking out with us!
The impoverished and elderly alike suffer through the winter season. Elderly Jews who are struggling in Israel or the former Soviet Union often have nowhere to go for help.

Help provide heat, blankets, food, and other necessities during these harsh winter months!

Help now: [ Bit.ly Link ]