"My daughter received a fairy door for Christmas and to be honest we had never heard of your company before. I have to say though that we are completely blown away and our daughter and son have both been completely mezmerised ever since! Our fairy is called Jack and Jack regularly leaves notes and presents something which causes great excitement in our home every time! This is, by far, the...
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'My daughter received a fairy door for Christmas and if I'm being honest - we had never heard of this before but we set our fairy door up and then registered on your website. Our daughter and son have been completely mesmerised ever since! Every Friday we look forward to receiving our email from Fairy HQ & they never disappoint! This has been the best gift!' - Maria Brophy ❤

In Ireland when it is a nice sunny, breezy day you will always hear people say "there's some great drying out there today!!" We're sure our fairy friends would absolutely agree! ❤❤

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How do you know if a fairy has just been in the room or was close by?? There is one sure sign that you must look out for! Do you know what that is? Watch this video to find out...❤❤
That moment when you realise that a fairy is finally coming to live with you...❤❤

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Gráinne has poured her heart and soul into making sure that all her fairies have the most beautiful, colourful and peaceful garden to enjoy. Isn't this INCREDIBLE?! ❤❤
We could not agree more J.K Rowling! ❤❤
"My daughter has finally learned to put herself to sleep (at 5 and a half years old) I have tried everything and failed. Since she got the Worry Plaque she has put herself to sleep each night for three nights in a row. She is not scared anymore! THANK YOU! - Rachel ❤❤

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We are absolutely delighted to see that our Worry Plaque is being recommended for children who may be a little anxious. It's wonderful to think that the fairies can help even if it is in a very small way. We are so honoured to be featured in such an important article! Thank you London Evening Standard❤❤

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Have you ever wondered what fairies like to eat? Watch this video to find out!! ❤❤
Did you know that fairies experience their human’s emotions as if they were feeling them themselves? For example if you are happy then your fairy will feel happy, if you are sad they will feel sad too. Most of the time your fairy will also like and dislike the very same things as you do! Every fairy is very carefully selected to be the perfect match for the human they are assigned to. ❤❤
Some fairies live outside on a big tree and some fairies live on a window sill. Some fairies live in the hallway and some fairies live on a book shelf. This fairy however, fairy Daisy, lives in a castle created especially for her by her human! Where does your fairy live? ❤❤

Just like humans, fairies take pride in how their garden looks. We think that all of fairy Kevin's hard work has certainly paid off, don't you? We absolutely love it when our believers send us in photos of their fairy's door. As always, keep them coming! ❤
"Santa brought us our first ever fairy door this Christmas. My children never knew a fairy could ever live in their home with them and the excitement was unbelievable! This has been, by far, their most treasured gift. Our fairy Isabella is now extremely busy replying to all our notes and leaving out little treats and blowing away bad dreams!" - Suzanne Moore ❤❤
A fairy has just moved into her new human home in the beautiful state of Louisiana in the United States of America! ❤

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We've just joined Snapchat!! Come follow us to see all the latest news and fun and MAGIC direct from Fairy HQ in Dublin! Just search for 'Irishfairydoor' to see what we get up to...❤❤
When fairies and humans come together to create a fairy home, something truly special happens... Fairy homes do not come much more magical than this one...❤❤