Waiting for the magic to begin...❤❤

Calling all humans! Please pass the following message to your fairy - The Fairy Force have announced a new scholarship programme for fairies that begins next week. This is the first time in many years that the Fairy Force have looked for new applicants and everyone in Fairy Valley is very excited! Should your fairy want to apply then the Force are asking all...
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Fairy Dimples really does have it all! He is the proud owner of a fairy bicycle, wish box, see saw and washing line to name but a few! While all these things are lovely to have, it is Fairy Dimple's friendship with his human that he values the most above all else...❤❤

Often when a fairy first moves into your home you may have a lot of questions. You may wonder how old your fairy is or you may want to know what their hobbies are... In Fairy HQ we think it's great to ask questions! Why not write a note to your fairy or if you can't write just yet, ask Mam or Dad to help you? Fairies LOVE receiving notes especially from their favourite human in the world ❤❤❤....
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A worrying report has come through to us here in Fairy HQ - a fairy has attempted to speed dry their clothes in their human's toaster!!!! Not only did this fairy's clothes catch fire but the tiny plume of smoke set off the smoke alarm in the kitchen. Every human in the household woke in panic as it was at 4am! The fairy, whom we will not name, had to hide behind the...
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"I just wanted to send you all a message to thank you for bringing so much magic into our home. Our son who is 7 years old recently wrote to his fairy Ben to tell him that a student in his class had been giving him a hard time. Myself and my husband had no idea about this but we knew something had been bothering our son so thank you to you and fairy Ben for helping us!" - Chloe Watson ❤❤
This is so very true...❤❤
It's COMPETITION TIME here in Fairy HQ!!!!! To be in with a chance of winning a €100/£100/$100 voucher for our online store all you have to do is take a picture of you using your Worry Plaque and post it below this post as a comment! One winner will be chosen at random next Monday the 20th of February... Good luck everyone!!! ❤

A fairy's home can be indoors or outdoors. It can be bright and colourful or simple and understated. One thing is for sure though - your fairy will love whatever home you create for them because it is made by you - their one and only favourite human in the whole, entire world!! ❤❤

Happy Valentines Day to all our believers & fairies across the globe! After three whole years of finding homes for fairies (along with the help of Queen Kate in Fairy Valley!) we just know that every single fairy out there feels so loved living with you guys and we could not be more thankful! We're certainly feeling the love!! ❤❤
Fairy Rosebud has been very busy preparing her home for Valentines Day & we think she has done such an excellent job! We are feeling the love just looking at this fairy's home!!

We do! Do you? ❤❤
"We purchased the worry plaque for my 7 year old son as he has been struggling with grief for a while now. It has been a god send, our little man is happy again. Such a wonderful idea, thanks so much!" - Joan Hennessy

We can't tell you how happy this message made each and every one of us here in Fairy HQ ❤❤.
Just like us humans, fairies love to keep their house nice, both inside and out ❤❤!
Did you know that little people all over the world are giving their soothers (pacifiers) to the fairies once they are done with them?? So what do the fairies do with them once they are collected? Using a very special magic they carry them all the way back to Fairy Valley and hang them on their special 'soother tree' just east of the heart shaped lake ❤❤
Last thing to do when preparing for your fairy's arrival is to put the little bottle with the key inside just outside your fairy's door. When your fairy arrives all the way from Fairy Valley, he or she will collect their key and move in straight away! So in the morning, if the bottle is empty then you will know that your fairy has arrived and is there is stay forever ❤❤...
It's not just the little people in our lives who have a wonderful imagination.
We absolutely LOVE this !!
'Our fairy door has totally transformed my daughter and has given her the confidence to be in her own room...and the dreaded night terrors! Sometimes they come back and all she needs is a chat about her fairy Sparklina and a hold of her worry plaque and all is good again! Genius idea and wouldn't be without her... she even comes on holidays with us!!' - Lisa Kavanagh ❤❤
We at the The Irish Fairy Door Company have gifted an iPad to the fairies in Fairy Valley! As you can imagine, the screen of an iPad is gigantic compared to the size of a fairy and as a result it is being set up on the hill in Mushroom Mound in Fairy Valley this Friday for our first 'Fairy Fly-In Movie Night'!
We encourage all fairies to fly on in and find a comfy...
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