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Researchers around the world are studying medical marijuana to find more life-saving treatments – and once again Israel is leading the way.

Israel's Teva to Market Cannabis Inhaler for Pain Management

More and more countries are seeking out Israel for its expertise in technology that makes life better around the world.

If you support Israel, send a message to anti-Israel haters and add your name at ISupportIsrael.com

African ministers in Israel for first-ever agricultural summit

Former Israeli Air Force fighter pilot Ran Pecker has passed away at the age of 80. This outstanding aviator will be remembered for taking down a record number of planes in his IAF career.

May his memory be a blessing.

Via: ידיעות אחרונות Yedioth Ahronoth
After the rain, at the Sea of Galilee.

By: שלמה גלבר-צלם אמן
In 2014, American-Israeli Naftali Frenkel was kidnapped and murdered by Hamas terrorists. His mother will testify tomorrow in a federal lawsuit to prove Iran and Syria directly funded the murder.

Demand the EU continue to list Hamas as a terror group at [ Nationbuilder.com Link ]

Mother of American-Israeli terror victim to testify in US: 'Iran and Syria murdered my boy'

WATCH: HUGE waterfall rages off of the peaks of Mt. Hermon. Wow!

By: איתן אסרף - החיים בזווית שלא הכרתם : eitan asraf
We salute you Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds for your incredible bravery.

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Honor for US officer who saved 200 Jewish GIs from the Nazis — and never told a soul

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Who's that handsome soldier on the right?

Love it!

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Israel's friendships in the Middle East are continuing to blossom. A peaceful future is on the horizon.

Support a peaceful future at PeaceNotHate.com

After five frosty years, Israeli ambassador returns to Turkey

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WATCH: Bedouin soldiers celebrate the end of their training for the IDF this week. Pure joy!

By: Mohammad Kabiya
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Three sets of unclassified documents that have remained unseen by the American public on the Iran deal could soon be made public.

"The American people know the Iran deal is bad. I can tell you it’s even worse than most people think." –Rep. Peter Roskam

The three sets of documents include details about Iran’s nuclear research, letters between various foreign ministers and Secretary of State...
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Unseen documents about Iran nuclear deal could soon be public

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Inspiring: A year after her father died of cancer, Faden was also diagnosed with the disease. She decided to use her experiences to help other cancer patients. Incredible.

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Hamas spends an estimated 40% of its military budget to build terror tunnels to Israel. Hamas is ensuring that the next war with Israel will be bloody – and it will be Hamas' fault. Israel wants peace.

Give peaceful future a chance. Join us and demand the world stop Hamas child abuse at: [ Nationbuilder.com Link ]

Four Dead After Hamas Tunnel Collapses

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Bittersweet Celebration

4 years after her entire family was killed in a car accident, Racheli Attias is celebrating her Bat Mitzvah.

Mazal tov, Racheli.

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Iran is threatening to walk away from the nuclear deal after Congress voted nearly unanimously to keep non-nuclear sanctions on Iran – sanctions that are allowed under the deal according to the Obama administration.

Iran warns of "strong reaction" to Congress vote on sanctions

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WATCH: So many countries came to Israel's aid during the devastating fires – and Israel's leaders would like to say THANK YOU.

If you support Israel, don’t be silent. Send a message to anti-Israel haters and show the Israeli people you are behind them at ISupportIsrael.com
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WATCH: A huge THANK YOU from Israel to all the countries that came to her aid during the devastating fires.

Make a difference for the Israeli children affected by the fire and donate at ToysForTheChildrenOfIsrael.com
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This look at Palestinian political institutions and power in Fatah shows that the institutions necessary for a state are far from ready.

"The Fatah party congress, which ended Sunday, was the closest thing to democracy that Palestinians have seen in recent years — and it wasn’t especially democratic."

Palestinian leader Abbas consolidates power and ousts rivals

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74 years ago, two Christian women founded a secret council that wound up saving 50,000 Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Thank you Zofia Kossak and Wanda Filipowicz. Your bravery echoes through the generations.

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8th grader Nevo donated all of his savings to his homeroom teacher, Helen — whose home was burned down in Zikhron Ya'akov.

“I wanted to see her smile again”

Let’s give this youngster with a big heart a HUGE like!

Via: ידיעות אחרונות Yedioth Ahronoth