Citrus, Fig and Walnut Salad

1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 Tbsp aged balsamic vinegar
2 cups arugula
2 cups kale (tear into bite size pieces and discard stems or use baby kale)
3 Tbsp thinly sliced red onion
1 large orange (I used blood orange), segmented (see this How To)
4 kumquats (if you can’t find them, double the orange), thinly sliced (discard seeds but leave peel on)
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**New Recipe on the blog: Korean Instant Pot Short Ribs**

6 lbs English style beef short ribs
2 tsp salt or truffle salt
1 pear, cubed chopped
6 cloves of garlic, peeled and cloves smashed
1 inch of fresh ginger, peeled and chopped
1 Tbsp fish sauce
1 Tbsp sesame oil (omit for AIP)
1 Tbsp coconut aminos
1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
2 Tbsp honey
1 cup of broth (beef or chicken)
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May Allah Bless Pakistan with all the happiness and victories :)
Shoaib Malik played a brilliant knock today but unluckily cant finish his hundred.
Fried Tomatoes :) Pomodori Fritti

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 lb. 500 g tomatoes
bread crumbs
black pepper
Cut tomato into slices about 1 cm then in bowl mix breadcrumbs, chopped parsley, salt and pepper.
Pass slices in the mixture and fry in a pan with extra virgin olive oil then place on a sheet of absorbent paper. Serve.
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Before , During or After dinner ?

Many Italians tend to eat their salad at the end of the meal. Many believe that in America, restaurants did not know what to do with people while they were waiting for the food to cook, so they started bringing out the salad prior to the main course.

A nice " insalata " salad for dinner tonight ! Who would like to join me ? ;) Grab a Plate !
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The AAIC is a non-profit charity driven social club open to every nationality! Come Join Us for THE HOTSPOT FOR LIVE MUSIC IN NORTH PHOENIX.

Arizona American Italian Club
On a Subway train in Milan , Italy...... :)

"Libiamo ne' lieti calici" (Traviata) - Flashmob (Metropolitana di Milano)

Thank you for the video Voce AllOpera at the Wagner Station in Milan
Who loves Braciole ? Simple and Easy Braciole recipe Only 6 Ingredients !

Braciole is a fantastic meat to add to your Sunday Dinner or on any other day dinner !

1 1/2 lb flank steak (usually labeled braciole meat)
6 tbsp Parsley leaves (roughly chopped)
8 garlic cloves (minced)
4 tbsp of olive oil
salt and pepper to season
4 tbsp grated Pecorino Romano cheese
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