This year's version of the traditional pre-inauguration service will focus on when God chooses a leader, specifically the biblical figure of Nehemiah, who rebuilt the walls that protected Jerusalem.

Trump hears sermon on biblical protection of Jerusalem before swearing in
By Johnny Estrada

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A march is also planned in Tel Aviv, with roughly 250 people registered.

Jewish groups mobilize for march on Washington
"Obama's policy of not one brick is gone," Ma'aleh Adumim mayor Kashriel said regarding the annexation bill, which includes E1.

W.Bank mayor attempts to push annexation bill ahead of Trump inauguration
America’s 44th president was never able to reconcile his expectations with the reality of Israel.

The globalist: Barack Obama’s legacy in the Middle East
President-elect Trump expressed his faith Kushner's appointment, saying that "I have a feeling that Jared is going to do a great job."

Trump to son-in-law Kushner: 'If you can't produce peace in the Mideast, nobody can'
Security forces increase alertness and prepare to tighten security measures, expressing concern that President-elect Trump's inauguration ceremony will exacerbate an already tense situation.

Israeli security forces predict uptick in tensions as Trump inauguration looms near
Though the command relies mostly on conscripted soldiers, reservists are called in for large-scale disasters, like the one in Ramat Hachayal.

Training for the next missile attack or earthquake to hit Israel
"No historical event compares to the Holocaust. It's up to you how to behave at a memorial site that marks the death of 6 million people."

Yolocaust: What happens when you do yoga on top of a Holocaust memorial?
In 1956, the same families were forced off their land in the Wadi Zbala area of the Negev and relocated by the army to what became Umm al-Hiran.

Beduin allege police frame-up in teacher’s death
Protesters held signs reading “Not my President”, “Resist” and other slogans.

Thousands protest in New York on eve of Trump inauguration
Bennett: We won’t give up on goal of integration.

Haredi enrollment in higher education up 250% since 2009
The rally is scheduled to take place on Saturday night and will coincide with the march in Washington, DC.

American-Israelis to rally in Tel Aviv in solidarity with DC Women’s March
The step comes against a background of renewed agitation by extremists in the haredi community against haredi enlistment.

Defense Ministry requests legal aid for haredi soldiers subject to harassment
Andrzej Duda commends Israeli cooperation with Egypt in Sinai.

Polish president: Security through deterrence does not exclude dialogue
The coming of the new day tarried. But Friday at noon – when Trump takes over in Washington – that new day will finally arrive.

Analysis: Time to reset
"The Government and the Coalition claim to represent the people's preferences, but are actually acting directly against the public will."

78% of Jewish Israeli public: 'Keep businesses open on Shabbat'