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We ask readers to answer our questions to help build a fascinating picture of the region.

Great North East Survey - help us tell region's story through you
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Could this be one of the most irritating junctions in Gateshead?

Bus lane hell - is this Gateshead's most confusing junction?
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Lee Adams was given between six and 12 months to live when he was diagnosed last year

Terminally ill dad takes son on dream holiday
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A rainfall league table has been put together containing figures from more than 60 cities across the country

Where is the wettest place in UK? The answer might surprise North East people
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"It has become a threat to all we hold dear what with its blatant anti-Brexit agenda, wilfully at odds with all that is good and wholesome in the United Kingdom. And the rest."

Has Countryfile become one of the most controversial TV shows?
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The brewery names its beers after local landmarks and wildlife in the North Pennines

Northumberland brewery celebrates as beers after winning Tesco contract
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Did you enjoy the episode and are you ready for tonight's?

What did the real Farne Island rangers think of Vera last week?
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Out of this list, which would you like to earn listed status first?

From the Angel of the North to St James' Park - unlisted North East landmarks
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Our political reporter in the capital talks about what life has been like since Wednesday's terror attack.

Westminster tried to get back to normal but people were in shock
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John and Michelle Pollard say Jacko is unable to run - but the Royal Mail say the postie was acting in self-defence

Couple furious after postman 'kicks' their dog
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Remember - the clocks go forward by an hour on Sunday, although many gadgets make the change for you

Which clocks will I have to manually change when they go forward?
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It's been rumbling for 18 months - we look at what happened next.

What is going on with the Durham teaching assistants row?
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The Leeds to Newcastle express train was derailed at full speed in March 1907 with tragic consequences.

Train was derailed in tragic rail accident 110 years ago today
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Sometimes you just know everything’s going to be fine when you walk into a restaurant, says our reviewer.

Omni means 'all' and nearly all tables were full when Secret Diner visited Omni Cafe
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