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Labour created the NHS to care for us all. Now it’s time to care for the NHS. That’s why we’re asking you to join us this Saturday, 21 January for our #CarefortheNHS campaign action day. Stand with us to demand the Tories give the NHS the funding it desperately needs – find a local event near you & share this to your friends and family:

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Theresa May’s priorities are clear: tax giveaways to the wealthiest and big business rather than funding our health service. By 2022, the Tories will have handed the wealthiest £70 billion in tax cuts - money that could be invested in our NHS. Share our new broadcast on the NHS now ↓
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Theresa May’s Brexit plan is threatening to turn Britain into an offshore, low-pay tax haven, which would be bad for British businesses, jobs and public services. Watch and share Jeremy Corbyn's video now ↓
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Theresa May has set out her vision for Britain after Brexit. It wouldn't be a 'global Britain', but a Britain for the global elite. Whether you voted Leave or Remain, nobody voted to be poorer, or for Britain to become a bargain-basement tax haven.

We demand a Brexit deal that does all it can to protect jobs and living standards. That means ensuring tariff-free access to the single market....
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Theresa May is in total denial about the crisis in our NHS, as she claims there have only been a “small number of incidents” where unacceptable practises have taken place. But we - and you - know that it’s way more than a “small number”, as understaffing and underfunding continue to put patients in danger across the country. Share your experiences now →

The NHS is in crisis but Theresa May is in denial
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The NHS is in crisis, but Theresa May is in denial. Share the facts now:
✘ The British Red Cross said there’s a “humanitarian crisis” in our NHS
✘ In 2016 over 1.8 million people had to wait longer than four hours in A&E
✘ The Tories have cut £4.6 billion from social care
✘ There are 6,600 fewer mental health nurses since 2010
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This week marked six months since Theresa May walked into Downing Street. Here's what she's been up to since then. Watch and share this now ↓
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Watch Jeremy Corbyn's speech at today's Fabian Society New Year conference ↓
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Jack’s aunt got in touch with Jeremy Corbyn to share her family’s story – and now it has hit the headlines. As Jeremy said in PMQs this week, it’s unacceptable that a poorly child be left waiting on plastic chairs for five hours. Theresa May must urgently fund the NHS to end this crisis. Share this now ↓

Mum shares heartbreaking photo of ill son and slams government after A&E visit
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It has been six months since Theresa May walked into Downing Street. So what has she been up to since then? Watch and share this now ↓
Under the Tories our NHS is in crisis. Patients are waiting for hours in overcrowded A&Es, waiting lists are rising and hospitals are facing huge financial problems. Watch Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs today and share if you’re with him ↓
The Tories have created a complete crisis in our A&Es – so what’s their solution? Extra support for the NHS and social care? Nope. They’ve suggested watering down their own targets to meet them. Share the facts ↓
After six years, we're still waiting for Tory rhetoric on mental health to become a reality. Theresa May claims she’s taking action but the Tories’ record on mental health is one of total failure: over the last Parliament, funding for mental health fell, there are fewer mental health nurses now than in 2010, and thousands of patients can’t get mental health care close to home. Agree? Share this ↓
Back to work tomorrow? There's bad news for commuters as rail fares have gone up yet again. Since 2010 rail fares have rocketed by 27% - that’s a rise three times faster than wages. We want to bring the railways into public ownership, to put passengers first and keep fares down. Agree? Share this →

The Tories have hiked rail fares by a huge 27%
The Red Cross have announced it is providing humanitarian assistance to NHS trusts that do not have the resources to cope. Read Jeremy Corbyn's response ↓
The Tories cut £4.6 billion from social care budgets in the last Parliament – but what does that actually mean? Share the facts now ↓
Congratulations to Sue Jeffrey, who has been selected as our candidate in the upcoming Tees Valley Metro Mayor election. Want to help out in the upcoming elections in May? Sign up now →

We're taking the strength and size of the Labour movement to the streets this May.
Congratulations to Lesley Mansell, who has been selected as our candidate in the upcoming West of England Metro Mayor election. If you want to help out in this election, or any of the elections coming up in May, sign up to get involved now:

We're taking the strength and size of the Labour movement to the streets this May.
How do we create a high-skill, high-wage economy that works for everyone? That’s the question we’re asking you, our members and supporters, as today we launch our consultation with businesses, trade unions, the third sector and the public about the priorities that should shape our new industrial strategy. Find out more and submit your ideas here:

Industrial Strategy Consultation | Labour Policymaking