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03/23/2017 at 13:51. Facebook
Watch Jeremy Corbyn's Statement to the House on the London Attacks.
"I would like to thank our police, security and emergency services, who responded so bravely to the shocking attack in Westminster today. Our thoughts are with the victims, their families and friends." - Jeremy Corbyn.
Today at PMQs, Jeremy stood up for children across our country. Under the Tories, school budgets are falling, class sizes are soaring, and teachers are leaving the profession in record numbers. And yet all the Tories offer is a return to selective grammar schools, which will be bad for all but a lucky few. Share this if you’re with us ↓
Britain isn’t working for millions of people – that’s why Jeremy has set out his 10 pledges to transform our country. Now we want you to help us build upon these pledges and play a part in shaping our next manifesto. Take a look and share this →

Labour's 10 pledges to rebuild and transform Britain
We want to rebuild and transform Britain – and to do this we want your views, passions and expertise. We want to hear from our members, supporters, and voters on a range of policy areas, so your ideas can help shape our next manifesto. Take part in our consultation now ↓

Have your say in the development of Labour policy
The Tories have launched a website with their “plan” for Brexit. But here’s what it should say… Share this →

No Plan for Britain
As Debbie Abrahams explains, Tory changes to Personal Independence Payments, or PIP, will hit disabled people hard. Learn more about the impact on disabled people and join the campaign ↓

Another Tory Budget Failure: Disabled People Ignored Again
2015, 2016 and now in 2017 – the Tories cannot get through a Budget without U-turns, billion pound black holes, and chaos. Agree? Share this ↓
Four million children are now living in poverty – an increase of 400,000 since the Tories came to power. This is a direct result of this Tory Government’s seven wasted years of austerity and punitive social security cuts. When in government, we will reverse cuts to in-work support and guarantee a real Living Wage ↓

Theresa May accused of being in denial over "shocking" child poverty figures
After being forced into a U-turn over their broken promise on National Insurance, which would have hit working people, the Tory Budget lies in tatters. Watch and share John McDonnell's statement from the House of Commons today ↓
The Tories are in chaos as their Budget lies in tatters. They've U-turned on a £2 billion tax rise, leaving a black hole in their plans. Share this ↓
On negotiating the terms of Brexit, the Prime Minister says “no deal is better than a bad deal”. But we are clear: no deal is a bad deal. Such a complacent strategy would punish business, hit jobs and devastate the public services. Watch Jeremy's response in the House of Commons today ↓
A huge thank you to all of our fantastic supporters who joined us on the doorsteps and streets this weekend. We’ve got a vision for a fairer economy, take a look →
After the Tories’ Spring Budget, working families will be over £1,400 a year worse off. The Tories can never claim to be on the side of ordinary working families when working families get hit in the pocket, while they give £70 billion worth of tax giveaways to the super rich and corporations. Back our plan for a fairer economy →

The Tories' Spring Budget is built on unfairness
✘ Working families are on average set to be over £1,400 a year worse off.
✘ Those on low and middle incomes will be hit in £2billion tax raid on the self-employed.
✘ There's a crisis in our NHS and social care system.
Back our plan for a fairer economy →

The Tories' Spring Budget is built on unfairness
As we continue to pick through the small print of the Tories’ Spring Budget, we can now reveal that under Tory plans, working families will be over £1,400 a year worse off. Share the news ↓
Remember when the Tories promised not to raise National Insurance, in order to get elected? So do we. Share this ↓
In today’s Spring Budget, there was nothing to deal with the living standards crisis, nothing to solve the state of emergency in our NHS and social care system, and nothing to build a fair economy for all. Here’s what Jeremy had to say. Share this ↓
Today’s Spring Budget is built on unfairness: instead of tackling the living standards crisis or the emergency in our NHS and social care, the Tories will hike tax for low and middle earners. Share the news ↓
The Tories’ economy is rigged in favour of a privileged few who aren’t paying their fair share. In today’s Spring Budget, the Tories must tackle chronic low pay and properly fund our NHS and social care. Here’s John McDonnell explaining more ↓