The Language Gallery
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For this week’s SMART Theme, Creativity, Innovation and Art, students in London tested their team work with a paper tower building competition, some were more successful than others!
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The Language Gallery
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For our SMART Theme of Hobbies and Interests, we had a Ping Pong tournament at Bounce Ping Pong!
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The Language Gallery
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The Language Gallery in Birmingham played host to the British Council’s IELTS Teacher Training Workshops on Thursday and Friday of last week, enabling the course to be run in Birmingham for the very first time. The workshops were extremely successful with over 20 participants taking part (including all 6 of Birmingham’s teachers) coming from as far away as China to attend!

Everyone was very...
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Do you want to improve your English language vocabulary? Take a look at our top tips and find some new ways to acquire new words and find out their meanings. #Learning

How to improve your English vocabulary | TLG Blog
Last week for our SMART Theme Nature, students in London braved the chilly weather and went to feed the birds in the park!
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Happy #ValentinesDay from all at TLG!
#Canada has had an eventful history with numerous milestones. This article shows some of the key events of the nation, dating as far as the year 796, to more recent years. #TLGBlog

Important moments in Canadian history | TLG Blog
For last week’s theme of Science and Technology, students in London went to Namco at Westminster to try out their gaming technology!

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Do you struggle with the the listening aspect of learning #English? Take some time to read our top tips and improve your current skills. #Learning

5 ways to improve your listening skills in English | TLG Blog
Last weekend, TLG London students visited the beautiful city of Bath and learned about one of the world's greatest mysteries, Stonehenge.
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Aprende Inglés con The Language Gallery. Recibe una beca del 30% a través de FUNDAPEC. Promoción valida para República Dominicana.
Students at TLG Birmingham had fun in SMART Learning deciphering a jumbled recipe, experimenting with ingredients then making microwave cakes, with varying degrees of success!
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#Learning a language is a huge undertaking, not only in terms of vocabulary and speech, but also ultimately putting it all down in writing. English grammar has many pitfalls that are easy to fall into, and whether you’re a native speaker or a language learner, it is easy to make mistakes.
Here are some of the most common grammatical errors in English, and their correct usage.

Common English grammar mistakes | TLG Blog
'It was cold up there but TLG London students had a great weekend in Edinburgh and the Lake District!

They explored the castle, went on a tour to the Highlands and stop in Windemere.

Have a look at some of the stunning sceneries our students saw.'

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For our SMART Theme ‘City, transport and accommodation’ we went on a walking tour to the Museum of London. Look at the amazing sunset we saw at St.Paul’s Cathedral!

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When you’re learning a new language, one of the most difficult things to understand is grammar. In English, there are two main tenses; the past and the present. Read the article to explore key elements of grammar in the English language. #Learning #StudentLife [ Link ]

How to use the past tense in English | TLG Blog
SMART Trip: Bowling! In London, we wanted to get moving and learn a new skill for this week’s SMART Theme of Health, the body and learning
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It is important that you start to feel comfortable presenting, as it is likely something you will be asked to do throughout your #career. There are a lot of small things you can do that will help you to feel more confident about engaging with an audience. Set yourself up for success by reading our top tips on improving your presentation skills. #Learning #TLGBlog

Top tips to improve your presentation skills | TLG Blog
SMART Trip! In London, we went to the Charles Dicken’s Museum for our SMART Theme “Work, Careers and Talent”. We learnt a lot about his life and Victorian London.
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Studying English in Manchester offers you a great opportunity to learn the language in a native setting. Whilst attending classes and completing homework are both important, you can learn language faster and more accurately by exploring outside of the classroom too.
Read the article for more information! #TLGBlog

Top tips for students studying in Manchester | TLG Blog