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The Language Gallery
01/13/2017 at 16:09. Facebook
It is important that you start to feel comfortable presenting, as it is likely something you will be asked to do throughout your #career. There are a lot of small things you can do that will help you to feel more confident about engaging with an audience. Set yourself up for success by reading our top tips on improving your presentation skills. #Learning #TLGBlog

Top tips to improve your presentation skills | TLG Blog

The Language Gallery
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SMART Trip! In London, we went to the Charles Dicken’s Museum for our SMART Theme “Work, Careers and Talent”. We learnt a lot about his life and Victorian London.
#SMARTTrip #SMARTLearning #TLG #TheLanguageGallery
Studying English in Manchester offers you a great opportunity to learn the language in a native setting. Whilst attending classes and completing homework are both important, you can learn language faster and more accurately by exploring outside of the classroom too.
Read the article for more information! #TLGBlog

Top tips for students studying in Manchester | TLG Blog

Language is processed by different parts of the brain’s left hemisphere, so when trying to learn another language, a lot of information is being crammed into the already stuffed areas of the brain.This #blog will give you some tips to help you start using more of your brain in your studies. #TLGBlog

Language learning and the brain | TLG Blog

IELTS exams are known to be tough but we have some top tips on how to ace that exam. Read the #Blog now to try our 6 helpful tips.

6 ways to improve your writing skills for IELTS | TLG Blog

As part of the #SMARTlearning, London students went to the V&A Museum. Students truly enjoyed the Victorian dress collection, which represents the fashions worn by the wealthy in the 19th century, and reflects their lives and aspirations.
Here is some advice on breaking the confidence barrier when talking to Canadians. The best way is to start small but this #Blog will give you other helpful advice.

How do I make friends with Canadians?

In London, you will become familiar with the English language, including the various slang, accents and vocabulary that is harder to learn in a classroom. Read the #blog to find 5 ways you can develop your English skills in the city!

Improve your English skills in London with these 5 suggestions

To celebrate this Halloween, TLG London students went to Tiger Tiger, central London's most iconic venue.
They had lots of spooky fun!
In case you missed it, check out the pictures!
#TheLanguageGallery #London #SocialProgramme #Halloween
There are lots of options, from the United Kingdom to the United States, and students often come across Canada as a real option when choosing to study abroad.
Canada holds some distinct challenges for any student studying there in the long term, but this #blog will give you a few tips to overcome challenges faced.

Top tips for studying in Canada | TLG Blog

Emails are one of the most widely used forms of communication, and there are some different phrases, both formal and informal, you can learn from this #blog that will help you to write the most suitable types of emails. Click the link to read more!

Formal and informal email phrases to learn

The UK has a thriving sports culture and there are many sports which are very popular across the country. We are proud to have partnered up with Liverpool FC and this blog highlights the culture of sports, and some of the most popular activities from around the four UK nations. Have a read to find out what they are!

[ Thelanguagegallery.com Link ]
For last week’s topic of Travel and Culture, we went to a dim sum restaurant in Chinatown!

Slang is common street language used by many people of different ages and backgrounds, and constantly evolves with each new generation. Have a look at some examples of typical British and American slang in this blog!

A look at British and American slang

How much do you really know about JK Rowling's wizard world? With the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them being 3 days away, we have made a note of these 15 terms that Harry Potter fans should know. Have a read and put your knowledge to the test!

15 terms from the Harry Potter series everyone should know

TLG Toronto saw many achievements in October 2016 and were proud to showcase its graduates. Congratulations to everyone and we wish them all the best in their endeavours!
The travel and tourism industry is mostly dedicated to dealing with people to meet their needs, as well as solving problems and providing services. This blog shows key terms that are important to know for jobs in this industry, so click the link to find out what they are!

English vocabulary for tourism and hospitality

Last week as part of SMART learning we visited the Etihad Stadium where the tour guide showed us how Manchester City have been working around the world to change children’s lives.

Last week we were blown away by the positive feedback we received on our Facebook Live videos from ICEF Berlin. People from around the world reached out to us saying how good the freestyle football performances were and how much they loved the videos. As we promised, everyone who posted a comment on one of the videos last week entered a draw to win an exclusive prize from...
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All social issues and change are discussed down the pub, so for this week’s SMART Theme we did a traditional pub quiz with an international quiz. Team BRACOMA (Brazil, Colombia and Malaysia) won!