"The whole world will soon see that the presidents executive powers will not be questioned".

Nope, that doesn't sound like a dictatorship forming at all.

Trump powers 'will not be questioned' on immigration, senior official says

From Private Eye
Wastemonster banging on again about blocking another Scottish Independence referendum, should it decide it wants one.

I can't see Sturgeon taking no for an answer any time soon though, can you?
The Government refused to stop the sale of bombs to Saudi Arabia after it was privately advised to do so by the top civil servant in charge of weapons exports control, a court has heard. Edward Bell, head of the Government’s Export Control Organisation, told the Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, that...

Ministers refused to stop bomb sales to Saudi Arabia despite being told to do so by own export control chief

Opposition legislators warned that the measure would turn the world against Israel.

Israel passes bill to seize private Palestinian land for Jewish settlements