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The Late Late Country Special is back! Here is your chance to secure a place in studio for a great night for Irish Country Music at The Late Late Show Country Special next month.
Join us in studio with some of Ireland's greatest country stars and lots of craic agus ceol, country style!
Fill in our dedicated online application for tickets to this very special event online: [ Link...
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The Late Late Show
03/24/2017 at 23:42. Facebook
Pippa O'Connor has no problem being labelled the Irish Victoria Beckham... #latelate
The Late Late Show
03/24/2017 at 23:19. Facebook
Colette and Anthony Wolfe on learning about the devastating loss of their daughter Leanne to suicide #latelate
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03/24/2017 at 22:42. Facebook
Author Jon Ronson on where it all started to go wrong for social media - the power went to our heads #latelate
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03/24/2017 at 22:21. Facebook
New Dragon Chanelle McCoy โ€on keeping her pharmaceutical business in Galway and working to expand and create new jobs #latelate
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"I felt that it needed to be demystified. That the prejudice against gay lifestyle was born of ignorance" - Julian Clary #latelate
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The Cassidys on what it was like to hear they were having quintuplets and those first few days of worry after they were born #latelate
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03/24/2017 at 12:39. Facebook
Late Late line-up includes Ireland's first quintuplets, UK comedian Julian Clary, the Dancing with the Stars finalists and a brand new Dragon will be Ryan's guests on tonight's Late Late Show.
For more information click here: [ Link ]
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Late Late line-up includes Ireland's first quintuplets
The Late Late Show
03/22/2017 at 14:52. Facebook
ICYMI - The elephants of Dublin Zoo being fed from the comfort of The #LateLate Show couch! Catch the full interview at [ Link ]
Michael Healy Rae is 100% Irish and from Cork! #latelate
Mike Mulligan of tells Ryan he has 12,000 cousins - all invited around to his! #latelate
A real piece of Dublin film history - banjaxed seats from the Stella cinema to be refurbished in the #latelate antiques special
A tribute to our friend, the wonderful Maureen Allman who sadly passed away this week #latelate
Footage of the birth of a new baby elephant - amazing! #latelate
Zookeeper Gerry Creighton on the ways Dublin Zoo has changed to make sure the animals are more comfortable #latelate
Preparations for internationals were a bit different under Jack Charlton, Paul McGrath tells the #latelate
Annalise Murphy on the weight of expectation she felt before Rio and almost giving up on her dream once or twice.
There will be some very interesting results for these #LateLate guests, tonight at 9.35pm!
The DNA tests are done and the answer will be revealed tonight! Any guesses? #LateLate #StPatricksDay
// St. Patrick's #LateLate // Earlier this year Maura Derrane, Eamon Dunphy, Jason Byrne & Michael Healy-Rae agreed to have their DNA tested to determine their ancestry. Tomorrow night they will find out the results live on air when Ancestry.ieโ€™s Mike Mulligan breaks the good - or bad! - news.