At the very least, you have to admire Josh Gad's dedication.

Josh Gad Tries To Sing His Way Into Co-Hosting The Late Late Show
James takes a moment to send his thoughts, love and hope to the people of London.
Josh Gad tried to take over James' monologue the last time he was here. He better not try pull anything tonight...

Josh Gad FORCES His Way Into James Corden's Monologue
Allison Williams, Darren Criss and The Band Perry are here tonight plus our audience gets to ask James some questions!

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Seriously, How Can a Chicken Be So Giant?
The Donald Trump musical you never knew you needed is finally here.

What If Donald Trump And His Inner Circle Were Characters In Matilda?
We've got a Broadway dream team here tonight. Ben Platt, Abigail Spencer and Tim Minchin + music from Take That!

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Honestly, this album needs to be outlawed immediately.
Showing up to your St. Patrick's Day party like
Tonight, be our guest for a special, ONE NIGHT ONLY performance of Beauty and the Beast... smack dab in the middle of traffic.

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The toughest quiz show on TV is back!

Get it right, win a prize. Get it wrong, you're removed from the studio.

Were You Paying Attention?
Tonight we've got Gillian Jacobs, Jerrod Carmichael, music from Lea Michele and late night's most vicious game: "Were You Paying Attention?"

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Dr. J is here to help you finally win your office bracket pool.
James Corden: Actor. Singer. Life coach to the stars.

Blake Griffin Has a New Life Coach
Q: The first hour of the workday is for?
A: Catching up on The Late Late Show. Duh.

(3/13/17) Leighton Meester, Dominic Monaghan, Judah & The Lion