Tonight on The Late Show... from Sunset Boulevard on Broadway, actress Glenn Close, from 'The Little Foxes' on Broadway, actor and comedian Michael McKean, and from Bob's Burgers, actor and comedian H. Jon Benjamin!

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TONIGHT: White House officials scramble to keep the President entertained as reporting about his policies continue to permeate cable news.
'The Most Hated Woman in America' star Josh Lucas learned at a young age not to hurl pinecones at law enforcement agents.

Josh Lucas Had A Machine Gun Pointed At Him
The Late Show presents... Great Moments in Women's History!
"What we did to shoot this, I'm sorry to say, our prop master went to a place that sells these, and he was able to borrow the floor model."

Andy Daly Acted Alongside A $4,000 Hyperrealistic Sex Doll
The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame-inducted band lights up the Ed Sullivan Theater with a track from their album 'Revolution Radio.'

Green Day Performs 'Still Breathing' on The Late Show
RYAN: "You're losing it, Colbert. Take a good look in the mirror."

STEPHEN: "I don't need to- because when I look at you, it's like looking in the mirror.

FULL EPISODE (03/21/17): Ryan Reynolds, Josh Lucas, Andy Daly, Green Day
"Apparently, paranoia has seized the Trump White House. I'm surprised- I thought Russia was going to seize it."

"People Are Scared" In Trump's Very Freaked Out White House
STEPHEN: "Where do you think we go when we die?"

RYAN: "Oh, I don't know about you, but I'm going to Canadian Heaven."

Ryan Reynolds: Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars
"Sure, marijuana is only slightly less awful than heroin like how burning your tongue on hot cocoa is only slightly less awful that being set on fire."

Jeff Sessions Tackles Weed And The White House's (Unrelated) Paranoia
Tuesday's Late Show is interrupted by last Thursday's Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds Time-Travels Into Stephen's Monologue
TONIGHT: Ryan Reynolds turns up to surprise Stephen and help answer some of life's most pressing mysteries.
TONIGHT: As paranoia seizes the White House, Trump staffers take drastic measures to keep their work and private lives secret.
Tonight on The Late Show... From Life, actor Ryan Reynolds, from the film, 'The Most Hated Woman in America,' actor Josh Lucas, from Review, actor and comedian Andy Daly, and a musical performance from Green Day!

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♫ Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? ♫

I can't. It's gone.

Trump Wants To Axe Government Funding For PBS
DID YOU KNOW: The Power Rangers Movie isn't Bryan Cranston's first appearance in the Ranger universe.

Bryan Cranston Is The Red Power Ranger
STEPHEN: "You received the National Medal of the Arts. Congratulations! What a singular honor. Because you're already Lady Tony, you've got 6 Tonys... did you go to the White House for it?

AUDRA: "I was hugely pregnant. I was due any day, but I was not going to miss this chance to go, so I thought maybe I'll give birth at the White House? Maybe that is what will happen today?"

Audra McDonald Got Some Flack From President Obama
"If I was a white woman, I would rob black dudes."

Greer Barnes Performs Standup
"This is Sterling... he's getting his life back together- he's sober now. But don't worry, he still knows how to party."

The Late Show 'Rescue Dog Rescue' With Bryan Cranston
"These food-addicted seniors haven't killed any members of ISIS. If we want to keep America safe, why waste money on Meals On Wheels that could be used on weapon systems?"

The WERD: Screw Unto Others