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Awwww! We did this (usually if I did something so drastic as shower alone) to help calm our babies. ❤
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Such an important conversation, Shari Criso, IBCLC and CNM talks about postpartum depression and the new documentary that highlights this serious issue. Are you or have you dealt with postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety? You're not alone. Watch this video for more on the struggle with postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety and options if you're dealing with this now.
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What surprised you in parenting? Anything take shock you in your parenting journey that you never imagined?

We're talking with Angela Wendling, creator of Chunkabuns and mom of 2 boys, and she's giving away $100 gift card to one lucky winner tuning into our live stream.

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Awww! Babies! Human and otherwise. Is your little one close to a family pet? Share pics of them below.

*Please note, we do not encourage leaving very young children unattended with animals.

These Baby Pics Confirm Animals Are The Absolute Cutest Nap Buddies
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Our friends from Lunapads said it perfectly, it's a vagina. Not the Chamber of Secrets.

The 7 biggest lies about your vagina you need to stop believing
Aw! 4 of my 6 children have Shakespeare names, these star crossed babies captured my heart.

How do you pick your baby's name?

Babies born 18 hours apart in same hospital coincidentally named Romeo and Juliet
Have you ever felt shamed or shunned by your family for breastfeeding? Missed out on family activities or events or been regulated to another room during gatherings because of breastfeeding? How do you feel about it?

Video Highlights The Kind Of Breastfeeding Shaming We Don't Really Talk About
Woohoo! Look at this mom go!

And while some of the comments are terrible, some are so great! My favorite was from a man named Phil:

"Why is this even news? The headline should be: An infant had lunch. lol"
Talking with our babies and responding to how your baby talks to you helps their development. Is your baby a chatterbox? How do you keep conversation flowing with your little one? (And then later, when they are older, how do you make it stop? )

Pretending to Understand What Babies Say Can Make Them Smarter
Beautiful (and graphic) birth photos! Have a birth photo to share? Post in the comments.

See The Winning Photos From The "Birth Image of the Year" Contest (NSFW)
"I asked to have [that] pumping scene," Drew revealed to Glamour. "As a breastfeeding mother, I would be pumping if I was away from my baby. So that action, that cut, made it into the scene. It’s something I really care about and is part of, for me, what it means to be a working mother. You have to account for all of that stuff when you travel away from your child. I always really celebrate...
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Sarah Drew Asked 'Grey’s Anatomy' to Include a Breast Pump Scene, and We're All for It
Latch- from breast to bottle with Amy Peterson, IBCLC and co-author of Balancing Breast and Bottle thanks to Evenflo Feeding with a giveaway for one of Amy's books and a virtual baby feeding consult.

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"I know the guilt you feel because all you really want to do is what is best, what works, for you and your baby. I know you yearn for lunch with co-workers again. I know that looking at those videos on your phone of your little lovey while you pump, really does help your pump output. I know that those close-up videos you take, you know, the ones where you can actually hear those little panting...
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The Reality Of A Working/Breastfeeding Mom Sucks
What do you do for you? Being a parent is hard, what little and big ways do you find to take care of you through out the day?

Thanks to Ameda, I'm headed to NYC for MommyCon and I have some tickets to giveaway!

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How did you share with your children that a new baby was coming and/or the sex of the new baby? Did your kiddos have any disappointment about their coming sibling?
Do you know what to look for when it comes to a baby's latch on a bottle? Take a look at this photo and see if you can spot what needs to improve or could be signs that the baby may do better with a different nipple shape. Are you concerned about your own baby's latch on a bottle? Or think things look good but would appreciate another pair of eyes checking it out? Post your image below.

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So cool! And also... ouch!
Oh dear! Does your baby have a favorite song that helps calm them down? Good thing this little one doesn't understand the lyrics yet, ha!
Love your uterus! Or don't, that's ok too. Sometimes I adore mine, other times I wish it would take a hike.

We talk a lot about how great breastfeeding can be for baby, but did you know it can be great for your uterus too? What your uterus wishes you knew about breastfeeding:

"It can save your life.

Potentially in more ways than one. But what really makes your uterus happy is that putting...
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What your uterus wants you to know about breastfeeding
A Harvard professor and a Harvard researcher reflect on parenting and sleep customs around the world and take a look at the controversial subject of bed sharing.

"All things con­sidered, we have to agree with McKenna’s conclusion: the proven benefits of mother-infant co-sleeping far outweigh the largely imaginary risks. Putting a baby in a separate room at night encumbers parents and leads to...
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It's OK to sleep next to your infant child. It's even beneficial.