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Why did we start doing CrossFit? Links is the 1st comment
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huge comp team
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When l grow up l want to be a broccoli
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FRONT SQUATS - Do you mix up the squats in your training?

Front squats are great for focusing on the quads and the core.

Sure they take a bit more flexibility when it comes to that front rack position and keeping the elbows high. So be sure to release your lats before squatting if you're tight, or start by using a KB or DB and goblet squatting until you feel comfortable in your range of...
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Today felt like the first day of spring ☀ We managed to get 2 training sessions in and just as many coffees ☕ Today was a good day
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It's HUMP day! Keep pushing on with your training this week team, you're half way through.

When the voices in your head tell you it's too hard or you're not strong enough... you know what to reply

Get after it
What's been the hardest workout of your life? We did ours on Sunday and it left John like this

Watch the full video (links in the comments)
Bring back the summer! We're ready for you now ☀
New video! I'm not sure if it was the deadlifts or the dumbbell landing on his foot that killed Leon

Link is in the comments team
Awesome weekend with the A team! We took on @bicepslikebriggs Briggs workout ????

2000m Row
150 Wall Balls
100 Burpees ????
100 thrusters
New vlog is live right now team! Link in the comments, you know what to do
It's only FLIPPING FRIDAY!! #weekendvibes #weekend
We had a real good session today, lot's of clean and jerks and even some clean PB's :) CrossFit Spitfire
Always make time to hang with your best friend!

We have a brand new vlog up at 7pm, link will be in our story!
Time to PULL-UP your socks & get it done!

Try this pull-up challenge 10-6-4-6-10 have 1 min break between sets.
Super excited to go the The European Championships this year! Obviously not to compete, but to watch the amazing people that do!
There's a brand new video up on our channel [ Link ]
Today was a great day & not expected! Thanks to some tips from Be-Fitter Gym & Team Richey we both hit a body weight snatch of 80kg & 75kg respectively .

There is also a new video up with these guys! link is in the comments! #snatch #thehangover
5 ways you're fuelling your workouts wrong with Cosmopolitan UK [ Link ]

5 ways you're fuelling your workouts wrong