Muscle up's look and feel Awesome but they are a b**** to learn!

So we're showing you how to do your FIRST muscle up step by step.

Head over to our YT channel to see the full video
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03/21/2017 at 21:10. Facebook
How did you do at the The CrossFit Games open workout 17.4? What's your prediction for 17.5, thrusters or cleans?
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03/21/2017 at 15:50. Facebook
Scrolling your news feed can wait......this really can't! Guys if you can help then please do

The Lean Machines
03/21/2017 at 11:49. Facebook
It's time to do your first muscle up! - Link is in the comments
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03/19/2017 at 13:24. Facebook
Almost time to head home and smash #17point4 we've all had the best time snowboarding and I always love hanging out with my brother!
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03/18/2017 at 10:56. Facebook
We're proud to support #LMHR
YES! This is amazing!! Well done guys and for a great cause Rednoseday #RedOut
Summer is that you?? ☀
We had a lot of fun yesterday on the @glamouruk wellness stage at the #glamourbeautyfest

We're there again today at 3pm! Come and listen to us talk all things health & fitness.
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You know when someone takes a picture before you smile so you look like a grump b*****d.... yeah that!

Although this does emulate my feelings towards the the next @crossfitgames open workout 17.3....... not ready
When your team is
Wow this guy is a machine! How many reps would you get?
Absolutely smashed my 17.2 score today, an extra 12 muscle up's and 1 faster on my split time.

All because I slowed down and split my reps up! Well happy with 126 reps and 8:59

#crossfitopen #17.2 @crossfitgames @crossfitspitfire @crossfit
We took on the The CrossFit Games open workout 17.2 at CrossFit Spitfire want to see how we did? The video link is the 1st comment
17.2 went down today and it was awesome! We're so happy with our score and progress.

The atmosphere CrossFit Spitfire was INCREDIBLE seeing people smash multiple muscle up's when they couldn't do any before! @crossfit #17.2 #crossfitopen