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It certainly impressed host Kevin McCloud, who said it "delights and intrigues from the moment you walk in".

Grand Designs crowns House of the Year
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Desperate for some relief for her mounting anxiety, Tara Ali decided to seek alternative treatment.

I tried kinesiology: Can it help relieve anxiety?
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Gogglebox is back! All the tears, laughs and one-liners return 7.30pm tonight on Lifestyle!
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Lee & Keith play Valentine's Day 'How well do you know your partner?'
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Secure your spot on the couch! Gogglebox Australia returns 7.30pm tomorrow on Lifestyle!
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So, you consider yourself a jet-setter? ✈

These are the hottest travel trends for 2017
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We tackled the big question... What is love? #loveislove #equalitycampaign
This Valentine's Day, Lifestyle is celebrating #loveislove! ❤
Goggleboxer's Wayneandtom have been together 17 years! We think that's something worth celebrating! #loveislove #equalitycampaign
Gogglebox groove time!
Forget the last minute chocolates this Valentine's Day - give the gift of words! ❤

Why it's time to bring back the love letter
Something to always remember.
“Daddy, why does Mummy have a different last name to Mama?” #loveislove #equalitycampaign

Why marriage equality is important to my family
Not long now until the gang's back together! Selling Houses Australia starts 8.30pm Wed, March 1 on Lifestyle!
“Families come in many different forms: solo mums, solo dads, two mums, two dads or, like us, a Mama, a Mummy and a Daddy.” #loveislove #equalitycampaign

Why it’s important to remember the children in Australia's marriage...
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