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Shell-elebrate Disney Store's 30th anniversary with a special Ariel pin:

Exclusive: Disney Store Reveals the 30th Anniversary Pin Set
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Add a splash of creativity to your life with Color by Disney: [ Link ]
Can you pick out Ursula's brows from a sea of imposters? Find out:

Quiz: Name the Disney Villain From the Eyebrows
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Such wonderful lyrics surround you... but who said them?

Quiz: Can You Match The Song Lyric To The Disney Character?
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Ariel has thingamabobs aplenty! Comment what they’re called in the world up above before the time runs out. #DreamBigPrincess
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Dog? Cat? Crab? Oh My Disney is making your decision e-sea:

Quiz: Which Pet Should You Get Based On Your Disney Faves?
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Show off your deep (blue) love for this iconic tale!

Poll: What's Your Favorite Disney Animated Classic?
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Some thingamabobs are meant to be! See if you're Ariel:

This Word Association Quiz Will Determine Which Disney Princess You Are
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This quiz has hue-zits and whatzits galore! See how well you score:

Quiz: Guess the Character by the Color Palette
Love is the bubbles. (: Disney LOL)
Make a splash with a patch! Disney Style's got a deep blue denim look for you:
Was it sha-la-la-la-love at first sight like Ariel and Eric?

Quiz: Which Disney Couple Are You and Your Significant Other?
Deep blue see if you recognize these shadowy Disney Villains:

Quiz: Guess the Disney Villain from the Color Palette
It won't cost much, just your voice (knowledge)!

Quiz: Which Disney Princess Said It?