New on the LSE United States Centre blog: Is Facebook a site of political engagement for young people?

Is Facebook a site of political engagement for young people?
Socialising alongside graduate study - see how Katherine manages it.

In her latest video diary, Katherine talks about the importance of relaxing as well as working, and shows us some of her recent social events.

LSE Student video diary | Socialising alongside graduate study

Katherine talks about the importance of relaxing as well as working, and shows us some of her recent social events. Contributor: Katherine Ajibade

"I want to explore and travel more in 2017. I’d like to get some friends together and experience all that London and Europe have to offer. School is important, but I think it shouldn’t be the main focus all the time - we all need to do fun stuff as well!"
Alphonse Tam - Master’s student, Urbanisation and Development
Photo credit: Nigel Stead, LSE...
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Studying the refugee crisis? Come to LSE on Wednesday 29 March for this free public lecture from Paul Collier and Alexander Betts

Refuge: transforming a broken refugee system
"In 2017 I’m going to take advantage of all the opportunities that we have at LSE. I’ve already joined the Boxing Club and several other societies. I’m looking forward to making connections with people I never thought I’d meet. LSE is so international, and that’s one of the reasons I was so excited about studying here - you don’t get that anywhere else."
Andrea Solis - First Year...
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Podcast of the week: Ruth Hunt, Chief Executive of Stonewall , reflects on the charity's history in this LSE event podcast

Stonewall: then and now [Audio] by LSE Podcasts | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Hear from students from around the world about why they chose to study at LSE Inequalities , and what this multi-disciplinary course will give them for the future.
Planning to attend the LSE Open Day on Wednesday 29 March?

Come and visit us at the LSE Alumni Stand –located in The Venue, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre– to find out all our great alumni community has to offer! We´ll be there from 9.15 to 4pm.
Quotas aren't anathema to meritocracy: they increase competence levels by displacing mediocre men, write LSE's Tim Besley, Olle Folke, Torsten Persson and Johanna Rickne

Gender quotas and the crisis of the mediocre man
‘What Makes the Study of Law Different?’

The Alison Wetherfield Law Conference, 17 June, is a fantastic opportunity for Year 12 students to gain insight into the law profession, as well as the knowledge and tools to apply to LSE and other Russell Group Universities. Applications are now open until 28 April.

Alison Wetherfield Law Programme (Year 12)
"When I was a research student in the 1980s, we were stumped by the lack of data. Now it’s completely different, there is a real danger of drowning in a data sea. 2017 is perhaps the best time to be a statistician: firstly, the available data are of unprecedented size and complexity, and secondly there is this ever changing social and natural environment with great uncertainties. Big data...
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Happy #RedNoseDay!

We have bake sales and fundraising activities across campus today, please give what you can
A message to the LSE community, from Interim Director, Julia Black:

Dear all,

I’m sure many of you are as shocked and horrified as I was by yesterday’s events at Westminster. It was a violent attack on the values of democracy and openness that our own community holds dear, and in the city that we are proud to call our home.

Our condolences go to the families of those who died in the attack...
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We advise LSE staff and students to avoid the Westminster area due to the terrorist incident near the Houses of Parliament and the Palace of Westminster.

LSE campus is completely unaffected, but our security team are monitoring the School's perimeters.

If you have any questions about access to campus, road closures around central London, or anything else related to this incident then please...
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Palace of Westminster sealed off after shooting
“It’s not a dating app at all, it’s about making people feel welcome, at home and less lonely in London.”

The London Evening Standard reports on LSE master’s student Oliver Phillips, who was inspired to create a new app called Meet'n'Eat after struggling to find dining companions while travelling in Asia.

London student launches app to bring lonely diners together
In next Tuesday's LSE and BBC Radio 4 debate on digital technology, Fi Glover pits optimists against pessimists. Is digital technology damaging children, or is it providing them with exciting new opportunities? A star line up, not to be missed!

Digital Technology is Making Children's Lives Richer
"I’m hoping for an honest and healthy relationship between the EU and the UK in 2017. That’s why I’m excited to hear from world-leading experts who are coming to the School to speak on this topic. We’ve already had Martin Schulz and I’m especially looking forward to Karl Falkenberg. Having access to such high profile figures really adds to LSE’s unique learning environment."
Jonas Rolder -...
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"My hope for the world in 2017 is for more flexibility in the way people think about and are open to differences. As a member of staff on the TRIUM programme, I am in a really privileged position to be able to contribute to the creation and development of an alumni network that allows for knowledge exchange, showcasing different ideas and formation of lifelong friendships that transcend...
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What do LSE students think about women withdrawing their labour to make a point about inequality? Watch Dr Ania Plomien and her Gender Studies class outline their views on a topical issue in #WomensHistoryMonth
How will Angela Merkel walk the diplomatic tightrope with Donald Trump and what impact will the relationship have on the German election this year? In the wake of Friday's meeting, John Ryan says the President made it clear it would no longer be 'business as usual' between the US and Germany.