New on LSE Brexit blog : LSE's Professor Iain Begg asks what would happen if Britain simply refused to pay its Brexit bill?

Britain’s got bills – but will we pay? Settling our EU budget obligations
International student, applying to LSE for undergraduate study?

Our webinar has lots of useful information about the UCAS process, and covers the top 10 FAQs.

Webinars - Meet, visit and discover LSE
Amnesty International this week delivered its annual report on the state of human rights in 160 countries, citing 'dangerous fear-mongering' and 'hateful rhetoric' as a major setback for the world's nations.

Listen to LSE Visiting Fellow Bronwen Manby give her view in the latest #LSENewsroom video.
New research from Professor Eric Neumayer LSE Geography & Environment finds that attacks on tourists by Islamic State are deterring people from travelling to all Muslim countries.

Terrorism and tourism
Recommended reading : Susannah Crockford from LSE Anthropology unpacks the symbol of a US-Mexico border wall

Why building a wall on the US-Mexico border is a symbolic monument, not sensible immigration policy
Ellen Wilkinson helped found the Communist Party, earned a seat in Parliament as Minister of Education, was one of the first female delegates to the United Nations, and played a central role in the post-war Labour government.

Hear Dr Laura Beers share Ellen's remarkable and inspirational story at a free LSE Literary Festival event on Friday 24 February. [ Link ]
We spoke to alumni of our LSE Summer School programmes to find out why they wanted to study abroad...
What is the 'digital afterlife'?

Paula Kiel, a PhD candidate from the Department of Media and Communications, discusses how our lives online are transforming our attitudes and understanding of death.

LSE’s Paula Kiel on the digital afterlife

For the past two decades, as in so many other fields of our social lives, digital media has permeated the field of death, dying and bereavement. Some of thes...

2017 is a year of challenges for the UK - #LSEGrowth sets out policy recommendations for growth [ Link ]
Thumbs up Thursday at LSE!

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Share your views and make a difference to the next generation of LSE students by taking part in #NSS2017! You can claim a £5 Amazon voucher as a thank you for your time, plus the chance to win £100. All final year undergraduates are eligible. Find out more here - [ Link ]
Blog post of the day from LSE Business Review : There’s no #innovation without anger (think Lars von Trier or Steve Jobs)

There’s no innovation without anger (think Lars von Trier and Steve Jobs)
The Departments of Sociology and Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method invite you to hear Professor Donald MacKenzie deliver the case for an integrated “material sociology” view of markets. Join them at LSE on Thursday 23 February. [ Link ]
To understand the challenges and possibilities for contemporary societies, you need to understand the role of economies and regulatory institutions.

Our MSc Economy, Risk and Society is a flexible yet comprehensive introduction to the sociologies of risk and economic life, providing a strong theoretical and methodological foundation for engaging with the future of our societies. Open now for...
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MSc Economy, Risk and Society
In The Conversation UK Dr Kristina Spohr asks whether President #Trump is capable of 'quitting Twitter, thinking big and acting like a statesman' for the sake of international diplomacy.

As Trump flounders on foreign policy, Russia flexes its nuclear muscles
Have you spotted the 'Final Sale' public artwork on display above the entrance to the LSE Old Building?

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How realistically are autism and the experiences of autistic people and their families portrayed in the arts? Join our LSE Literary Festival discussion on Wednesday 22 February. [ Link ]
With reports that the Kremlin is now cooling towards the new Trump presidency, how could Russia's state media help us understand Putin's thinking?

Dr Tomila Lankina of LSE International Relations discusses her analysis of Russian media's framing and narratives to shed light on the Kremlin's current policies.

Russia's state of the art media strategy
TEDxLSE are running a student conference on 12 March and want you to come along! Hear from incredible speakers talk about issues based on this year's theme 'On the Brink'.

Tickets available now on the LSE Students' Union website - [ Link ]

TEDxLSE 2017: On The Brink

New from LSE Careers:

Meet with practitioners, like-minded students, and alumni working in these areas; take part in a case study; and gather career development insight/job seeking tips in specialised areas:

Conflict, Political Risk and Security Week 2017