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'There is no right or wrong way to network, do what works best for you. There is always room to improve our networking skills, and the best way to improve our networking skills is to initiate and maintain connections with people.'

A really useful blog from LSE alum Brian - packed full of easy tips to start your networking and keep it going!

How to improve your networking skills – by an LSE alum
Enter the LSE Photo Prize 2017 for your chance to win a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera!

This annual #LSEArts competition is open to LSE staff, students and alumni. The theme is Revolutions and we are now accepting submissions! Photo credit: Akash Nahar, 1st Prize 2016

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Start your career in global health policy

Learn from specialists at the forefront of research into global health policy, health economics and population health with our MSc Global Health. Customise your curriculum to pursue the areas of research you’re most interested in through your course choices, and explore a particular topic in depth in the dissertation.

MSc Global Health
"Trump touts relatively small business deals in order to grab headlines."

Dr Brian Klaas of the Department of Government argues that president #Trump's twitter shaming of companies is not a viable long-term economic strategy for the US to CNBC

Trump will push for deregulation: LSE fellow
Definitely the cutest thing on our Instagram right now!
Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic and Social Policies in Singapore, will be speaking about inclusive prosperity at LSE on Monday 30 January.

Tickets will be released on Monday 23 January, so find out how to get yours here [ Link ]
How do you deal with #fakenews? LSE's Professor Charlie Beckett has some ideas...

How do you report on something that isn’t true? Dealing with Trump’s tweets and other fake news
How did Brexit look through the eyes of social media? Using over 35 million tweets collected in the year before the EU referendum, join Professor Kenneth Benoit for his analysis of the debate and campaign through social media. Come along to this free LSE Works lecture on Wednesday 25 January. [ Link ]
In this free public lecture, LSE's Valeria Cetorelli shared the first survey evidence on the number and demographic profile of Yazidis killed and enslaved by ISIS.

LSE Events | Dr Valeria Cetorelli | Documenting Genocide

Speaker(s): Dr Valeria Cetorelli Chair: Professor Toby Dodge Recorded on 11 January 2017 at Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House The United Nations Human Rights ...

“Nothing is more rewarding than returning home at the end of the day and feeling that you have helped others to improve their lives”

Here's an interesting interview with alumnus Sotiris Laganopoulos, Secretary of the Bodossaki Foundation and the Programme Director of the EEA Grants NGO Progrmme for Greece: [ Link ]
Did you know that a total of 18 LSE alumni or staff members have been awarded Nobel Prizes? Photo credit: @snoodviolin on Instagram [ Link ]
On the LSE European Politics Blog this week: Hrant Kostanyan and Mikkel Barslund provide a comprehensive overview of Trump’s potential impact on the EU’s policy priorities

Will Trump matter for the EU’s policy priorities?
Professor Jeffrey D Sachs argues for a new moral economics, with the ultimate goal of promoting wellbeing.

Tickets will be available from Monday 6 February to hear Professor Sachs deliver the first of three lectures on economics and the cultivation of virtue, forming the 2017 Lionel Robbins Memorial Lecture Series. Find out how to get yours here [ Link ]
Big data is big business

Gain in-depth training in data science methods and statistics and apply this knowledge to investigate real world issues with our new MSc Data Science. The programme includes traditional lectures, computer lab sessions, and a capstone project or dissertation which will allow you to gain valuable hands-on experience working on the types of challenges businesses face.

MSc Data Science
Is voter hostility here to stay? Read Michael Bruter and Sarah Harrison's study showing the impact on the electorate of two global political shocks in 2016 - Brexit and the election of Donald Trump

Electoral shocks usher in 'intense voter hostility'
Have the economists got it wrong when it comes to Brexit? Are they being overly pessimistic? Listen to Dr Swati Dhingra's analysis of the economic outlook.
Blog post of the day: Tony Hockley writes for LSE British Politics Blog on how the UK system of governance is being tested

Immigration policy will be the test of Theresa May’s “shared society”
Harriet Harman's memoir A Woman's Work is published in February. On Thursday 23 February, join Harriet and the rest of our panel discussing the progress that women have made across politics, economics, academia and the armed forces. What obstacles have been overcome? What remain?

Free tickets for this LSE Literary Festival event will be available from Tuesday 31 January. [ Link ]
Have you heard about the Night of Ideas? It's taking place on Thursday 26 January and the last free tickets are availble now. Get involved! Check the link and event for more details [ Link ]

Night of Ideas

European leaders did not expect Brexit, they feared it and hoped it would never come to pass, says LSE economist Dr Simeon Djankov, a former Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria. Now it is happening they are totally unprepared for negotiations and they will make it very difficult for Britain.