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Calling all cat owners in CASEY! Our mobile desexing clinic is coming to Cranbourne on 5 & 6 April. Have your cat desexed for ONLY $50 including a FREE microchip.


Cats must be in good health and aged between 9 weeks – 8 years.
We’re running this event in partnership with City of Casey, so you must be a Casey resident to take advantage.
The Lost Dogs' Home
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This little fella needs a new home! George was only a few weeks old when he came to us. After some time in foster care, he's now ready to find a loving family.

George is one of more than 50 cats and kittens up for adoption right now! If you're looking for a new best friend, please change a life and adopt a homeless pet ➡
The Lost Dogs' Home
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Katie and Ruby are best friends looking for a new home together. We’re sure their sweet photo has already melted your heart, but just wait until you meet them! ❤

Katie (almost 9 yo) is a real sweetie who is full of love and life. Ruby (3-and-a-half yo) is an excitable young lady who is bounding with enthusiasm.

Katie and Ruby (IDs 997277 & 997278) are up for adoption at our North Melbourne...
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These kittens will be going up for adoption tomorrow… but they need names! Do you have any suggestions?

Left: Torbie & white female. She’s a big-time smoocher who isn’t shy to ask for your attention.

Middle: Tabby & white male. This purr machine is outgoing and really likes attention.

Right: Ginger & white male. He’s more laid-back but really appreciates a smooch session.

Type your...
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Is your pet a snuggler? Show us your pics in the comments below :)

"Horus is the best thing that ever happened to me.... and all thanks to you guys ❤" – Erika

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:) Happy International Day of Happiness! :)

Anyone who has adopted a pet knows how much they fill our lives with happiness. We want to hear why your pet makes you happy! Tell us (or even better, show us a pic) in the comments below.


Photo: Jack came to us last year suffering from a gunshot to the head, and our vet team worked tirelessly to save him. His survival...
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The Lost Dogs' Home
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It’s a special weekend for this gentle giant, Dexter. He’s celebrating his 1st anniversary of being adopted! ❤ His loving family sent us this note:

“What can we say about Dexter, he fitted in with our Chihuahua and two Siamese cats immediately. He has a gentle temperament and is very well behaved. We love him dearly and don’t know what we would do without him.

He has gained weight since we...
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The Lost Dogs' Home
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Adopt one of our cats or kittens from now until Sunday 26 March & their next F4 vaccination is on us! Valued at $75.

Find your new best friend at

Ts & Cs:
Calling all cat owners in Yarra! Our mobile desexing clinic is coming to Richmond Wed 22 & Thu 23 March. Have your cat desexed for ONLY $50. Includes FREE microchip & FREE council registration until April 2018.

Cats must be 9 wks - 8 yrs old & in good health. This event is being held in partnership with Yarra City Council, so you must be a Yarra resident to be eligible.

$50 cat desexing in City of Yarra - 22 & 23 March - Book now!
Doesn’t this sweet face just melt your heart? Bobo is 6 years young and has a whole lot of pep in his step!

This big teddy bear will make a loving and loyal pet for a family with teenage kids. He doesn't want to share his home with any other animals, though. Bobo's intelligence is sure to impress you. Come and meet him to see for yourself!

Bobo (ID 1027122) is up for adoption at our North...
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Looking for a new buddy? We’ve got just the one for you! This little fella is 10 years young and looking for a new place to call home.

Buddy has many passions in life, but his favourites are a gentle stroll around the block and a peaceful snooze on the couch. If you can relate to those activities, imagine how enjoyable they’d be with this little guy by your side!

Buddy is still working on...
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Calling all CITY OF YARRA cat owners! Our mobile desexing unit is coming to Richmond on March 22 & 23. Have your cat desexed for ONLY $50 including a FREE microchip.


You’ll also receive FREE animal registration with council until April 2018.

Cats must be in good health & aged between 9 weeks – 8 years. We’re running this event in partnership with City of...
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We're OPEN* over the long weekend! If you're looking to adopt, have lost/found a pet, or need to see a vet, be sure to check our opening hours before you visit us:

*Vet clinic closed on Labour Day, Monday 13 March.
Poor Graham arrived at our shelter with horrific injuries – we believe he was hit by a car. His leg and tail had to be amputated during surgery, but the brave moggie made a speedy recovery. Better yet, a loving family took him home only hours after he went up for adoption!

Read more:
Them weekend feels!

Purr machines Charley (ID 1026230) and his equally adorable brother, Jaxon (ID 1026231) have spent time in foster care to build their confidence. They're now ready to spend their days snuggling up to their humans and showering them with much love and joy.

PLEASE SHARE to help them find forever homes this weekend!

View all cats and kittens available for adoption at...
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Senior dog Bella (left) was adopted into a loving home early this year. She found a new lease on life and a new soulmate, 17yo LuLu! ❤

Read Bella’s story:

It’s not often that we see empty cat condos in our adoption centre. But over the past few weeks it has been a constant (and very welcome) sight.

Our summer cat adoption drive ended yesterday and we’re thrilled to let you know that 568 cats and kittens found loving forever homes in just 45 days!

THANK YOU to everyone who opened their home and heart to...
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PLEASE SHARE! Let’s help all the cats & kittens in our adoption centre find new homes. With the adoption campaign in our final days now's the time to bring a loving cat into your home!

Until this SUNDAY, there’s NO FEE to adopt an adult cat & it’s HALF-PRICE to adopt a kitten.

More info:
Attention all dog owners! Today’s an important day on the canine calendar. It’s International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day!

Watch our DIY video on how to bake lip-smackingly delicious treats for your pooch. Make sure you tag any mates who have a dog.

Buy our Mix & Bake Dog Cookie Mix here:

Giggles was adopted just shy of his 100th day at our shelter. What a long time to be without a family!

It seems it was worth the wait, because he found the perfect new home.

This update from Giggles' family is guaranteed to melt your heart ❤ [ Link ]