The Lost Dogs' Home
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HALF-PRICE kittens & FEE-WAIVED cats until 26 February 2017! Adopt your new best friend today:
The Lost Dogs' Home
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“Bonita has more love to give than any dog I’ve ever met before. She adores hanging out with people and would be the perfect couch potato in her new home. Anyone would be extremely lucky to be able to welcome her into their home; I’d adopt her if I could!” – Jade, Bonita’s trainer.

Bonita (ID 1024131) is up for adoption at our North Melbourne shelter. If you’d like to see for yourself how...
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The Lost Dogs' Home
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The dogs at our North Melbourne shelter enjoyed a very special Valentine’s treat yesterday. Some of our volunteers helped bake up a storm of delicious dog biscuits, made with love of course! ❤

Hours to make, seconds to devour. YUM!
The Lost Dogs' Home
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***UPDATE*** This event is BOOKED OUT.

If you missed out, please email us your contact number/suburb/council and cat's name/age/sex so we can add you to our notification list and contact you when we have a mobile desexing event coming up in your area. You can email us at

- - -

Calling all WYNDHAM cat owners! Our mobile desexing unit is coming to Werribee on February 22 &...
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The Lost Dogs' Home
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A month ago we launched an adoption drive to help our cats and kittens find loving forever homes. We never expected this…

429 cats & kittens A D O P T E D !

Hundreds of cats and kittens are now curling up on couches, purring their little heads off. And hundreds of families – wonderful, caring families – now get to share the unconditional love of an adopted pet. This fills our hearts with so...
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PLEASE SHARE! Let’s help all the cats & kittens in our adoption centre find new homes. Together, we can do this! ☺

Until TOMORROW, there’s NO FEE to adopt an adult cat & it’s HALF-PRICE to adopt a kitten.

More info:

Can you offer a loving forever home to a cat or kitten in need?

Until this Sunday there’s NO FEE to adopt an adult cat & it’s HALF-PRICE to adopt a kitten!

PLEASE SHARE to help these sweethearts find their forever homes. ☺

More info:

Temperatures are set to exceed 40 degrees in parts of Victoria today. Heat can be fatal for pets, so take extra care of your furry friends. Most importantly:

▪ Bring pets indoors on hot days
▪ Provide plenty of fresh, cool water (add ice blocks to keep it cool)
▪ Make sure your pet always has access to shelter and shade
▪ NEVER leave your pet unattended in a...
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To all the AMAZING animal lovers who dug deep to help us feed homeless pets over Christmas and into the New Year… this is for you. ❤

If you’d like to fill the hungry tummy of a homeless pet, you can make a difference! $24 will feed a shelter pet during their stay with us.

Find out how you can help:

PLEASE SHARE to help this special cat find a special home!

Bugs is a little different to the other cats you’ll meet at our adoption centre. He came to us with a nasty ear infection and his head was tilted to the left.

He might look a bit awkward, but Bugs isn’t in any pain or discomfort. In fact, his tilted head never stops him from giving you LOTS of smooches!

Bugs is such a sweetheart...
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Felix is a sweet little fella with whole lot of love to give. The world is a very big place for a small dog like him. He can be shy and unsure, so he’s looking for an adult home with someone who can help his confidence grow.

Felix (ID 1025158) is up for adoption at our North Melbourne shelter. View his profile:
351 cats & kittens ADOPTED in just over 3 weeks!

Thank you to the wonderful families who have opened their homes & hearts to a cat or kitten in need ❤ (If you did, we’d love to see some photos! You can post them in the comments below).

Until 12 February 2017, there's NO FEE to adopt a cat & it's HALF-PRICE to adopt a kitten. More info:
FEE-WAIVED cats & HALF-PRICE kittens until 12 February 2017. Adopt your new best friend today!

We have SO MANY cats & kittens looking for new homes this summer!

Until 12 Feb 2017 there’s NO FEE to adopt an adult cat & it’s HALF-PRICE to adopt a kitten.

PLEASE SHARE to help these beauties find their forever homes. ☺

More info:
Have you recently welcomed a new kitten into your home? Come along to our Kitten Kinder course!

Your little fluffball will learn how to interact with people and other cats, use the litter tray, walk on a harness and lead, sit, come, high-five, and more!

The course consists of 3 classes (60 minutes each) starting this Sunday. Kittens must be between 8-18 weeks old and up-to-date with their...
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These furry little pals are looking for a new home together. When we first met Hutch and Thelma, they were afraid and unsure. They spent time in a loving foster home to help show them that things weren't so scary.

Now, this adorable pair is ready to find a forever home where they’ll be showered with love every day. Hutch and Thelma enjoy cuddles on the couch and a stroll around the block....
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Who’s your next pet?

These beautiful cats, kittens & dogs are up for adoption at our North Melbourne shelter. We'll post their details in the comments below.

Your new best friend is waiting for you!
96 days without a family! Despite a huge number of adoptions over the past couple of weeks, there’s one friendly face who remains here at the shelter, day in, day out.

PLEASE SHARE to help Giggles find a loving forever home. He’s super sweet, super playful… a super cat!

National Pet Register is in the process of handing over its database to Central Animal Records. Please see below for more info.
Meet Carson! He loves to learn and make you proud. If you’re looking for a devoted pet who will make you the centre of their world, that’s him.

Further training will help Carson feel more confident meeting new people and dogs. He’ll be a loving, fun addition to an adult home or family with teens, but he doesn’t want to share your love with any other pets.

Carson (ID 1024308) is up for...
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