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Share if you agree! Together we can spread the word about how wonderful shelter pets are and help find forever homes for our dogs and cats. ❤

Meet our adoptable pets:
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These sweeties are looking for new homes! There’s NO FEE to adopt an adult cat and it’s HALF-PRICE to adopt a kitten (until 12 February 2017).

If you’re not ready to adopt, you can still help these cats and kittens find their forever homes simply by SHARING this post!

More info:
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FEE-WAIVED cats & HALF-PRICE kittens until 12 February 2017. Adopt your new best friend today!
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Do you have room for 2? Jack and Jess are best buddies looking for a home together. They’ll spoil you with double the love!

Jack and Jess are happiest when they’re with you. Further training will help teach them that spending some time alone can also be fun, especially if they have lots of toys and activities to keep them busy.

Jack and Jess (IDs 1024005 & 1024004) are up for adoption at...
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People likely to adopt a cat this summer Is your name on the list? Tag your mates if you see their names!

Until 12 February 2017 there's NO FEE to adopt a cat & it's HALF-PRICE to adopt a kitten. More info:
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We have SO MANY cats & kittens looking for new homes this summer!

Until 12 Feb 2017 there’s NO FEE to adopt an adult cat & it’s HALF-PRICE to adopt a kitten.

PLEASE SHARE to help these beauties find their forever homes. :)

More info:
Welcome to the Catibbean! Summer’s here and you need company. Not a summer fling – we’re talking the real deal.

Someone who will lounge with you under the air con, join you for an afternoon siesta, or hang out on the couch to watch sport or indulge in a Netflix binge.

That someone is a cat!

Until 12 February 2017, we’re WAIVING THE FEE to adopt an adult cat and HALVING THE FEE to adopt a...
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Look at these cute babies! If you want to share your love with a pet but aren’t ready to adopt, fostering could be perfect for you. We’re looking for loving people who can provide temporary care to pets like these little ones.

▪ You’ll help a homeless pet grow or heal
▪ It’s only short-term
▪ It won’t cost you anything
▪ You don’t need a big house
▪ You’ll create more space at our shelters...
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This goofy clown is ready to fill your home with love and laughter! Bella is very smart and can’t wait to impress you with all her skills. She’ll need to be the only pet in her new home, but with her cheeky smile and sloppy kisses, what more could you need?

Bella (ID 943152) is up for adoption at our North Melbourne shelter. If you’re interested in her, give our behaviour team a call on (03)...
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Want to be more organised this year? Now’s a great time to grab a copy of our 2017 Calendar because they’ve been marked down to just $10. Adopted pooch Tia (pictured) is the cover girl... what a face!

The calendar and a range of other goodies, including pet treats, are on SALE until the end of February 2017. Don’t miss out on a bargain! Plus, proceeds from the sale of these goodies will help...
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Temperatures are set to reach 36 in Melbourne and even higher in other parts of Victoria this weekend. Heat can be fatal for pets, so take extra care of your furry friends.

▪ Bring pets indoors on hot days
▪ Provide plenty of fresh, cool water (add ice blocks to keep it cool)
▪ Make sure your pet always has access to shelter and shade
▪ NEVER leave your pet...
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Looking for someone who’s sweet, fun-loving and can hold a good conversation? Chance ticks all the boxes!

Once she gets to know you, Chance will bring a burst of energy and character into your home. She'll need to be a sun-smart cat to protect her light features.

Chance (ID 1021379) is up for adoption at our North Melbourne shelter. View her profile:
10yo Lulu is a lovely dog searching for a new home. If you’re looking for a little friend who you can bond with and teach new things, she’s your lady.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but Lulu is ready to prove them wrong. Can you picture yourself relaxing on the couch or pottering around the garden with this senior sweetheart by your side? Then you need to come and meet...
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New Year resolutions have us full of motivation and optimism. But, they can be extra fun and meaningful if we share them with our furry friends!

Read 10 New Year resolutions to kick off a happy, healthy 2017 with your pets:
Amelia will happily accept all the pats and cuddles you can possibly give… and then some! She’s a very sweet and gentle cat who craves your love and attention.

Amelia (ID 1021850) is up for adoption at our North Melbourne shelter. View her profile at or come and meet her for some snuggles!

--- LOST A PET ---
▪ Visit local animal shelters & pounds in-person (keep checking back if no luck the first time)
▪ Search the neighbourhood & surrounding areas
▪ Expand your search (your pet could have wandered or been picked up outside the local area)
▪ Contact vet clinics within 20km
▪ Do a door-knock or letterbox drop

--- FOUND A PET ---
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We wish you and your pets a very safe and Happy New Year, from all of us here at The Lost Dogs’ Home.

Thank you for helping us change the lives of so many homeless pets in 2016. ❤

Soon the sky will light up with fireworks for NYE. It’s fun for people, but terrifying for pets.

Lots of pets will flee their homes tonight, terrified of NYE fireworks. Some will become lost or injured after scaling fences, running long distances and even being hit by cars.

Please prepare NOW to keep your pets safe tonight.

We’re OPEN* over the New Year long weekend. If you’ve lost or found a pet, want to adopt, or need to make an appointment at our vet clinic, be sure to check our opening hours first.

Find them here ➡

*Pet adoptions closed Sun 1 Jan. Vet clinic closed Sun 1 Jan & Mon 2 Jan.