This weekend, more than 200 Parkinson’s policy advocates will travel to Washington, D.C. for the 2017 Parkinson’s Policy Forum.

Join us here on our Facebook page from Sunday, February 26, to Tuesday, February 28, to catch educational sessions and discussions live from the Forum. Hear about public policy issues that are important to the Parkinson’s community and learn how to get involved.
“There is something about the music and movement together that seems to help at a different level. I come out of the class feeling energized and relaxed, all at the same time, and ready to move.”

A New Rhythm: Dance Benefits Parkinson’s Patients
The Foundation’s new Community Engagement team aims to make it easier for the Parkinson’s community to get personally involved in speeding a cure.

Foundation Restructures Staff to Better Serve Parkinson's Community
The involuntary, jerky movements often seen with long-term disease and use of Parkinson's medications are called dyskinesia.

What Causes Dyskinesia in Parkinson's?
Parkinson's is a variable disease -- different in age of onset, experience of symptoms and cause -- but a study points to a potential common link.

Common Link across Different Causes of Parkinson's?
Cognitive impairment, which is a disturbance of memory, thinking and/or language abilities, can be a non-motor symptom of Parkinson’s.

Ask the MD: What Cognitive Changes Can Be Part of Parkinson's?
Caring for someone with Parkinson's can bring up a range of difficult emotions, some of which may feel conflicting.

The Emotional Side of Caregiving: Parkinson's Caregivers Share Advice
Registration is now open for this year’s Tour de Fox cycling events! Choose from different ride length options and put your miles toward a Parkinson's cure.

Register Now: Tour de Fox for Parkinson’s Research
The test may help distinguish Parkinson's from certain atypical parkinsonisms.

Blood Test May Help Confirm Parkinson's Diagnosis
This study is a major step for Parkinson’s research as it is the first drug trial where one's genetic information determines eligibility and is testing a potential therapy to slow or stop disease progression.

First Trial Begins Testing Parkinson’s Drug in People with GBA Mutation
"I am learning that we are more than our thoughts, fears and reactions. We are more than our bodies and the superficial, the face we show the world."

What I Learned from My Husband’s Parkinson’s Diagnosis at 34
Parkinson's is typically treated with medicines that replace dopamine; however, these medicines can sometimes have unwanted side effects.

New Dyskinesia Drug Moving Forward in Clinical Testing | Parkinson's Disease
Michael J. Fox designed the cute fox on this ecard. Send it to a loved one and make them smile.

Send an Ecard & Support Parkinson's Research
Speech problems and other symptoms can impact communication and lead to frustration and confusion.

How to Improve Communication after a Parkinson's Diagnosis
A new study found that intervening with the function of one protein reversed cell death in both rare genetic forms of Parkinson’s and “sporadic” PD.

Three Brain Proteins Now Linked to Parkinson’s
In the study, people with Parkinson’s who experienced "off" time saw greater improvement in their motor symptoms when they took the trial drug, CVT-301.

Inhaled Levodopa for Parkinson's Closer to the Finish Line
Brighten someone's day with an ecard Valentine that supports Parkinson’s research.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
"Not all change is wanted. My dear husband Richard lives with Parkinson's disease and Lewy body dementia."

As a Caregiver, Managing the Change that Nobody Wants