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A mysterious dress code has been cited to explain the decision. And everyone - even celebs like Chrissy Teigen - is furious.

An airline just used a little-known 'rule' to ban two girls in leggings from flying.
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Phillips was the best on ground, leading her team to a historic win. But a touching post-match moment had her in tears.

Sport in 5: For Erin Phillips, the AFLW Grand Final was particularly special.
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"Ask any mother of daughters and she will say that the only thing tougher than being an adolescent girl is being her mother."

"You are the worst mother in the world!": The reality of being a mum to a 14-year-old girl.
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In a strange turn of events, it turns out these two are very close in real life.

Big Little Lies' Laura Dern says it's "fun" to fight with Reese Witherspoon.
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"I've left number three written on it because it's quite sentimental. That stick had a surprise for me, didn't it?" said Rebecca Judd.

Bec Judd has a special ritual for preserving her positive pregnancy tests.
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In January 2015, the Van Breda family was murdered in their luxury home after a bloody axe attack. Miraculously, 18-year-old Marli survived.

Henri is accused of a family massacre. Now, his sole surviving sister is set to face him.
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"Rachel and I are having these emotions at the same time... There are two families that want this baby to come into the world."

The beautiful moment Sally Obermeder and her surrogate Rachel met baby Elyssa.
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You just might find your own name on this list. While other names are deemed too inappropriate to be used.

Why 'Debbie'? This is the fascinating way cyclones get their names.
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The nation was gobsmacked by her decision, but Nadia now says her past has a lot to do with it.

"It kills me." Married At First Sight's Nadia gives insight to her decision about Anthony.
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30-year-old Jamie's health took a fatal turn shortly after her labour.

Mum-of-four's heartbreaking last message before dying a day after giving birth to twins.
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All of a sudden, the bewildered Aussie mother's family of six expanded into a family of nine.

Mum Bobbie decided to get her tubes tied. Then she discovered she was having triplets.
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Shortly after airing, a leading doctor furiously accused the chef of "willful arrogance mischievously questioning medical advice."

Australia's peak medical body has ripped into Pete Evans following his TV interview.
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The Bachelor mansion is the most expensive on this list, coming in at a whopping $7.5 million.

This is how much it actually costs to live in those reality TV houses.
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In 1997, Judy Walters discovered an internet forum that completely changed her life.

The mums who formed an unlikely friendship online... 20 years ago.
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"Our children should be outside more, roaming free like we did. Unless something bad happens ― then, it is our fault for not watching them more closely."

According to the Internet, this is what's wrong with mothers today.
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Muslim-born Ibrahim Dogus kept his restaurant open against police orders, feeding up to 500 ambulance, fire brigade and police personnel.

After the London attack, this restaurateur fed emergency workers for free.
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"Why are doctors experts in fluoride? What are their qualifications to be up to date with the neurotoxin that fluoride is?" the TV chef asked on Sunday Night.

Pete Evans reckons you don't need qualifications "to talk common sense."
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"The attack was so ferocious and he was so vicious, I just didn't have a hope," recalled Bridget O'Toole.

Murdered man awarded Star of Courage for saving his wife in terrifying robbery.
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"I was horrified when Lisa brought up Krissy's smelly parts."

Real Housewives of Sydney recap: A woman was accused of having a smelly vagina.