The Muppets
02/16/2017 at 20:09. Facebook
Every day is a catwalk. Who will look as fabulous as moi?
KISSY KISSY for all... Happy Valentine’s Day!
Brunch is always a good idea.
Day dreaming of the warmer days.
How does your weekend compare to Zoot's?
You're never too old for a soft-shoe dance routine.
When you're a little too generous with the hot sauce.
Happy Hump Day!
Wishing you a New Year as fabulous as moi!
Find that rainbow connection with The Muppet Movie on Wednesday 28 December, 10.45am on Channel 4.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!
It's not Christmas without The Muppets Christmas Carol! Tune into Channel 4 today at 5.50pm.
We never forgot you Robin!
The Ghost of Christmas Past is always celebrating Throwback Thursday. #TBT
Happy anniversary to The Muppet Christmas Carol, released on this day in 1992!
It's never too early for The Muppet Christmas Carol!
There's something funny about Santa this year...