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And the award for Best Foreign Language Chef goes to...
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02/25/2017 at 20:00. Facebook
When someone says they don't like The Muppets.
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Whose turn is it to find the remote?
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This is a Muppet News Flash! We're counting down some of The Newsman's most explosive breaking news stories!
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Despite not having any pupils, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew has quite the eye for science!
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This is about all Zoot did over the long weekend.
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Get a dose of Miss Piggy's valuable wisdom with the Muppet #ThoughtOfTheWeek!
You never know who might show up on our movie sets.
The Swedish Chef takes burning calories to a new level.
The bigger they are, the better they dance!
That Casual Friday feeling.
Set the sails for celebration! Happy anniversary to the professional pirates of Muppet Treasure Island! #TBT
When you forgot to buy flowers yesterday and have to put on a disguise to go buy some.
Grab your main squeeze: Floyd and Janice are here to make your Valentine's Day absotively, posilutely ROCK!
Muppet News Flash: The Muppets Take the Hollywood Bowl LIVE September 8, 9, and 10!
Play the music, light the lights, and meet The Muppets LIVE at the Hollywood Bowl this September!
❀ Need a sign to remind you that Valentine's Day is tomorrow? Here you go! ❀
Muppet Rule #216: Never trust a frog in a disco suit who tells you he'll make your dreams come true.
This Point-To-The-Side-Of-Your-Face game is not as much fun as Sam Eagle was told. #RespectTheEagle