The Music Run
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Just doing my bit for the community #LiveTheBeat
The Music Run
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Preach! #DanceDanceDance #LiveTheBeat
The Music Run
01/19/2017 at 06:45. Facebook
Put your hands up if you feel us ✋ #Oops #LiveTheBeat
The Music Run
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New Years resolutions come at us!! #Fitspo #LiveTheBeat
Next up is the ever popular dress up your pet day #ThisIsLife #LiveTheBeat #TickingOfTheDays
Yasss this is a day! Lets celebrate with a bath #LiveTheBeat
Looking back on our list from 2016 like #LiveTheBeat
The only 5k where you vote for the music you run to on The Sound Track #LiveTheBeat ✔
So True #ThatsMe #LiveTheBeat
We’ve got a full on year ahead of us with our #GlobalTour starting in Jo’burg next month. Let’s celebrate and catch up on some before we kick off the year #RecoveryDay #LiveTheBeat
We made it! let's pop some bottles #LiveTheBeat
Bring the beat ! See you in 2017 Music Runners✌ #LiveTheBeat
Just sitting here getting things done like ✔ #LiveTheBeat
Sparkles in the sky tonight #LiveTheBeat
It's party time fam! Have an awesome break #MusicRunners and we'll see you on the track next year! #LiveTheBeat #TheUltimateMusicFestival
How much do you gift? #XmasFitspo #LiveTheBeat
More like a party than a run, The Music Run™ is the ultimate 5k running and music festival. Register with your friends and run to the soundtrack selected by you, before partying at the ultimate after-run music festival. With music every step of the way, running never sounded so good!

The word has spread and people are joining our global tour to run, dance and party from Johannesburg to...
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This ones for all the grinches out there- The silly season has begun! #BaHumbug