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With the sun starting to rise just a little earlier each day it looks like spring is fast approaching, and you’ve clearly been out and about, wrapping up warm and making the most of it!

Here’s a few of our favourite early morning snaps…
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Can you spot the latest visitor to Prior Park?

Your support allows us to continue caring for the environments and homes to these animals. Thank you.
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Gather your young knights and maidens and turn the pages of your very own fairytale at Scotney Castle- National Trust: [ Link ]

Your visits to our historic locations help us to protect them for future generations to come.
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Our volunteers help us to care for over 500 places, some of their responsibilities may surprise you…

Margaret Marshall is Wardrobe Mistress at The Workhouse, making hand-made costumes for interpreters across the property.
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Monday morning moment of peace; 'Capability' Brown’s landscapes covered in frost at NT Croome.
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What would make your perfect winter's day out?
Winding walks, a grand house and a cosy café all can be found at Basildon Park - National Trust: [ Link ]
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Our places are brought to life thanks to passionate volunteers like Bernie at Hughenden Manor.

No matter how many times the story has been told, there’s always something new to learn.
We're all suckers for snowdrops! It's been a treat going through your recent snowdrop sightings. Here's a few of our favourites...
Ancient hand-blown glass skills are used to create these unique pieces inspired by the places we care for: [ Link ]

Master craftsman, Stewart Hearn, works with molten glass at high temperatures, using skills honed over a lifetime.
Our staff and volunteers help us to care for over 500 places, some of their responsibilities may surprise you…

Glen Graham is a Red Squirrel Ranger at Wallington, making sure the red squirrels are fed and monitoring their population.
Forgotten Valentine's Day? Don't worry, we've got this one.
We’re joining with our partners in the Climate Coalition to #showthelove for the environment this Valentine’s Day: [ Link ] Climate change is threatening our natural environment and proving a major conservation challenge for the places you help us care for. From icy carvings to clouds over castles - our rangers, volunteers and visitors have found their hearts in nature. We’d love to...
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Monday morning moment of peace; dawn at Calke Abbey.

Your visits, membership and support helps us to protect over 500 special places. Thank you.
As both a volunteer and resident at Hughenden Manor, Fran knows all about the hidden treasures to be found there.

From its formal gardens, through to the evergreen Pleasure Grounds, it’s not hard to see why Fran has fallen in love with this Victorian country manor and its estate, and why she wants to protect it for future generations.
Spend a day with one of our Head Gardeners at the some of the unique places we care for with our gift experiences: [ Link ]. Take a peek behind the scenes and get some handy tips and hints on planning and nurturing your own garden.
Have you ever wanted to visit the places we protect after dark?

Our special Night Run events mean you can do just that. You’ll find yourself running through the grounds of Tudor manor houses and exploring trails through ancient woodlands. These events are open to walkers, first-time runners and marathon regulars alike; so if you’re still in search of an exhilarating New Year’s challenge,...
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This March we invite you to step into 1934's The Caravan Club, ‘London’s most bohemian rendezvous’: [ Link ]

In almost the exact same spot of the original Caravan Club, Freud Café-Bar will become a recreation of the queer-friendly members club. The 1930s was a time when being openly gay would frequently lead to prosecution and imprisonment; as part of this year’s ‘Prejudice and...
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Snowdonia is an iconic part of the Welsh countryside, home to a variety of species of plants and wildlife. Its unforgettable views leave thousands of people in awe every year. However, this special place isn’t as tough as it first appears.

Following an extensive review of our paths, we’ve discovered that over two and a half miles urgently need repairs. As the paths break up and turn into...
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From the rescued treasures of Knole - National Trust to the industrial revolution at Quarry Bank, we have so many stories to tell.

Tonight from 9pm, join us on Channel 5 for Secrets of the National Trust with Alan Titchmarsh. As told by our conservation specialists, rangers and volunteers, during each episode Alan will visit a new location, and delve into the history of our places and the...
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We’re proud partners in the Climate Coalition. Watch the video, #showthelove and support the campaign.