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Fighting at a dam in Syria held by the Islamic State group has put the water barrier at risk of a catastrophic collapse, a technical source said.

Fighting puts Syria IS-held dam at 'risk of collapse'
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Britain on Sunday insisted that its security services must have access to encrypted messaging services such as WhatsApp, revealing that it was used by the killer behind the attack at the country's parliament.

WhatsApp encryption under scrutiny after London attack
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The number of victims in the recent Mosul air raids has risen to 511 people, including 187 children under the age of 15, the Iraqi civil defence has said.

500 killed in probable US Mosul airstrike: civil defence
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Deadly fighting, a rise in extremism, the threat of famine – two years after Saudi Arabia intervened against the Houthi rebels, Yemen is more unstable than ever

Timeline: After two years of war, Yemen in crisis
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The court found President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi guilty of 'instigating attacks by Saudi Arabia' and 'undermining the independence and integrity of the Republic of Yemen' [ Link ]

Rebel court sentences Yemen president to death
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Human Rights Watch on Sunday urged Jordan to bar Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir from entry or to arrest him on arrival in the country for the 28th Arab League Summit

Jordan urged to arrest Sudan's Bashir over 'war crimes'
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'What's happening in west Mosul is extremely serious, security agencies must investigate the reason why hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed'

Iraq parliament speaker voices concern over Mosul air raid
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Hamas has shut the crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel on Sunday after the assassination of one of its officials

Hamas shuts Gaza crossing blaming Israel for Faqha's assassination
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In the years that have followed Chyno's emergence as an internationally recognised solo artist, the rapper has had his sights fixed on issues of marginalisation, radicalism and the role music can play in an increasingly unstable world.

"We want to challenge the way of thinking right now in our part of the world. But the music we want to do is not informative, because the information is out...
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Music for the marginalised: Chyno on identity and radicalism
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Iraqi government forces have now suspended their push to recapture western Mosul from Islamic State
[ Link ]

Deadly strike prompts suspension of west Mosul operations
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More and more Algerian women are challenging traditional norms by getting jobs, but many see their salaries confiscated by their husbands despite a law against the practice.

More Algerian women work, but husbands control wages
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UN mediator Staffan de Mistura sent letters to Moscow and Tehran - which back the Damascus regime - as well as Ankara which supports the Syrian opposition, expressing concern over surging violence around the Syrian capital and central Hama province.

UN Syria envoy urges restoration of ceasefire
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US authorities arrested a long-wanted alleged Hizballah financier Friday on charges of violating US terror-related sanctions, after he was apparently deported to the United States from Morocco.

US charges Lebanese 'Hizballah financier' extradited by Morocco
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"Not only have I been devastated by witnessing the aftermath of a shocking and numbing terror attack, I've also had to deal with the shock of finding my picture plastered all over social media by those who could not look beyond my attire."

Muslim woman photographed in Westminster attack scene speaks out
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Uber removed the ad following a social media campaign by outraged Egyptians, who found it offensive to mothers-in-law and older family members in general, arguing that offering them a ride home was common courtesy and far from being a burden to be mocked in an ad campaign.

Uber offends Egyptian mothers-in-law with 'insulting ad'
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An Iraqi man in his thirties was allegedly "disappointed" that his wife repeatedly cooked the same bean stew over and over again, but after a hostile quarrel broke out the woman called her brothers to intervene, both of whom are in the Iraqi army.

Iraq's army issue beatdown over Fuulish behaviour in Baghdad
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The US-led coalition battling against the Islamic State group acknowledged on Saturday that it targeted a location in west Mosul where civilians were reportedly killed in airstrikes.

US: Coalition airstrikes targeted Mosul district where 'massacre' occurred
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Egypt has doubled the price of tickets on Cairo's busy metro network, which carries millions of commuters a day, angering Egyptians battling skyrocketing living costs.

Egypt commuters furious as Cairo metro doubles ticket price
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Palestinian officials have laid blame for the assassination of Mazen Faqha on Israel, and vowed revenge.

Thousands attend Gaza funeral of assassinated Hamas chief