Proving again that his convictions are malleable, Donald J. Trump shows he's not an L.G.B.T. ally.

President Trump Breaks a Promise on Transgender Rights
President Donald J. Trump has blessed the coal industry’s practice of dumping tons of debris into the streams and mountain hollows of America’s mining communities.

President Trump Takes Aim at the Environment
When my late father used to worry about a resurgence of the anti-Semitism he'd experienced in his youth, I'd say that that was a thing of the past. He was right, and I was wrong, writes David Leonhardt.

The New American Anti-Semitism
Nicholas Kristof is discussing his column on people who voted for President Donald J. Trump.
"All violence has a history." Over the past year, we have engaged in dialogues with philosophers and critical theorists on the question of violence. Here are 11 lessons worth considering.

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Humans in Dark Times
An attorney with the ACLU Nationwide writes: "We have warned President Trump many times that we’ll see him in court, but this time, we’re already there."

Trump Will Lose the Fight Over Bathrooms for Transgender Students
Yes, the Donald J. Trump camp includes some racists and other bigots. But it’s a big camp, so let’s not be so quick to affix labels on every member, writes Nicholas Kristof.

Trump Voters Are Not the Enemy
Everything weird going on in the world seems to have a Donald J. Trump connection, writes Gail Collins.

Trump Is Bad for Water and Puppies
We must be closed to compromise. Fight, fight, fight. And when you are finished, fight some more, writes Charles M. Blow.

The Death of Compassion
In Martin Schulz, the Social Democratic contender for her office, Angela Merkel has finally found a worthy rival.

John Lennon vs. Steve Bannon: A Battle for the Western Soul
The modern United States was built by line jumpers, says Michael, in a comment on the editorial “Mr. Trump's 'Deportation Force' Prepares an Assault on American Values.”
Citizens and green card holders, this isn’t a movie from the 1940s; it is real. You must carry your papers with you at all times!

--JOSEPH REIFER, Letter to the Editor

Trump’s Move to Deport More Immigrants
An unarmed boy standing just south of the border can be killed with impunity by an American agent because there is currently no accountability and no remedy.

The Reach of the Constitution at the Border
We have long heard that violent groups were “spawned” by the Muslim Brotherhood. Our flaws are many, but violence is not one.

I Am a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Not a Terrorist
Today the Supreme Court ruled 6-2 that Duane Buck, who is on death row in Texas based in part on racist testimony, deserves a new sentencing hearing. Read this 2013 Op-Ed from the Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree on the case. [ Link ]

Citing Racist Testimony, Justices Call for New Sentencing in Texas Death Penalty Case
The J is, in short, a place to go about the business of a regular, unremarkably American life. That’s why it was terrifying to watch week after week of bomb threats — a total of 68 threats at 53 different J.C.C.s in the United States and Canada, says Jennifer Weiner.

A Place for Water Aerobics and Feeling Safe as American Jews
The stories of Russian ties were strange enough. Then came a plan to lease Crimea to Moscow, involving Donald J. Trump's personal lawyer.

Ukraine and the Shadowy Freelancers
To be effective in my profession, you have to be heard. That can be difficult when you can’t stand up to project your voice, writes a lawyer with multiple sclerosis.

Standing Up for What I Need
In “Feeling My Way Into Blindness,” published in November, an 84-year-old writer expressed his fears about vision loss. [ Link ] A recent study found that most Americans regard loss of eyesight as the worst ailment that could happen to them.

The Worst That Could Happen? Going Blind, People Say
"Only five people had turned up dead. It was a slow evening."

Death on the Night Shift in Duterte’s Manila