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The Constitution prohibits elected officials from receiving gifts or earning profits from foreign governments without the approval of Congress. With Donald J. Trump, this is already happening, well before Inauguration Day.

One Job Is Enough. Sell the Hotel.

Have you seen it yet? This video was viewed by millions of people in its first few days, as those who watched eagerly passed it on. Watch below, and read more here: [ Nyti.ms Link ]


As the school year winds down, one student finds himself starting an unexpected relationship.

If this was happening in a third world country, the United States would warn against it.

Donald Trump’s Military Government

Donald J. Trump makes a call. For more from Patrick Chappatte: [ Nyti.ms Link ]
What may appear to be tacit racism may actually be a broader propensity to think in terms of “us versus them” — a prejudice that can apply to fans of a different sports team. This doesn’t make the effects of implicit bias less worrisome, but it does mean people should be less defensive about it.

The Roots of Implicit Bias

The costume designer for Mad Max: Fury Road sketched for us what she imagines we'll wear to survive in the extreme weather of the future. [ Bit.ly Link ]

What do you think? Contribute your own #NYTFutureFashion designs on Instagram and we'll take a look.
Obama can ensure that his efforts to prevent a return to torture endure beyond his time in the White House by making the full Senate report on torture part of the federal record, say former senators Carl Levin and Jay Rockefeller.

The Torture Report Must Be Saved

If we truly want to make America great again, we would do well to commend and emulate the example of John Glenn.

A Final ‘Godspeed, John Glenn’

As America prepares to revert to white male rule, our common condition for all but eight of the last 240 years, we should think harder about why we assume so little of men, including ones we may be married to.

What Women Really Think of Men

Donald J. Trump has 17 million Twitter followers, not 320 million. When he goes racing off like Road Runner, does everyone have to chase him and go over a cliff?

Twitter Fingers Headed for the White House

Electoral College 101: The Good, The Bad, and the Extremely Relevant (from the archives)

Electoral College 101

By drawing a bright line between federal immigration enforcement and local policing, the California Values Act would promote smarter, more effective law enforcement.

California Looks to Lead the Trump Resistance

“Sometimes I think maybe if I die it’s better. If you die there’s no question in front of you, no interpreter between you and God, no immigration, no Australia." Read on in Roger Cohen's essay for Sunday Review.

Broken Men in Paradise

Donald J. Trump has terrified foreign leaders with his “America first” mantra and his tough talk on everything from the Islamic State to Air Force One. His administration can turn that fear to the benefit of the United States.

The World Fears Trump’s America. That’s a Good Thing.

Though Donald J. Trump does not care for history, he should pause on the parade route to read the words on a pedestal outside the National Archives Building, from Shakespeare: “What is past is prologue.”

Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day Walk

When bad air days make a comeback, we’ll know exactly whom to blame, writes Paul Krugman.

Trump and Pruitt Will Make America Gasp Again

“In Spain,” wrote the poet Federico García Lorca, “the dead are more alive than the dead of any other country in the world.”

The Ghosts Spain Tries to Ignore

South Africans are beginning to reclaim their power over a sentimental mythology about forgiveness and racial harmony that has been, for at least a decade, out of step with the realities of most people’s lives.

Making South Africa Great Again

Dear Electoral College, please stop this guy from ruining the planet!

Donald Trump’s E.P.A. Nominee: Putting Planet’s Future at Risk

John Glenn dined with kings, counseled presidents and signed autographs for athletes and movie stars. But he never pulled rank, rarely raised his voice and remained unfailingly polite and conscious of his responsibilities as a hero and a role model until the day he died.

John Glenn: The Last American Hero?