"Watching people fall in love so completely with dogs, I began to see how humans long to give their hearts away."

Opening the Heart’s Floodgates, With a Paw

Should you get tested for diabetes at the dentist’s office?

Diabetes Testing at the Dentist’s Office

Pregnancy can make it hard to talk, let alone sing, though professionals like Beyoncé make it look effortless. How does pregnancy affect the ability to vocalize?

a) Hormones like estrogen can make vocal cords swell and vibrate differently.
b) Growing babies crowd the lungs and diaphragm, requiring more effort to get sound out.
c) The membranes of the voice box can thicken and grow sluggish,...
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The Weekly Health Quiz: Beyoncé, Sex and Exercise

To protect your baby from CMV, first you have to know that it exists.

My Daughter’s Silent Virus: Congenital CMV

The belief that milk might increase mucus production has been around for centuries, but it seems to be more myth than fact.

Do Dairy Foods Cause Mucus Production?

“Motion sickness happens when there is an imbalance between the eyes, inner ears and spinal cord, but fortunately, there are ways to reduce the chances of it hitting you."

How to Deal With Motion Sickness

The anti-vaccination movement is peddling dangerous conspiracy theories. (From The New York Times Opinion Section)

The Anti-Vaccine Movement Gains a Friend in the White House

While it seemed effortless for Beyoncé at the Grammys, pregnancy can make it harder to sing.

Singing While Pregnant

Simon Fitzmaurice began writing the script for My Name Is Emily with his hands. He finished it with his eyes.

In the Face of A.L.S., Simon Fitzmaurice Finds His Fire Inside

"You would have expected that in 2017 the rights of women and girls to be the masters of their own bodies and their own sexual lives would be something matter-of-fact."

In Response to Trump, a Dutch Minister Launches ‘She Decides’

Every fall, Jenna Woginrich catches a new hawk. They hunt together all winter and come spring, when the bird is ready to mate, Jenna leaves it in a field with a fresh-killed rabbit to start its own life. Will this years hawk, Aya, come back?

The Girl Who Hunts With Hawks

Older adults who started sleeping more than nine hours a night — but had not previously slept so much — were at more than double the risk of developing dementia a decade later than those who slept nine hours or less, researchers report.

Prolonged Sleep May Be Early Warning Sign of Dementia

A workshop in Germany teaches young children how to burn things properly — how to hold a match, use a lighter, light candles and build small bonfires.

Teaching Children to Play With Fire

Why are we still paying for our grown children's cellphone bills?

Family Planning ... for Your Phones

When you talk to someone, what their face is doing influences what you perceive as much as what you hear.

When Mismatched Voices and Lips Make Your Brain Play Tricks

“When confronted with fear of the dentist chair, our minds run wild by conjuring the most terrifying experiences. By staying in the present moment, we can avoid conjuring these worst case scenarios, and instead remain in a calm and centered place.”

How to Be Mindful Sitting in the Dentist Chair

As hard as it might be for doctors to rest in the hospital, it’s infinitely harder for patients.

Bad Hospital Design Is Making Us Sicker

Ruth Brunn finally said yes to marijuana. She is 98.

When Retirement Comes With a Daily Dose of Cannabis

How to reduce wrinkles without lasers or chemicals or even leaving the house.

How to Reduce Wrinkles Without Lasers or Chemicals