I called the tour company to ask if they'd cancel the trip if the storm was as bad as predicted. “Ma’am, are you aware that in order to ski you need snow?”

Confessions of a Weather-Beaten Helicopter Mom

There's no shortage of ways to cook your favorite sprout.

So Many Delicious Ways to Do Brussels Sprouts

Young travelers need to chill out, too. Resorts from Antigua to New Paltz, N.Y., are offering meditation sessions, some with yoga.

Giving Kids Some Meditation With Their Vacation

Caring for a child for almost a year and then being given less than 24 hours to pack him up and say a permanent goodbye changes a person.

After Losing a Foster Child, Contemplating Another

You can do it. It'll only take 6 weeks.

Let's Try a Triathlon

Meditation is proven to change both your mind and body.

How Meditation Changes the Brain and Body

Supervised drug injection sites don't lecture addicts. They save lives, The New York Times Opinion Section.

Injecting Drugs, Under a Watchful Eye

How often do you impulsively reach for your phone? Change that.

How to Be Mindful With Your Phone

Some people can control their auricular muscles to move the ear slightly but to a noticeable extent, an ability that seems to have a genetic basis.

Born to Be an Ear Wiggler?

Eat peppers. Live longer.

Eat Peppers, Live Longer?

The scientific consensus that all calories are equally fattening is outdated and dangerous, Gary Taubes writes in The New York Times Opinion Section.

Big Sugar’s Secret Ally? Nutritionists

A look at 7 major changes brought about by Obamacare, which changes might survive and what might replace the ones that don’t.

The Biggest Changes Obamacare Made, and Those That May Disappear

While tourists were warned away from epidemic areas, tens of millions of women living in them were left unprotected.

How the Response to Zika Failed Millions

Picky eating is one thing, this is something extreme.

Taking Picky Eating to the Extreme

Take your medical news and recommendations with a dose of healthy skepticism, especially regarding nutrition.

How to Prevent Whiplash From Ever-Changing Medical Advice

Nearly one in five Americans now lives in a state legalizing physician aid in dying.

Physician Aid in Dying Gains Acceptance in the U.S.

The robot that performed my kidney transplant declined to be interviewed.

The Robot That Performed My Kidney Transplant Declined to Be Interviewed