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The year a “dank meme” went farther than any op-ed, and the distinction between a Nazi and someone pretending to be a Nazi for “lulz” became a blur.

How Jokes Won the Election
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On Amtrak, a woman called out, “Who’s going to the march?” She held up her phone for a photograph, and about two-thirds of the passengers raised their hands and whooped.

Today, We March
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It seems that Fiona Apple has finally met a bully big enough to pull her into the churn of the news cycle and keep her there.

Listen to “Tiny Hands,” Fiona Apple’s Anti-Trump Protest Song
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Medicine rewards heroism, while starving the physicians whose steady, intimate care helps many more.

The Heroism of Incremental Care
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The Borowitz Report: When asked point-blank whether he considered women humans, the billionaire responded, “It should be a case-by-case thing.”

Trump: Decision to Consider Women Humans Should Be Left to States
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Saying no to Donald Trump has attained an unusual power. It plays to his thin skin, his infantile rage, his impulsivity, his insatiable desire for approval.

What Can Artists Accomplish by Saying No to Trump?
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Hillary Clinton was not required to come to the Inauguration by anything other than custom and grace. But she refused to indulge fatigue or bitterness, though she surely has a right to both, David Remnick writes.

Hillary Clinton’s Personal March on Washington
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Raduan Nassar was forty-eight and at the height of his literary fame when, in 1984, he announced his retirement. He wanted to become a farmer.

Why Brazil’s Greatest Writer Stopped Writing
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Fascism is not our future—it cannot be; we cannot allow it to be so—but this is surely the way fascism can begin, David Remnick writes.

An American Tragedy
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Eric Holder had called the Civil Rights Division the “crown jewel” of the Justice Department. Now Senator Jeff Sessions—who had attacked it saying that it had “an agenda that’s been a troubling issue”—is poised to become the next Attorney General.

Last Day at the Civil Rights Division
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Long before Hillary Clinton, female activists and voters carried the moral crusade into the party system.

How Women Changed American Politics
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The suffragists’ legacy was not only the right to equal political participation for women—it was the right to equal protest for us all.

What Trump Needs to Learn About Protests
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The archive has assembled posters, buttons, T-shirts, and banners associated with radical leftists of the nineteen-seventies, women’s movements, squatters in Europe, and the Zapatistas in Mexico.

A Seedbed of New Images to Protest Trump
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The Constitution is not by itself an insuperable barrier against the authoritarian temptation. It will be on us to guard against Donald J. Trump, David Remnick writes.

On the Inauguration of Donald Trump: Preserve, Protect, and Defend
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The writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on our moral duty in the wake of Donald J. Trump’s election.

Now Is the Time to Talk About What We Are Actually Talking About
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Movements are born in the moments when abstract principles become concrete concerns. The forthcoming Trump era is one such moment.

The Return of Civil Disobedience
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Attend the Women’s March on Washington, which will take place today.

Nine Ways to Oppose Donald Trump
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Today, as part of its Coffeehouse Chronicles series, La MaMa celebrates the counterculture rock musical, which débuted in 1967.

“Hair” Turns Fifty
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Well, the Trump Presidency is upon us, and things have become cartoonish, in the worst sense. Here are some of our cartoons (in the best sense) about the events from the past few months: [ Link ]
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The typical Trump nominee has not been the ideologue but the glib billionaire, disdainful both of the Senate confirmation process and subject-specific expertise.

An Emerging, and Very Pointed, Democratic Resistance