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The defining talent of Florence Foster Jenkins was that she had no talent. Who better to play the incompetent socialite than Meryl Streep, whose plenitude of gifts has been an article of faith for almost forty years?

“Florence Foster Jenkins” Strikes a Chord
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“Did he literally say the words ‘Russia is fake news’?” one reporter asked another after the press conference.

Inside Trump’s Surreal Press Conference
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However the Trump Presidency turns out, America has, for the time being, abdicated the role of the world’s moral leader.

The Frankfurt School Knew Trump Was Coming
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“Hidden Figures” is a film of calm and bright rage.

“Hidden Figures” Is a Subtle and Powerful Work of Counter-History
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Matt Eich's photographs of America's white working class in rural Ohio show scenes of poverty and disaffection.

“I Feel Forgotten”: A Decade of Struggle in Rural Ohio
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Steve Bannon spoke in fiery language, condemning the press and global élites. Reince Priebus was milquetoast.

How Steve Bannon Conquered CPAC—and the Republican Party
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It’s a kind of miracle that the film “La La Land” even exists.

Fun in “La La Land”
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In Daily Shouts: "Which Bronte sister wrote Wuthering Heights? Feel like u'd know."

Some Paper-Thin Excuses I’ve Used to Text My Ex
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A black coffin bearing the Presidential seal said, “the American Presidency: April 30, 1789 to January 20, 2017.”

A Jazz Funeral for the American Presidency
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While the children represent hope and equality, in contrast to the weighted history of atrocities and racial oppression, their gazes are steady and sober, as if they have not entirely escaped their nations’ pasts.

The Children of Bad Memories
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The fact that Betsy DeVos reportedly had concerns about the safety of transgender kids makes her capitulation to Trump and Jeff Sessions all the more reprehensible.

Betsy DeVos’s Spineless Transgender Bathroom Politics
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A cartoon by Tom Toro. Follow us on Instagram to see more: [ Link ]
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The Oscars envelopes are not yet open: the results on Sunday may set off another round of soul-searching within the Academy.

Shakeup at the Oscars
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In our country, assault weapons have become the subjects of limitless and absurd gun-fetishist metaphysics.

Sanity from the Courts on Gun Control in a Time of Trump
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In Daily Shouts: 1. Do you believe that the mainstream media has reported unfairly on us?
— Yes
— Yes
— Yes
— No

Totally Unbiased Survey on the Failing Mainstream Media
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Our cartoon editor, Bob Mankoff, and his assistant, Colin Stokes, cast their predictions for the 2017 Academy Awards. Watch the full video: [ Link ]
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There’s a scene with a head-stamping, a scene with an exposed brain, and a truly creepy scene with a bowl of Froot Loops.

“Get Out” Attacks the Rainbow
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Donald J. Trump, at CPAC, dismissed concerns about the memorandums by asking why Americans care about what happened to “the bad ones” in their midst.

Trump Talks About Enemies, Again, at CPAC
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A cartoon by Trevor Spaulding. Swipe through more cartoons with the New Yorker Today app: [ Link ]
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"We redid entire sections as speculation grew over Flynn’s future." In our newsletter, staff writer Nicholas Schmidle talks about how his story on Michael Flynn took shape in a frantic news cycle.

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