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Phew - it's been a busy week on our online community!

If you haven't had a chance to check in on our Secret Slimmers & Momentum Maintainers groups, fear not! Candida has done a wonderful job in rounding up this week's activity.

From amazing weight losses ⚖, to fist pump moments , non-scale victories and tasty recipes , check it out on our blog here:
The New You Plan
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Candida's advice on dealing with bad eating habits is precious!

Could your bad habits be ruining your chances of weight loss?

Check out the most common bad eating habits & how to break them here:
The New You Plan
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Are bad eating habits ruining your chances of maintaining your weight loss?

This blog post is definitely for you: [ Link ]
The New You Plan
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Today's inspiration comes from the lovely Candida, our Customer Transformation Coach, who has been using her personal New You Plan experience to offer her words of wisdom.

Candida has been on a phenomenal weight loss journey. Not only has she lost weight, but she has maintained it and completely changed her mindset in the process.

Today, on the blog, she shares her insight on a topic that...
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The New You Plan
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After just 4 weeks on plan, customer Hele-Kai reveals she has lost an incredible 21 lbs!

Check out her weekly vlog, as she shares how she's feeling after a month on plan and pick up her tips for success, here:
The New You Plan
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Wise words from our customer Kim!!

Find out how she lost an incredible 2 stone and 3 dress sizes, in her interview here:
The New You Plan
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Customer Kim has an incredible story to tell.

Struggling to lose weight following the birth of her daughter, she found New You & hasn't looked back since, losing 2 stone & 3 dress sizes.

❤ We think she looks phenomenal! Read her story & check more amazing before & after photos here:
The New You Plan
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Our customer Kim looks AMAZING!

In her interview, she shares her story, revealing how she lost 2 stone and dropped 3 dress sizes with The New You Plan.

Check it out here:
The New You Plan
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NEVER quit again!!

Check out our latest blog post to help you finish what you start, seeing each task through to completion:
The New You Plan
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"Every time you encounter an emotional obstacle, remember why you started. Is blipping going to make that situation better? Is it going to make it go away? No, of course it’s not! In fact, the best thing you can do when an emotional disaster hits is to stay in control of your diet and stick to plan! It’s just too easy to use a bad circumstance to fall off the wagon!"

Strong words of...
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The New You Plan
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Are you guilty of never finishing what you start?? This blog post is definitely for you!!

Our Customer Transformation Coach, Candida delves deep into something which effects so many of us; failing to see something through!

But with her advice, you'll NEVER struggle again!

Check it out here:
Our Secret Slimmers & Momentum Maintainers support groups have been buzzing this week!

Get the gossip thanks to the lovely Candida, who gives us the insider scope on what's been happening.

Check it out on the blog here:
Candida shares her powerful words to help you learn the importance of personal growth and development.

This blog post is one NOT to be missed!!

Check it out here:
WOW! These top tips could totally transform your life!!

Check them out here:
"I have come to realise that for each and every one of us, our transformations are all very different and that there are indeed many phases to our growth and development."

Wise words from our Customer Transformation Coach, Candida!

In her latest blog post, she shares her 5 tips to help you live a life that is purposeful, fulfilling and happy.

Get them here:
Wise words from a wise woman! Check out what our Customer Transformation Coach, Candida had to say on the topic of self-love.

This one's unmissable!!
Do you practice self-love? It's so, so important!

Check out our latest blog post and start making time for yourself TODAY!

Read more here:

And this one's super important! Self-love is NOT selfish! Customer Transformation Coach, Candida shares her 5 steps on the road to self-love.

Check it out here:

In her video series, this week, customer Hele-Kai reveals her amazing week 3 results and how she is more focused and determined than ever!!

We her enthusiasm!! Check it out here>>>
With weight loss comes an amazing feeling of self confidence.

In her interview, customer Lynne shares details of her fantastic weight loss.

Check it out here: