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US PRESIDENT Donald Trump has unleashed on protesters, mocking millions who took part in marches across the globe

‘WHY DIDN’T THEY VOTE?’: Trump takes aim at protesters
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THE Victorian Premier has announced a shake-up of the state’s bail laws after the Bourke Street Mall attack >>

‘WE OWE these victims change’
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SIX carefully selected scientists have entered a man-made dome on a remote Hawaii volcano as part of a human-behaviour study >>

COULD you survive this space mission?
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AFTER years of campaigning, redheads may finally get the ginger emoji range they’ve been asking for >>

BIG news for redheads everywhere
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IT’S been a long time since Daymond John stood on a street corner in Queens, New York, with a few dozen hats in hand and little more than the moral support of some childhood friends >>

HOW Shark Tank billionaire got rich
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COSMETIC fillers are becoming more affordable and more accessible, but for one woman a simple procedure turned her world upside down >>

‘I COULDN'T see unless I taped my forehead’
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“IT WAS the floor coverings.” That’s how President Trump’s minders are explaining the vast swathes of empty space at his inauguration >>

OPTICAL ILLUSION: Trump disputes size of crowd on lawn
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GEORGE Michael’s ex-lover has told how he fears a sex drug he used to deliver to the star may have led to his death aged 53 >>

‘I KNOW how he died’: Ex-lover
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BREAKING: An 8.0 magnitude earthquake has struck 47km west of Arawa on Bougainville island, Papua New Guinea >>

MASSIVE earthquake hits off PNG
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THERE were so many celebrities appearances at Women’s March events around the world, that the protest movement’s star power almost rivalled the Academy Awards >>

SCARJO’S awkward moment
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AUSTRALIANS might live in the best place on earth but our passport is not as powerful as we would like to believe >>

THE most powerful passport in the world
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THANKS a bunch for the Gilmore Girls, Full House and Will & Grace revivals, but these are the ones we’re really hoping for >>

TV REVIVALS that should’ve happened
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IF YOU thought Trump’s gigantic inauguration cake seemed a little too familiar, your suspicions were right >>

THE Trumps can’t stop copying the Obamas
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THESE writers are experts when it comes to globetrotting — but even they have made some pretty dumb errors. Here they are, so you can be spared >>

TRAVEL mistakes we’ll never make again
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OPINION: At 12.01am on January 1, 2017, I had my first beer after an entire year of no drinking >>

WHAT I learnt from a clean 2016
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OPINION: THERE’S something that’s been missing from Melbourne’s public conversation about homelessness >>

WHY are we ashamed by this?
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IT’S school holidays. And Lord knows by this stage of the game, it gets hard to entertain those little mites >>

HUGE mess: ‘We’re not a childcare centre’
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RAFAEL Nadal booked his place in the last 16 after a five set epic, but the Spanish star broke an important tennis rule in the process >>

LIVE: Nadal flouts tennis laws
THIS is my 15 minutes of fame. If you check sites such as the People of Walmart or Reddit you will most likely find this photo >>

‘I’M the woman in this meme’
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ON TRADITIONAL cruises, passengers get to see the world. On a Desire cruise, they are exposed to quite a bit more >>

WHAT happens on a sex cruise