High 5 to the burger you can get even before payday ;)
15 minutes until the Varsity Cup captain from Maties Rugby Club, Beyers, and his team get to hit the field! #VarsityCup10
Heading to one of the Varsity Cup rugby matches today? Make sure that you and your friend dress up as twins, because you could stand a chance to build a massive #WackyWednesday and win 'em for a MONTH! #Twinning
#Phanda Tip #6 for all you entrepreneurs out there: Schedule enough time for every project, that way you can give each project your best! What tips do you live by?
#Phanda Tip #5: Don't get discouraged when you face a trial… Share your favourite #Phanda tips below!
It's here! #WackyWednesday . How many prince burgers can you eat at once?
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Happy Valentine's Day! Send us a picture of you and your Valentine below Here's ours:#Phanda
15 minutes to go until the TUKS vs Madibaz game! Here's the Varsity Cup captain from Tuks Rugby Club, Ruan AKA "Stoney", all the best for tonight!
Monday = Varsity Cup day! Send a message of support to your favourite teams below! #RugbyThatRocks #VarsityCup10
Come to a Varsity Cup match dressed as twins and you could WIN! Thanks for coming out Twins On Decks SA & Major League Djz! #Twinning #VarsityCup10

Watch the full video here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Remember to come to a Varsity Cup game dressed the same as your friend and you could stand a chance to win #WackyWednesdays for a month! #Twinning #Steers
Lunch is sorted so you can keep the #Phanda going!
What advice can you give to someone who is hustling, but wants to quit when it gets tough? #Phanda
If you haven't had one (or both) of these in 2017 then you're not doing 2017 right!
The Rosendal Intermediate School principal being interviewed by Morning Live before the handover of the Lets Play sports facility! #SteersLetsPlay
It's nearly time for the UCT vs CUT game! Get to know Varsity Cup captain from UCT Sport, Jason AKA "Doox", good luck for tonight! #VarsityCup10