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The accident raises questions about the safety of autonomous vehicles and whether they can play nice on the road.

After recent crash, Uber suspends testing of self-driving cars
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The lowest-paid person on this list gets $21,474 a month.

Oregon PERS: Top 10 recipients of benefits |
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Curly and Laurey will be women, Will and Ado Annie will be men, and Aunt Eller will be transgender in a bold adaptation of the classic musical.

'Oklahoma' will get an LGBTQ makeover at Oregon Shakespeare Festival
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Neighbors have groused that sidewalks have been closed, public parking overrun and that the family and their staff haven't learned the trash pickup schedule outside their $5.5-million home.

Residents of posh DC area unhappy with Ivanka Trump's family as neighbors
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The Eugene girl was playing at South Jetty Park Beach when the log rolled on top of her, Oregon State Police said.

Girl, 14, dies after being pinned under log at Bandon beach
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Tune in for the second performance week of "Dancing With the Stars" and the final week of "Grimm" and "Bones."

TV This Week: 'Grimm' finale; 'Bones' finale
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The skull monster Zerstorer comes to town, leaving death in his wake, as the series heads towards its final finale.

'Grimm': The next-to-last episode brings terror to Portland and two horrible surprises (spoilers)
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A United spokesman said the girls were traveling using an employee pass and "were not in compliance with our dress code policy for company benefit travel."

Two girls barred from United flight for wearing leggings
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Publicly, the president has been supportive of the House speaker, but he had urged his Twitter followers to watch Pirro's show.

Fox News host urges Ryan to step down, hours after Trump tweets about show
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The Eugene girl was playing at South Jetty Park Beach when a log rolled on top of her, Oregon State Police said.

Girl, 14, dies after being pinned under log at Bandon beach
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Pay off a student loan or bolster the down payment on a house? The obvious answer might not be the right one.

What's the best use of a $38,000 windfall? (financial commentary)
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It's legal for Oregon lawmakers to sponsor, vote for bills that benefit their occupations

Lax conflicts of interest rules let Oregon lawmakers keep quiet about their ties
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Correction: The Ducks will face women's basketball powerhouse Connecticut at 4 p.m. Monday on ESPN.

Oregon Ducks women's basketball journey to Elite 8: Moments that defined the season
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Police said the 2015 Subaru was northbound on Three Lakes Road when it left the road and went into a yard, hitting a power pole before striking the house.

Intoxicated man showing off new car crashes into Albany house, police say
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Keep a patient eye out and you might be rewarded on this live stream run by Oregon State Parks and the Whale Watching Spoken Here Program. They plan to run the feed until 1 p.m. today.

Spring Whale Watching at the Depoe Bay Whale Watching Center (Oregon)

Gray whales are traveling north on their way to their summer grounds off the Alaska coastline. Watch our livestream as we watch for the tell-tale blow, the s...

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The tournament finishes up today at the convention center. It's free to watch, but you had to register Saturday to play.

Portland's biggest Pokemon tournament draws nostalgia, world-class competitors (photos)
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It's unclear if any of the proposals will make it out of the Senate Workforce Committee, but talk of benefit cuts is getting airtime -- and could become an important chip in any end-of-session deal to plug the state's $1.6 billion budget deficit.

PERS: Lawmakers consider public pension reform bills
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Meet all 15 Portland Rose Festival Court princesses of 2017.

Full story: [ Link ]

CC: Lincoln High School (Portland, Oregon), Jefferson High School (Portland, Oregon), Wilson High School, Roosevelt High School, David Douglas High School, Benson Polytechnic High School, St. Mary's Academy, Metro West, Metro East, Cleveland High School, Central Catholic High School, Grant High School...
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The Jackson County (Miss.) Sheriff's Department did not have information about how the suspect arrived in Portland or how long he is believed to have been in Oregon

Fugitive wanted for murder in Mississippi arrested in Portland
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Officers found evidence of gunfire outside the hotel and damage to the building.

Teen injured in shooting outside NE Portland hotel