What if hospitals took the ultimate step in preventative medicine: bringing healthy, organic food right to their patients? That’s what Lankenau Medical Center finally did in April 2015, when it opened the Deaver Wellness Farm after years of planning. The half-acre organic farm has one goal: providing healthy, fresh, organic food to patients.

Organic Food is the Best Medicine, and a Pennsylvania Hospital Agrees

An organic tomato farmer in the Sacramento Valley is achieving some pretty amazing results using significantly less water on his fields. Researchers at UC Davis are helping verify and monitor his results so they can be shared with other farmers. It’s one of six exciting new grants OFRF awarded in 2016 to address the most pressing issues of organic farmers.

Organic Farming Case Study: Soil and Water

An organic tomato farmer in the Sacramento Valley is achieving some pretty amazing results using significantly less water on his fields. Researchers at UC Da...

Pink Himalayan salt is a truly unique salt. It’s also referred to as pink salt, Himalayan sea salt, rock salt and Himalayan crystal salt. It's better to use it, rather than table salt.

Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits that Make It Superior to Table Salt

​There are challenges preserving the non-GMO integrity of ingredients, particularly from GMO-risk crops such as corn and soy. Jennifer Tesch, chief marketing officer at Healthy Food Ingredients, says sourcing non-GMO ingredients requires advance planning. “You can’t just flip the switch and source non-GMO; you have to be savvy about that process,” she says. “Companies have to consider: ‘how...
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Sourcing non-GMO and organic ingredients requires advance planning

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just released its first rigorous nationwide analysis of the effects of pesticides on endangered species, finding that 97 percent of the more than 1,800 animals and plants protected under the Endangered Species Act are likely to be harmed by malathion and chlorpyrifos, two commonly used pesticides.

97% of Endangered Species Threatened by Two Common Pesticides

Monsanto Co. and officials within the Environmental Protection Agency are fighting legal efforts aimed at exploring Monsanto’s influence over regulatory assessments of the key chemical in the company’s Roundup herbicide, new federal court filings show.

Monsanto, EPA Seek to Keep Talks About Glyphosate Cancer Review a Secret

Dive into this turmeric lentil soup with coconut cream! Use organic ingredients whenever possible.

The powerful turmeric-coconut soup that can help treat 7 different ailments

The Mid-America Organic Conference will be held next week, January 25-28 in Kansas City. There’s a great line up of inspiring speakers.

MOA Conference

An outrage: The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued a final deregulation decision Wednesday approving Monsanto and Scotts' genetically engineered bentgrass, even as the highly invasive creeping grass continues to spread unchecked beyond its Oregon and Idaho test plots.

USDA Grants Final Approval for Monsanto/Scotts' Genetically Engineered Grass

Fun video! Jay Lavery, a farmer in Sharon Springs, NY, dances to Sia’s hit “Cheap Thrills” while going about his barn chores and tending to the goats he takes care of at his Permaculture Inn farm. The video has gone viral.

This Farmer’s Viral Barn Dance Is Exactly What America Needs Right Now

2016 was also the year of plant proteins. Here are four reasons why plant-based proteins stole the show in 2016 and how they'll be a major food trend in 2017.

4 Reasons Why Plant-Based Protein Will Be a Major 2017 Food Trend

Some suppliers see strong demand for pea and other plant-based proteins such as pumpkin seeds, wheat, sunflower, and sacha inchi seeds from Peru. “Vegetable-based protein is becoming more popular without a doubt,” says Nate Yates, business director at Ingredion. “They are viewed more favorably from a clean label perspective.”

Pea protein and rice bran emerge as sustainable organic, non-GMO ingredient options

Ditch the Roundup and use one of these ways to get rid of weeds and have a healthier garden.

12 Ways to Get Rid of Weeds Without Using Roundup

Not all granola bars are created equally. Many breakfast bars, energy bars, and granola bars come packed with added sugars, fats, and very few ingredients that are actually beneficial to our bodies. Let’s take a look at some bars that do not have your body’s best interest at heart.

10 toxic granola bars that will actually make you fat (and 10 bars to eat instead!)

Good news: Denmark's organic food sector has said it plans to use a $2.9 million cash boost from the European Union to launch a campaign aimed at increasing sales in the country by 50% by 2019.

Denmark plans new push for organic food sales

The president-elect extracts job promises from CEOs of Monsanto and Bayer, who are trying to get regulatory approval for $66 billion deal, which will create a near monopoly on seeds and ag chemicals.

Trump noses into one of the world's biggest mergers

Next week, Monsanto and California's Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) will face off over the agency's plan to list the herbicide glyphosate as a carcinogen. Monsanto obviously doesn’t want Roundup listed as a carcinogen.

Monsanto, California Battle Over Listing Glyphosate as a Carcinogen

Thanks to the salvation efforts of these tribes and a seed-lending library, native foods are making a comeback and being used in traditional ceremonies.
​In 2016 many food manufacturers switch​ed​ to sunflower oil because of its “clean,” non-GMO, and trans fat free status, and consumer perception as a healthier oil.

Food manufacturers see sunflower oil as healthier non-GMO option

Here are just a few cereal brands you can really trust. Nature’s Path is number one and is an independent company totally committed to organic and non-GMO food production.

13 Healthy Cereal Choices Instead of (Herbicide Contaminated) Cheerios