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Monsanto wants to build a 7 acre greenhouse in Arizona and local people there are opposed to the plan as well as a plan by the local county supervisors to cut the biotech giant's property taxes by two thirds.

Critics decry tax breaks as Monsanto plans Marana greenhouse

Millennials, those born roughly between 1982 and 2004, favor fresh, minimally processed food that is easy to prepare and if big food companies don't adapt they are in big trouble.

Big food faces annihilation unless it moves with millennials on health

​People Doing Good: ​Alan Lovewell created a community supported fishery (CSF) subscription service called Real Good Fish, which provides local seafood direct to consumers, in much the same way that community supported-agriculture (CSA) works for produce.

“Boat-to-School” Programs Source Fresh Seafood for Students

Oregon State receives $4 million grant for GMO research and to promote GMO propaganda in middle and high schools. And there’s a Monsanto connection.

OSU wins $4M plant genetic engineering grant, with Monsanto (NYSE: MON) connection - Portland Business Journal

Boulder County officials have decided to phase out the growing of genetically modified crops on public land. The Times-Call reports that county commissioners voted 2-1 Wednesday night to stop growing GMO corn and sugar beets on county-owned farmland.

Colorado county to phase out GMO crops on public land

Organic farmers say that crops grown hydroponically, with water and not soil, should not be certified organic. What do you think?

Some Growers Say Organic Label Will Be Watered Down If It Extends To Hydroponics

In the tumultuous week following the 2016 elections, Monsanto and its minions are moving fast to tighten their control over our food and farming system. Emboldened by the prospect of a pro-industrial-agriculture administration, they’re plowing ahead—with total disregard for public health, and blanket dismissal of the warnings pouring in from independent scientists.

The Biotech Bullies Will Rule the New FDA and EPA

Del Monte Foods recently received process verification from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the company’s non-GMO program for sweetcorn production and processing.

Del Monte sweetcorn receives USDA non-GMO process verification

How Rosanna Bauman of Bauman’s Cedar Valley Farms, Inc. in Garnett, Kansas is building a non-GMO feed hub in her area.

Expanding Producer and Consumer Choice through the Value-Added Producer Grant Program | National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

More negative impacts of GMOs: A study of GMO cotton varieties shows they disrupt an important beneficial soil fungus​ ​apparently due to the ​genetically engineered ​Bt insecticide they are engineered to express.

Vital soil fungi damaged by GMO Bt cotton

The US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) and five other Big Ag lobby groups have sent a letter to dairy company Dannon’s chief executive officer criticizing the company for requiring its farmers to use non-GMO feed. What do you think of this?​

Monsanto-funded groups object to Dannon’s move to non-GMO feed

Health Canada is proposing a ban on almost all uses of a controversial neonicotinoid pesticide called imidacloprid, saying it is seeping into Canadian waterways at levels that can harm insects and the ecosystem.

Ban on controversial pesticide proposed by Health Canada

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AltHealthWorks.com Book Give-a-Way: Get the #1 Amazon Kindle Book ‘Dirt Cheap Organic’ Here | AltHealthWorks.com

'Honest food’, meaning foods produced without glyphosate, GMOs, and growth hormones, is the new buzzword in agriculture.

‘Honest food’ new buzzword in ag sector - The Western Producer

A coalition of public interest groups filed a formal pre-litigation notice with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that they intend to sue the agency for its approval to release millions of genetically engineered (GE) mosquitoes into the environment.

Center for Food Safety | News Room | Advocates Challenge FDA on First Ever GE Mosquito Release

The rift in the organic food community over the new GMO labeling law was in full view at a recent educational session at Natural Products Expo East. Grassroots GMO labeling advocates, such as David Bronner, CEO of Dr. Bronner’s, accused the Organic Trade Association (OTA) of betrayal, while OTA executive director Laura Batcha defended her group’s action in supporting the law.

Expo East session reveals fracture in organic movement over GMO labeling law

Following the release of the report Glyphosate: Unsafe On Any Plate on November 14, which revealed alarming levels of the weedkiller glyphosate in popular American foods, Monsanto supporters went in to full attack mode to protect their number one product, however this time they fell on their own swords within a matter of days.

Monsanto Supporters Admit Massive Fail over Glyphosate Report Criticism - Sustainable Pulse

At an age when many young people are still having their lunches packed by their parents, 15-year-old Abby Kircher launched a nut butter company out of her North Carolina kitchen. She uses natural ingredients such as coconut oil and sweeteners such as honey and fruit sweeteners.

How a 15-year-old launched her own nut butter company

Good news: Massachusetts voters just passed a landmark law to protect farm animals from intensive confinement.

Massachusetts Voters Pass Historic Animal Protection Law

Recent tests on food products have found glyphosate herbicide in high levels, including in Cheerios, the best-selling breakfast cereal and snack for young children marketed by General Mills as being free of genetically modified ingredients, which are commonly treated with glyphosate.

GMO-Free Cheerios Test Positive for Monsanto's Roundup Weedkiller