It appears that our longtime nemesis, the Washington Generals, have returned...
It appears that our longtime nemesis the Washington Generals have returned

Washington Generals Return
William Tringas
No excuses, go up and get it!
April Newton
Matt Bressington
Daniel Lisboa
Comment which 1-handed alley-oop finish was your favorite!
This should be worth at least 6 points... what Guinness World Records should we go for this year?
Steve McGuinness
Jesse Furman
Quentin San
Good luck to our friend David Ross on the Dancing with the Stars finale! We'd like to think we helped get him there...
Katlin Clouse
It's all about making others smile (via Upworthy) #MondayMotivation
Glenda Burgos
Logan Fett
Erica Harildstad
Now that's teamwork! (via Elijah Johnson)
Brodie Keough
Lenny Lemaster
Michael Pelle
Join us in wishing a Happy 75th Birthday to the legend, Curly Neal!
Liz Brown
Dianna Streetman
Tim Cripe
Nick Jones
Christina Wallace
Kristján Bjarki Gautason
This elevator prank was too much fun
Veronica F Holliday
Andrea Bo'bandrea
Amanda Rivera
Pure joy. This is what it's all about! #MondayMotivation
Deb Flessner
April Newton
Raphael Rêgo Martins
Happy Mother's Day to all you dancing moms out there!
Chrissy Iacovelli
Mo Ja
Wanda Braad-de Krijger
When you're late to a Globetrotters game...
Keisha Satterfield
Sean Corcoran
Pédrito Lorinni
Wes Meisberger
Yohann Giraudier
Okay, this made us laugh (via Instagram/turantula)
El Mimerino
Dylan Kennedy Lamont
Peter Wells
Did you know? We have a long history with the popes, with our last visit to the Vatican coming in May 2015, when we made Pope Francis​ an honorary Globetrotter. #TBT
Did you know We have a long history with the popes with

The Holy Globetrotter
This is why we call him Hammer!
Stephane Bengono
Wilson Anthony
Ben Klaassen
We make it look as easy as the Golden State Warriors have made the first 2 rounds of the playoffs look...
Nick Jones
Charlotte Carter
Deeq Abdi
We strive to create smiles every day! #MondayMotivation
Kateřina Nadymáčková
Becca Ritchie Carr
Wes Meisberger
Things move a little slower on Sundays...
Alan Moore
Matthew Abbott
Anne-Laure Trichet