The Originals
The Originals
05/25/2017 at 16:25. Facebook
See if Elijah can endure the Hollow's spell on the latest episode:
Giorgi Grdzelidze
Yvette Cavaliere
Elaine Bergamasco
The Originals
The Originals
05/22/2017 at 17:11. Facebook
There's nothing Klaus won't do for his family. Catch up now:
Ebele Ozomma Nwaokobia
Eve Ekong
Ashley Ingram
Who will be left standing when the Hollow comes? Find out now:
Winley Ley Bonnet
Helena Reardon
Jeanette Khaumar
What will it take to stop the Hollow? Find out now:
Stefanie Gregg
Brittany Faye Daniel
Daniel Elessedil
A sacrifice must be made on a new episode of The Originals TONIGHT at 8/7c.
Chelsea McDonald
Farah Yones
Flor Romero Arias
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Billy Berger
Joan Perez
Jennifer Marlene Arnold
Can they put the past behind them? Catch up before tomorrow:
Vinayak Tiwari
Mona Stoyanova Hatib
Ed Carlo Monzones
See your favorite CW stars LIVE on the #CWUpfront red carpet!
Maximilian E. B. Hingerl
Michelle Stivers King
Gisela Sophia
Enough talk, more blood. Stream the latest before Friday:
Omar Idbenjaa
Daniel Sarkar
LaWanda Mitchell
The Hollow has found its sacrifice. Get caught up before Friday's new episode:
NouRy Osman
Karthik Menon
Jaye Vargas
See how far Davina will go to stop The Hollow:
Vanessa Kelly
Louie Piteros
Jesus Palomares
Is Davina the Mikaelson's only hope against The Hollow? Find out now:
Mustafa Nassef
Vio Brazil
Susan Layton
A Mystic Falls resident pays a visit to New Orleans on the latest episode. Stream it now:
Mustafa Nassef
Adaeze Tracy Ogbechie
Mustafa Nassef
An old friend from Mystic Falls rolls into town TONIGHT at 8/7c.
Kelly Houchen
Christine Grace
Richard Morgan
Are the Ancestors here to help? Catch up before tomorrow:
Ashley Ingram
Neo King Jay'Diow Mahlangu
Mpokwa Paul Xavery
The Originals has been renewed for Season 5! Watch the latest episodes:
The Originals has been renewed for Season 5 Watch the latest episodes: oncwtvcomORGfb
Eddie Gonzales
Nasya Sha'rae
Kajsa Svensson
Davina returns to The Originals this Friday. Catch up first:
Brian Williams
Jennifer  Hitchner
Courtney Atkins
Working together is Klaus and Marcel's only chance to survive. Catch up now:
Nicole Abreu
Don Alexander
Ally Stirling
Never lose faith in Davina. Stream the latest now:
Christa Heiskell
Nicky Daly
Dennis A Prosser
The Hollow went after the wrong family. Watch the latest episode now:
Shaymaa Zaitoon
Darlene Parratore
Jaclyn Tracey