The Ecospace has arrived!

This just has to be as good as camping can ever get! The fully off-grid Ecospace heads into production in the next couple of months. Solar, wind and water capture are just part of the story...

The Ecospace Has Arrived!
Too lazy to keep a spic and span house?

This list of cleaning products specifically designed for lazy people can certainly help with that.

Is there someone in your life you think could use one of these?

Products Every Lazy Person Needs When Cleaning
How To Build Your Own No-Weld Drum BBQ Smoker

You don't need a welder to build your own drum smoker. Rivet bolts will do just fine

How to Build Your Own No-Weld Drum BBQ Smoker
DIY Spiral Herb Garden -- the perfect garden for small outdoor spaces!

A spiral is an ideal of way of maximizing space in your garden. You can grow a large quantity of garden produce in a very compact structure. It’s easy to make and easy to fit into an ideal location in your garden.

Build a Spiral Herb Garden to Maximize Outdoor Space
How To Make Lace-Like Stepping Stones

There is no reason why stepping stones have to be just functional. This project lets you create a unique piece for your garden!

Do The Stepping Stones in Your Yard Look Dull? Here's an Easy And Inexpensive Way of Decorating Them
This simple idea is a great way to start seedlings without spending a cent.

The pots are created from empty plastic bottles that when no longer needed can be put into the recycling bin. Your plastic bottles are really good materials to use even when you have lost their caps.

Start Your Own Garden With These Self-Watering Seed Starter Pots. Learn How They're Made!
How to Remake Broken Crayons

You don’t have to buy a new set just yet! Here’s a simple way to salvage those wax crayons :)

A Simple Way to Salvage Those Broken Wax Crayons into New Ones
Deep in the woods and half buried so that the ground is near eye-level, is an office designed for creativity.

A nice place to work from? What are your thoughts?

Deep in The Woods And Half Buried, is an Office Designed For Creativity
Home Office Cat Transit System

Do you have a cat that needs entertainment and distraction while you work? Then this idea could be for you!

Would your pampered feline enjoy this?

Home Office Cat Transit System – The Owner-Builder Network
This vegetable slicer creates spiral and noodle cuts of vegetable or fruit in seconds.

The slicer is a handy tool when making zucchini spaghetti, cucumber ribbon strands, curly fries, or long spiral apple strands.

Would you like to have one in your kitchen?

This Vegetable Slicer Creates Spiral And Noodle Cuts of Vegetable or Fruit in Seconds
Gardening is a pleasant activity but it can be difficult when critters eat and destroy your plants. Apparently, they love fresh produce too. If this is a problem in your garden, then here’s a DIY construction project that would solve it!

This raised and enclosed garden bed is great for keeping naughty dogs out. But to prevent other critters like squirrels, rats or raccoons from getting to...
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Keep Critters Off Your Plants by Building a Raised & Enclosed Garden Bed!
This plastic milk bottle project is definitely one of the better ideas for growing your own herbs indoors. It’s cheap but beautiful, and it gives your produce great exposure to the sun to warm the soil!

It’s also a very easy project, so you can let the kids make it if you want. Just make sure they are big enough to handle a pair of scissors and a craft knife ;)

Is this going to be your next...
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Turn Empty Plastic Milk Bottles into a Herb Garden!
How to Build a Tool Shed From Repurposed Doors

This little shed is a great way to protect your garden tools and recycle some old doors that would otherwise become landfill.

This Little Shed is a Great Way to Protect Your Garden Tools And Recycle Some Old Doors
Guest bedrooms are nice to have, but they usually require a dedicated room that is then typically under-used. Here's a great way to create a multipurpose room that can still accommodate your guests comfortably!

By putting a pull-out bed under a platform, you can effectively double the usable area of the room. It's a great alternative to the loft bed idea for older kids as well!

Is this the...
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Create Extra Space by Building a Pull-Out Bed Under a Platform
How to Build a Hammock Stand

If you love the idea of a hammock in your yard, but don’t have any trees, this is the solution. It’s a great addition to your outdoor space, looking beautiful with its pergola roof.

Short on Trees, But Longing For a Hammock? This is The Solution
Why would you buy a bookmark when you can customize one for yourself?

You can make one of these cute corner bookmarks in less than five minutes.

Aren’t these corner bookmarks cute?

Why Buy Bookmarks When You Can Make These Cute Corner Bookmarks Yourself?
This home might just stretch your mind further than anything we've ever featured.

Look closely at these images and then marvel at the other 35 images of this home - in all seasons and stages of 'undress'.

We're looking forward to reading your opinions.

This Home Might Just Stretch Your Mind Further Than Anything We've Ever Featured
31 Pathways For Your Garden

Like most things in life, garden paths serve a practical purpose. But as we often say here at OBN, something practical can also be something beautiful too.

Here are some different examples of paths to get the imagination going.

31 Pathway Ideas For Your Garden to Get Your Imagination Going
Assault and battery! It seems my household has about a zillion things that need batteries, from wireless mice, keyboards and remotes through to smoke alarms. Did I mention toys? Ah yes... toys.

This neat unit doesn't just store and organize your batteries, it also tests them with the built in tester.

This Unit Doesn't Just Store And Organize Batteries, It Also Tests Them With The Built-in Tester
What's your idea of a great way to relax outdoors? To most, it could be as simple as sitting on a comfortable chair with a convenient place for some drinks and snacks.

If this is one of the things you enjoy doing after a long day or during weekends, then here's a piece of DIY furniture you might want to add to your home!

It's a chair bench for two with a table in the middle for your drinks...
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Relax on Your Patio or Deck with This Easy to Build Double Chair Bench with Table