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I don't know about you, but I'm always curious about the home architects build for themselves.

This one is just three kilometres the heart of London. It's built within the walls of an old box factory.

Are You Curious About The Home Architects Build For Themselves? This is an Interesting Example

Are you looking for a better storage solution for your fruits? This list should help!

Some offer space-saving solutions, some offer a stylish way of storing and displaying fruits, and some provide both!

Whatever your requirements are, all these creative storage solutions will keep your fruits fresh as long as possible!

Fantastic Storage Ideas to Keep Your Fruits Fresh and Your Kitchen Looking Neat!

This wood burning camp stove combines the benefits of a lightweight backpacking stove and an off-grid power charger.

You can cook a meal while converting excess heat from the fire into usable electricity that can charge your electronics.

Could you use one on your next camping trip?

This Wood Burning Camp Stove Combines a Lightweight Backpacking Stove And an Off-Grid Power Charger

How To Get Your Own Shipping Container

A shipping container can make a wonderful shed, office, hobby room, or even a home. But the question we are continually asked is ‘where do you get them’?

This article aims to provide you with general information about shipping containers, local building regulations you need to check, and where you could find and buy them.

How to Get Your Own Shipping Container - Research, Find, And Move

Do you know what else you can do with a tomato cage?

This one is a clever idea perfect for small gardens...

How do you re-purpose tomato cages? :)

A Clever Tomato Cage Idea You Probably Never Thought of...

Dreaming of going on a quick getaway but you just don’t have the time? Perhaps this nomadic water bed can help you get that much needed break - anytime, anywhere!

This two-in-one boat and tent, called the Water Bed, was built by design student Daniel Durnin so that people can enjoy natural landscapes within or outside the city.

It's so light that you can tow it with a bicycle!

Learn more...
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Nomadic Water Bed on Wheels Lets You Reconnect with Nature

Eight Clever Ideas to Repurpose Old Screen Doors

An old screen door may look ugly for an entry door but you can still re-purpose it in a number of clever and beautiful ways! If you have one hanging around (yes, pun intended :) ), then you’ve got to see these ideas!

Eighty Clever Ideas to Repurpose Old Screen Doors

Are you always scrambling to find your keys in the morning?

The key (hmmmm… a pun!) to being organized with your keys is to always leave them in the same place. With these creative DIY key holders, it’s impossible to not notice your keys as you leave.

Mount it at the back of your front door or the wall right beside it! :)

Stop Looking... We Found Your Keys!

The design of this home creates an oasis in the midst of suburbia and a haven for its wheelchair bound owner.

Very different, very functional, very fluid... Sydney's Lilypad House.

Very Different, Very Functional, Very Fluid... Sydney's Lilypad House

From Recycled Objects To Amazing Animal Sculptures

Barbara Franc has always been fascinated by the shapes and sculptural forms of animals.

She uses recycled materials as she loves the challenge of transforming items with past history into something new, giving new life to something that would otherwise end up in the dump.

What words do you have for her art?

Artist Transforms Recycled Objects to Amazing Animal Sculptures

The world is not stranger than you think. Some people do have chickens for pets and they walk them!

If you want your chickens to explore more of your unfenced yard, then walk them around with a chicken harness!

This harness is made of breathable mesh, comfortable for chickens, ducks and geese to use. It also comes with a 6ft nylon leash.

Want one for your chicken? :)

Take Your Pet Chooks For a Walk With This Chicken Harness!

When a garden hose breaks, many of us simply throw it away and get a replacement. But even if they come cheap, throwing them away is not the only thing you can do with it - you can keep and make something beautiful out of them!

Have you ever thought of recycling your garden hoses when they break?

Creative Ways to Repurpose a Broken Garden Hose!

How To Turn An Old Dresser Into A Kitchen Island

Do you want a kitchen island but have limited space? How about turning an old dresser into one?

This is a great way to have a breakfast bar/island for a small kitchen which you could also move around in case you need an extra table while cooking.

This Old Dresser is Given New Life by Turning it into a Kitchen Island

Finding a storage unit that perfectly suits all our needs is one of the challenges we usually face when it comes to organizing our homes. This DIY dresser platform bed just might be the effective solution to your storage problems.

If you have a variety of things that would require their own storage space, this space-saving dresser platform bed will help you organize them. You can make room...
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Create that Perfect Storage Solution with this Dresser Platform Bed from Scratch

Declutter your kitchen!

The kitchen is the busiest part of any house, and maintaining order in this area could be a challenge.

Here's our collection of simple yet effective ways to keep your kitchen free from clutter...

Declutter Your Kitchen With These DIY Projects!

Teach the kids emergency preparedness with paracord bracelets!

A paracord a very useful must-bring item when travelling or going on some adventure. And since everything and anything can happen once we go out of our houses, it would be wise to ALWAYS have a paracord with you.

Some of the uses for a paracord are for building a shelter, fishing or hunting for food, or making a sling for your...
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Teach The Kids Emergency Preparedness by Making These Paracord Survival Bracelets

I love the openness and semi industrial appearance of this house. It’s light yet substantial, connected yet isolated.

Read the architect’s notes and take a tour of this wonderful home.

Let us know how do you feel about this home.

This Home Sits on a Virtually Undisturbed Site That Has Been Left Very Much in its Natural State

Most of us just can't have enough bedroom space at home! If you think you could do so much more with the space that you have, head over to our site for ideas to get you started...

The ideas here offer not just clutter-free tips, but ideas on how you could add more functions to your room.

Maximize Small Bedroom Space With These Eight Clever Ideas

Optimize your space with this innovative and stylish wall mounted desk. It let's you put a good sized, usable desk into virtually any room. It has hidden shelves to keep all those cables hidden from view.

We've noticed one reviewer is using it as a make-up table by fitting a large mirror onto the wall behind where the computer would usually be.

That got us thinking about other uses as well....
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This Innovative And Stylish Wall Mounted Desk Lets You Put a Good Sized Desk into Virtually Any Room

Got an old, small-sized tree in your yard that needs to be cut down? Instead of chopping it down into small pieces and getting rid of it, you can turn the entire tree into a classy cat tower!

Any cat, yours included, would love this resting/playground area ;)

Do you know any other cat lovers who would love this idea?

Give a Dead Tree New Life by Turning it into an Awesome and Classy Cat Tower!