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Tories are divided over disastrous Brexit plan. Time to come together and make our own demands; book for The People's Question Time, Brexit: What are our demands? Today:
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Top Tories: hard Brexit stance could lose us next election

This Tory Goverment is tearing the heart out of our communities, another good reason to get more of our 'I, Daniel Blake' Community Screenings out there, please contact office@thepeoplesassembly.org.uk to get hold of the film.

Tories' benefit sanctions costing £153m more to run that it saves a year

Very pleased to announce Malia Bouattia NUS President to the line up of this key event. We cannot let the right dominate the debate.

People's Question Time: 'Brexit: What are our demands?'

Here's some of the line up for our first People's Question Time Event (we hope of many) in 2017 (more speakers tbc).

Please come and get involved, you can submit a question to the...
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Sending solidarity to our good friends in the CWU and those of it's members striking this Saturday.
Answering the crucial questions of the moment, with a fantastic panel including: Emily Thornberry MP - Shadow Foreign Secretary, Labour Party
Amelia Womack - Deputy Leader, Green Party
Kevin Courtney - General Secretary, National Union of Teachers
Lindsey German - People's Assembly
Steve Turner - Assistant General Secretary, UNITE

Not to be missed - register here and submit your own...
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People's Question Time: Brexit, What are our demands?

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Please sign this petition and join the protest against cuts to vital services for teenage parents. #FundWelfareNotWarfare [ Change.org Link ]

Protest The Cuts To The Family Nurse Partnership In Manchester

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We are all Daniel Blake! Great to see the film inspiring some peaceful civil disobedience. Get in touch with office@thepeoplesassembly.org.uk if you want to set up a community screening of I, Daniel Blake in your area.

[ Exeterexpressandecho.co.uk Link ]

Someone has spray painted I, Daniel Blake onto Exeter Jobcentre

"Running prisons for profit, meaning inevitable cuts to staffing numbers and other resources such as mental health input...while at the same time allowing prison overcrowding to grow unchecked, is why more prison inmates have killed themselves this year than any other since records began (Theresa May's legacy as Home Secretary)."

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One prison suicide every three days in England and Wales, say reformers

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Shame on the Tories. 'Without an urgent injection of extra money to fund a £2.6bn funding gap, “the quality and safety of care of our elderly is at risk and the vulnerable will increasingly struggle to receive the help they need to meet basic needs such as washing, dressing or getting out of bed”.'

Care for elderly ‘close to collapse’ across UK as council funding runs out

This lot dont have a clue. Are we going to let them negotiate for us unchecked?

Join the People's Question Time, Brexit: What are our demands?

Submit your Questions to the panel when registering for the event.

Do it here: [ Eventbrite.co.uk Link ]
However u voted on EU we can't afford 2 let Tories dominate debate about what Brexit looks like: Register here: [ Eventbrite.co.uk Link ]

People's Question Time: Brexit - What are our demands?

Brilliant from friend of the People's Assembly Len McClusky UNITE:
'The IFS is predicting that workers will earn less in “real wages” in 2021 than they did in 2008. Just a day after a budget that was supposed to help families who are “just about managing” or Jams, the IFS analysis has cast new doubt on whether it will really make any difference.'

[ Channel4.com Link ]

Autumn statement: will it make any difference to the Jams?

'The sustained decline in real wages since the 2008 financial crash is the worst Britain has experienced since the war, and possibly in the last 100 years: that’s the conclusion of the influential think tank the Institute for Fiscal Studies. The IFS said that yesterday’s Autumn Statement would mean that, by 2021, real wages would be below their level 13 years earlier.'

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Autumn statement: wage freezes and the future


People's Question Time: 'Brexit: What are our demands?'

Here's the line up for our first People's Question Time Event (we hope of many) in 2017 (more speakers tbc).

Please come and get involved, you can submit a question to the panel when you register for the event here:

[ Eventbrite.co.uk Link ]
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Autumn Statement: 11 Things Buried In The Small Print:

They’re all bad.

Autumn Statement: 11 Things Buried In The Small Print

Sky poll shows the anti-autersity movement is winning the argument, now to throw out the Tories with the bad ideas:

'Support has grown for an "end to austerity" as Chancellor Philip Hammond gave his Autumn statement, a Sky Data poll suggests.
Some 43% support ending austerity and increasing Government spending, while just 24% oppose an end to austerity.'

[ News.sky.com Link ]

Sky poll finds Britons want austerity to end

Today's Autumn Statement sent a very a clear message. Same old Tory Austerity, (pro) business as usual.