Back to December 1946 with Alberto Vargas and Esquire Magazine … more Varga girls at [ Link ]
Our November calendar girl takes us back to 1951 with Al Moore and Esquire Magazine – see also [ Link ]
It's back to 1942 for our October calendar girl with Alberto Vargas and Esquire Magazine … more at [ Link ]
New gallery launched for Italian artist Stefano Riboli at [ Link ]. The gallery contains 28 pin-ups and we hope you like Stefano's work as much as we do!
Our September pin-up is from the 1954 Date Book Calendar and is by Bill Randall … more at [ Link ]
Our August pin-up is by Ward Brackett and was the 1952 Esquire Magazine Calendar Girl of that month …
Back to July 1942 with Alberto Vargas and Esquire Magazine … more at [ Link ]
Pin-ups in peril! Three new scans added to our Art Frahm gallery at [ Link ] … this is “Mail Call” from 1958.
Our June pin-up is by Joyce Ballantyne and is from the 1948 Artist Sketch Pad Calendar … more at [ Link ]
New additions to our Bill Medcalf gallery at [ Link ]
Hollywood or bust! Julie Newmar in 1953 …
It’s blue skies here in London and it feels like summer’s round the corner! This late 1940s pin-up is by Zoe Mozert …more at [ Link ]
This month’s pin-up is by Alberto Vargas and was featured as the May 1941 Esquire Magazine Varga Girl … more at [ Link ].
“Reflected Beauty” (1940s) by Jules Erbit …
“Pride of the Fleet” - beautiful 1950s advertisement for Federal Trucks by K. O. Munson … more at [ Link ]
Bill Medcalf’s 1950 advertisement for Kelly-Springfield Celebrity Tires - more at [ Link ]
Love this shot from Dollhouse Photography featuring Bunny Valentine - Pin Up Model (lingerie from Buttress & Snatch). Check out the Dollhouse FB page for more great pin-up ...
New additions to our Fiona Stephenson gallery – this is “Instant Domestic Goddess” … more at [ Link ]
Our April pin-up is by Gil Elvgren and is from the 1952 Ballyhoo Calendar … more at [ Link ]
Hollywood or bust! Liz Taylor from 1956 …