Three of my faves...though that changes every five minutes. Filmed this on the ranch a couple of weeks ago just after I received my PW spring products. I love 'em. They're in @walmart stores now as well as online (link in profile)--I think you'll love 'em too. (That batter me.) ❤ Happy Sunday!
Wonder what Walter's dreaming about? ❤
My new children's book "Little Ree" will be out next Tuesday! Here's a little sneak peek, along with a small handful of tour stops. It was so fun writing this book.

Little Ree Mini Tour!
Duke is under the impression that our sweet, relaxing evening walks are a serious hunting expedition. If he sniffs something in a drain pipe, it's amazing how long he can stick with it. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on one's perspective), the rabbits on the ranch are a little more patient...
You know it's spring in Oklahoma when the wind is straight horizontal 24/7 (you can hear that plainly). And you know it's spring in Oklahoma when you come across a MASSIVE DEADLY PYTHON on your evening walk with the dogs. And okay, it was a harmless teeny tiny baby brown snake. But psychologically, it felt like a MASSIVE DEADLY PYTHON! Here's a piece of trivia you might not know about me: I...
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The new Pioneer Woman spring collection is now in Walmart stores everywhere, and I think it will make your heart go pitter-pat! Not a plain white plate to be found. Spring has sprung, and it's definitely my fave.❤
Having another PW dinnerware giveaway today! This one is "Blossom Jubilee" and it really is a beaut. The new spring collection is popping up in Walmart stores as we speak, and I think you'll fall in love! Popping with gorgeousness and life. Here's where to enter the giveaway! [ Link ]
It was downright warm this evening, so the dogs and I took our first walk of spring! A couple of miles later, they were ready for a swim in the pond. I missed Charlie (first walk without him) but I gave the other dogs my full attention. Spring means new beginnings. ❤#gsd #labrador
This makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. As the mother of two boys, I would like to tell these parents that their fun is just beginning...
I've got GREEN on the brain today (wonder why? Ha.) Rose Shadow is one of my new spring patterns, and it is gor-geously green and very vintagey! Here's where to find it online: [ Link ]
Who wants a Guinness Float for breakfast? *hiccup*

Guinness Float
Their breakfast is approximately four minutes late and they are not happy. They're walking over to the fence line to demand answers.
If you win, you get to pick yer pattern! :) (Happy spring break!)

Spring Dinnerware Giveaway!
Alex is home for spring break and all is right with the world. I snapped this photo of her ten (?!?!?) years ago and she still looks like this to me! Plus about 18 inches of height. And college clothes, not cattle working clothes. And lots more stories of life and friends and classes and experiences. But she's still my sweet little girl/pookie head.
I have too much fun with plates. And stop motion videos. ;) Hope ya enjoy this one!
Roasted Carrots + Vinaigrette = (wait for it) Roasted Carrots with Vinaigrette! Ha. This is a super easy side dish, and I'm making it in kit form on my show this morning...along with a couple of other make-ahead wonders. The idea of this episode is getting dinner all done early in the day so that it's in the fridge ready to pull together/finish up when you get home. It fits our lives right...
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PW spring loveliness at Walmart! Online launch is today (link below) and everything starts showing up in stores through the weekend and next week. This collection--the colors, the flowers, the vibe--is where my ❤ is! Browse here: [ Link ]