Tanya B., a League Member from Burtonsville, Maryland tells her story about helping a stranger and changing a life:

“At a car rental in California, a distraught woman needed directions. I asked her to wait for me to finish renting my car and then I’d help her. After giving her directions, I asked if I could share the Gospel of John with her (silently praying for the Lord to choose the...
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We love hearing stories about how God uses members around the world to bring people to Himself. That work is only possible with your gifts that produce Gospels with a wide variety of covers and that are translated into 15 languages! Give now to be a part of this exciting worldwide evangelism effort! ptl.org/givenow
When you are in the “valleys” of life, look to the Lord to help you know whether that middle place as a place of protection or a call to climb over an obstacle. He meets His people there and guides Him with His glory! Praise him for what He is doing, and continue to look to learn more about Him! Become a Pocket Testament League member today for instant access to inspirational devotionals and...
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“Let the one who is taught the word share all good things with the one who teaches” (Galatians 6:6). This verse encapsulates much of what we try to do at The Pocket Testament League. We equip people with the Word of God, and then encourage them to pass on the teaching tool Be a part of this evangelism pass-along effort. Give to PTL today! ptl.org/givenow
In November 2016, the Pocket Testament League printed and shipped out 15,000 Gospels for @twr.asia outreach. TWR is dedicated to the proclamation of the Gospel in Japan- home of the second-largest unreached people group in the world.
TWR knows that sharing the Gospel in Japan “is precious as it may be the only Word ever reaching them.” We pray that the hope and truth of the Gospel is received...
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Today is inauguration day. As we embark on the next four years, will you join us in prayer for our new President Donald J. Trump that he would stand in the face of adversity and lead with compassion, integrity and perseverance?

Take today as an opportunity to share with others the message true freedom found in Christ alone. Follow up these conversations with a small gift of a pocket-sized...
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"I recently gave my life to Christ and truly, everything is different now. I am bought with a price that i can never repay. I am a new creation in Christ I have been transformed in Christ." - Christopher G. from Saugerties, NY

Are you a new Christian, or do you know someone who is? Do you ever wonder if you're doing all you could do to grow in your faith? Life In His Name is a 4-part course...
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Emily M., a new League Member from East Setauket, New York, is excited to tell us about her plans to share:

“I am a 16-year-old who just came back from attending a wonderful week at Word of Life camp in New York. Before the trip, I had a very hard time sharing the Word and my faith with others, as I have always been a very shy person. After attending camp, I rededicated my life to Christ and...
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What a glorious adventure to be part of an effort that replicates itself! People get saved with Pocket Gospels, and they become passionate about sharing Pocket Gospels. We’ve seen this pass-along effect throughout our more than 100-year history. Help us keep sharing the love of Christ until He returns! Give now! ptl.org/givenow
Roger S. of Murphysboro, Illinois, tells us what happens:

“Our church’s youth group has monthly meals to feed the needy, and we use these Gospels of John to share God’s love and witness to the individuals who attend. The pocket Gospels make sharing so easy.”

Great work to Roger and the Illinois youth crew! ptl.org/share
God is so good to provide us with more than 550,000 members who have shared Pocket Gospels to people around the world. Your gifts help us cover the costs of printing those Gospels and also to create evangelism training resources, like Evangelism Bootcamp, available at ptl.org/resources. Would you help us continue this work by making a donation today?
Lord, your Word is so rich in describing your character and your sovereignty! We praise you that “The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14). We love you Lord, and we are asking you to help us share your Word!

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In our day to day, there are many things fighting for our attention, many things that promise to satisfy us. But there is only one thing that can satisfy us and it is God Himself. In this chapter, Matthew tells us how Jesus spent 40 days fasting on the Mount of Olives and there he was tempted three times. First through a physical need, then He was lured to lust for power and latter tempeted to...
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Is it your prayer this morning to share the Gospel with at least one person today?
To help you share God's Word effectively, we designed a FREE online evangelism training course for believers.

Sign up today! --> [ Hub.am Link ]
"I was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer and though I have a tough road ahead, my faith is strong. I know God will be with me every step of the way! Im looking for ways to share with the new people I meet at the hospital. I love the daily email devotionals and they bring me constant encouragement. I believe their messages will help me share the peace Ive found with others. Thank you so...
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Excited League Member Douglas S., talks about how Gospels fosters hopeful interactions with older adults:

“Our ministry goes out to nursing homes, adult living facilities, and rehabilitation centers to share the Gospel. We always leave a few Gospels of John behind with the residents and encourage them to read their pocket Gospels every day. Upon our return, they share with us what they read...
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God calls all of us to share what He has done. “Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done” (Psalm 105:1). Not sure where to start? Evangelism Bootcamp can help! Sign up today for this course made possible by our generous donors! ptl.org/sharethegospel
Get equipped to be a bold witness for Christ with this FEARLESS, a free video-based evangelism course. Sign up here --> [ Hub.am Link ]

Charles T. from Verailles, MO completed FEARLESS and wrote to tell us: “I'm learning more and more about overcoming fear and walking in faith, I don't think I'll have any qualms about sharing with anyone now!”
Your light can only spread so far—to so many people. But, when you give to Pocket Testament League, an organization of more than 550,000 members who faithfully share the Gospel, your light grows exponentially. Give today! ptl.org/givenow
League Member Gaen W. from Hancock, Maine explains her ministry:

“I make handmade lap quilts for the elderly in nursing homes and rehabs. I sew a pocket on the back of the quilt to insert a Gospel of John for them to read. I send off the quilts with a prayer for salvation of the reader.”

What a wonderful idea, Gaen! Blessings on the work of your hands!

Order you Gospels today at --...
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