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Just staple a sleeping bag together and be as chic as anyone on the Mulberry runway.

It is now totally fine and even fashionable to wear your duvet to work
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“Self help’s central dogma is that we must consult and be guided by our inner feelings,” says Svend. “Which is all well and good... sometimes. But as a general philosophy it’s a terrible idea."

Don’t bother with the self-improvement obsession – it won’t make you happy
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"Diana wasn’t just the modern-day princess of my dreams – she was my very first fashion crush (swiftly followed by Boy George – go figure)."

When it comes to fashion icons, you really can't beat Diana
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How did "fine" become a synonym for "I am barely alive, but thanks"?

Women and the dangerous myth of "I'm fine!"
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"Why do you say the word “monthly care” when you mean period care? Why do you say “intimate area” when you mean “vagina”?”"

Just two of many questions that an alien may ask while buying you tampons.

How to explain the period industry to an alien
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There certainly doesn't seem to be a logical reason.

There could be a scientific reason that men send you dick pics
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The pill? An app that tells you you're ovulating? Good old-fashioned condoms?

How I don't get pregnant
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Along with snail slime, pig collagen, bee sting and snake venom, it seems the weirder the ingredient, the better it is at blindsiding consumers.

What's the deal with snail slime in your face cream?
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Where do you wander to? Gemma Cairney takes us to her beloved Margate, Kent.

The art of wandering with Gemma Cairney
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Need something easy, quick, and not-too-heavy? Elly Pear's got it.
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"First love can be a very special thing. But third, or sixth, or fifteenth love deserves more credit than it gets."

First love is heady and dramatic. Thirtysomething love is altogether calmer
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The woman's abuser tipped off immigration officers about her whereabouts.

An undocumented victim of domestic violence has been arrested in Texas
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Need something quick, healthy and not-too-heavy? Elly Pear has it.
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"When your head is a tarry mess of bad thoughts, it is comforting to have a small warm body snuggled into your side."

The comfort parenting brings in times of crisis
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From Buffy to Girls to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, TV has become brilliant at showing us complicated women falling in love.

How did TV become the best place for love stories?
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Is it healthcare? The pay gap? No, as far as Trump is concerned, women's biggest problem is that not all of them are Ivanka.

What exactly is a "woman's difficulty", according to Donald Trump?
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Where do you love to wander? Gemma Cairney brought us to her favourite wandering spot: Margate, Kent
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Anna Jones is saving us from sub-standard snacking.

Tired, hungry and want food now?
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This karate-chopping scientist is the Marvel superhero we deserve.

Five-year-old Eva is our new feminist hero
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"People congratulate us so heartily, sending us cards and their very best wishes, and it’s as though we have achieved something more impressive than simply loving each other."

Getting engaged is a very public announcement of love and hope