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"We buy things when we’re sad, when we’re happy, when we’re angry or lonely. We’re buying things for emotional reasons rather than because we need or want them."

How easy is it to go a year without spending money?
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'I will march because marching is solidarity and because marching isn’t a exclusive club of the most committed – it’s the point at which a society comes together and says, "Enough, no more, not again. We will not accept this."'

This is why I'll be marching
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Conditioner before shampoo? Really?

Have you tried reverse washing yet?
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"I owned three spiralisers, two juicers and two Nutribullets. My cupboards were full of cacao nibs, bee pollen, and agave syrup. I made quinoa pizza and cauIi-rice. I green-juiced."

Confessions of a former clean eater
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Have some eyeshadow palettes you never use? Here's how to make the most of them.

How to make the most of your eyeshadow palette
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"I’m talking about the rights of women to have their bodies, and their minds, treated with absolute respect during a tough, hugely important time."

The health and dignity of mothers is risked by the midwife shortage
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The perfect body is a myth, and Taryn Brumfitt is here to help us embrace reality.

When will we ditch the idea of the perfect body?
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What are the fashion buys you never knew you always needed?

6 of the best hidden high-street gems
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"Decision-making is tiring for your brain’s deliberate system. Without realising it, you can fritter away a fair portion of your mental energy on the day’s minor choices."

Do away with day-to-day decision-making and your productivity will soar
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If you're in a situation where talking could get you hurt, you can call the police silently.

This number could save your life
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Trump's "locker room talk" isn't just banter. For a lot of people, it's permission.

Men are putting Trump’s "locker room talk" into practise
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"Can you imagine a world in which Frida Kahlo is seen as the tiny, sweet wife of a big important mural painter?"

Frida Kahlo: Artistic genius, or “Wife of a Master Mural Painter”?
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"What would happen if we just decided that for this week only we are going to bluster our way through, convinced of our own greatness, no matter what?"

Is it time for all of us to start pulling a Trump
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"Mental illness tells you you are a freak. It tells you you are alone. It tells you that nobody will ever understand you. But it is wrong," Bryony Gordon.

Feeling low on Blue Monday? Take comforts in others
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Sunday night comfort food

Sweet potato nachos
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"The rest of the world seemed completely horrified. Friends would psychoanalyse me, suggest “starter drinks” I might like, or fret that I wasn’t enjoying myself enough."

The loneliness of the long term teetotaller
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Looking for a new place to live can be confusing: unless you ask a deck of cards.

Why I took up tarot on Christmas Day
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"As I wrestled and wriggled against the idea that “all I had to do was to relax”, the salt and ice of the seawater began to feel like a safer, softer place to be than any other."

The emotional challenges of IVF, and how one woman found solace in the sea