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Either they don't know, or couldn’t be bothered to take responsibility.

Do these men even know where babies come from?
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Good news – it's the weekend. Here are 14 lovely treats from the high street to celebrate

The weekend shopping fix
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“I’d like a relaxed day with him. Like in a film montage of new lovers laughing in parks and good weather. But with me and a five-year-old."

What would it actually take to achieve the Mother’s Day of your dreams?
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Noel Fielding’s anarchic but gentle whimsy and Sandi Toksvig’s no-nonsense head-girl humour has the potential to be a match made in TV heaven.

Why The Great British Bake Off is only getting better
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"He didn't believe I had my period because 'it's not the 28th'."

What mansplaining can teach us about men
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"We've found ways of reconnecting that don’t involve booking babysitters, such as pulling out our dusty, old CDs and turning our daughter's beloved Little Mix off."

Nostalgia can help you remember why you fell in love in the first place
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"Resilience doesn’t just mean carrying on your daily routine as usual – it means keeping a cool head, sticking to your values, no matter how volatile things get."

After the Westminster attack, we can be afraid and brave at the same time
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At the risk of sounding a bit "please, think of the children!"... can't we please, think of the children?

Blushers that sound like porn films are not clever or funny
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Watching Love Actually is like eating an entire panettone: at the time, it feels rich and seasonal, but before long you realise you’ve just eaten a loaf of bread for no reason.

The problem with being a secret Richard Curtis fan
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It's a five-week month, so we're *skint*, but it's nice to look anyway.

9 of the best mid-season sale buys
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Women who have taken the pill at some point in their reproductive life, are less likely to develop bowel cancer, endometrial cancer or ovarian cancer.

The pill can protect women from certain types of cancer, study finds
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Did we really need to learn about ox-bow lakes? Could we not have had lessons in asking for a pay rise, or how much to tip hairdressers?

Things I wish I’d been taught at school
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"Mother’s Day is hard for me – each promotional email is like a jab in the heart, and shops filled with banners and flowers make me sorrowful."

Coming to terms with Mother’s Day when you are motherless
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It is important to reiterate again and again that looking at these leaked images is a crime, not a joke.

Revenge porn is a crime we must decry for all women
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Who among us has not been Donna, who, like Icarus, flew too close to the sun of a Mad Night Out, and came plummeting down the next morning?

Donna has become the epitome of Saturday night vs Sunday morning
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We don't often hear about women sexually harassing their employees, but it still happens.

When it comes to bad bosses, gender doesn't come into it