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On the #tpbmoodboard this morning is inspiration from the courtyards of a few homes we visited last year in Chettinad. Most homes had an array of colours decorating the floors, courtesy the much famed athangudi tiles. The pillars had a different story to tell with not more than two hues being used. Simple yet extremely vivid.
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Today we spend some time working on something new in Terracotta for this year. We haven't been able to launch anything to significant across the line because of our current line and how busy our artisans are with it. We had to shelve our water jug because of production issues at scale. That being said, you'll see a couple of new designs in our Terracotta ware this quarter. Can't wait to get...
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The Postbox opens its doors to its first pop up store in the city of Chennai. Head on over to The Brew Room at The Savera Hotel to check out all our products! We're open from 10am to 9:30pm from today to the 30th of this month!
Shop our Diwali collection at [ Link ]

We are shipping these bundles everyday. To get it on or before the 29th please shop soon!
We've launched our new handmade ceramic ware collection inspired by Kerala on the platform. Check it out here - [ Link ]

Our Ceramic starter plate on display!
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01/14/2017 at 14:02. Facebook
To evoke nostalgia in everyday life, to bring back our cultural past, married to the relevance and nuances of contemporary life, to bring back the joy of receiving something, which we connect with.

In the past, the Postman played an integral part in maintaining relationships and was symbolic of bringing news from our near and dear.

But in today’s times, we’ve only got our gadgets to keep our...
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People when they see us or our products usually ask us this standard question - "So are you guys from Bombay or Bangalore" For us Madras is home and it always will be. Our first inspiration, our story everything starts from here. That being said, we design from India, for the World. Seen here our new Tote Bag story cards and packaging is ready. We begin shipping out this Friday. Excited.
Getting ready for the Holidays. Postcards, wrapping paper and more. Our favourite month is literally just around the corner!
Wooden Mobile cases are back for Iphone & Samsung -[ Link ]
We're starting Sunday Features from today. We'll curate one or two images which have been tagged with and share them with the community. Whoever we do feature gets a gift coupon which they can use over the course of the next one month.

Thank you @shlaya for this really nice photograph of our Kumbillappam Mugs from our newly launched Ceramic ware line, 'Aurma'.
At The Postbox, there are many stories which go untold. We're looking for young content writers who can work closely with us to communicate with our community and beyond on how we design our products or engage with our artisans. You must be willing to really really push yourself, not be afraid and come up with really engaging content week on week. From designing Newsletters to creating visual...
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A macro macro view of our seasoned graded noir Leather. Check out the grains. Hope you all have set your plans for the weekends!
Easy access to your phone and other important accessories is important for the everyday woman. Dahlia comes with two outer zip pockets which curve through the silhouette of the bag giving it's slender frame. Buy here - [ Link ]
The first of our Women's Leather Totes - Dahlia. Dahlia's are old fashioned favorites. The Foliage is stunning with a mystic haze of black.
Our hardware has been imported. The Leather we've used for this series is some of the finest you'll find. The first three Tote bags we've made for you go through a rigorous Leather Treatment, the hard ware has been nickel plated and the bag comes with one...
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First photographs coming out from our event with @thebrewroom The Vallam Kali starter plate in use with some tossed up chicken in salad and garlic bread. #nightofTMB