Presenting, Parallel - a collection of our laptop bags!
Summer is here, and the sea breeze is wafting through the city.

What do we have for you all? :)
Inspired by home grown materials, we create them into contemporarily relevant products.
Design for us, is Utility with Aesthetics and hence functionality or rather, instilling functionality into the materials that inspire us lies at the core of what we do.

With more and more design focused brands that move away from the common man, we look to take good design to anybody next door. To be...
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In twos. In reflections. In conflicts. In love. In loss. In laughter,

In Parallel.

Our laptop bags are designed for your little secrets, everyday hustle, and silent adventures.

In Ikats and Leather- we present to you our laptop bag collection- Parallel.

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P.S: We use 100% genuine leather. Each hide is unique to its own and therefore the stretch marks found is only a...
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Calling out to people in Chennai!

We present to you our first exclusive workshop (+ Pop Up) on how to cook and bake in our Terracotta ware on the 19th of March at The Brew Room, Savera Hotel.

Register here: [ Link ]

Event details:[ Link ]

Limited seats: go on!

In collaboration with The Brew Room & Strength System

The Five Minute Affair - cooking & baking in Terracotta

Congratulations on the launch of the fabulous new website, @homegrownin @vpatra ❤✨ And to this article featuring some of our very own collaborators and favourites- @roiajewelry @arturedesign @indieculture @mathivananr
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Final meeting before we close for the day. Three products go at FLAT500 every 48 hours. Today's three products are there at the link in bio.

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Aesthetically enhancing, The Chakka ceramic water pitcher with some flowers from the backyard. This pitcher gets its hues from the Jackfruit (Chakka) seen all over Kerala.
Apart from spending some time over logistics & inventory which is more or less automated, today we went over and got together a brief on different avenues of marketing our product apart from the usual. The next few days...
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Firm Firm Commuter Leather straps for our sole Laptop Back pack. We're moving back to our Light Tan Variant with the next batch.
Lots and lots to get done before the weekend sets in. One of things we will be doing through the next few weeks, months is contraction of product lines and expansion of production lines. It is going to happen simultaneously as we prepare ourselves with clear direction for what we need to be.
Washing away our mid week blues with our 12OZ Denim and Dark Tan Leather Laptop Messenger bags teamed up with a nice Tartan Ply Checked Shirt.
Our glazed Terracotta Cutting Chai cups coming to use during work hours. Only use a lead free glaze. The Cane weaving is waterproof and primarily done by Women from Andhra Pradesh.
This year we want to make sure we focus on collections and products which are in sync with how we want our brand to be perceived. For that reason alone you will see us closing down a few lines and concentrating our energy on lines which will make sense to us and our brand in the longer run. We begin phasing out our printed matte finish mobile cases this week with a Flat 60% discount.
In sync. Cutting Chai break with our cutting chai stole as we head into the weekend. These stoles are naturally dyed and designed by @studiosyu On the Platform under collaborations!
Summer Gift Bundles just launched in multiple variants. Also, just in time for Valentine's Day!! From stoles to ceramic ware to the travel line. These Bundles will now become a standard feature on our platform. This page will be constantly updated with fresh content.
Our Men's wallets come with 6 card slots, one closed pocket for your change and a super sleek expandable pocket for your bills as clearly seen in this image. Two of the card slots for important cards like your Pan and driving license on the inside sleeve of the wallet. Adding security to an otherwise aesthetically designed functional product.
Launching tomorrow // Tote Bag // No6
Just launched a brand new line of @nestbyarpitagarwal Notebooks. This particular notebook is called Jaapi.
Bamboo and cane have been an integral part of the lives and the traditions of the people of North-East India. An imperative component of the wealth of North-East, they grow in natural forests, and are
cultivated in homesteads , groves and on private plantations. They form important...
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For those of you who love our series of products under the Travel line, we've bundled it all up together for you. This bundle and many more on the Travel and the other collection pages are up on the platform at special prices!
On the #tpbmoodboard this morning is inspiration from the courtyards of a few homes we visited last year in Chettinad. Most homes had an array of colours decorating the floors, courtesy the much famed athangudi tiles. The pillars had a different story to tell with not more than two hues being used. Simple yet extremely vivid.