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"You made me a better president and you made me a better man."

Obama farewells the White House
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Safety tip: Always wear a helmet to avoid smacking yourself directly in the head with your ladder.

Stubborn man shows us the worst possible way to use a ladder
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We are looking to speak to women who have previously been married, now identify as lesbian and couldn't be happier! Share your story with us by clicking the link below.

The Project - Click here to share your story
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We speak to Kasey Chambers about struggling with an eating disorder during her rise to fame. | WATCH the full chat: [ Link ]
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We chat to Kasey Chambers about singing and Christopher Pyne's future career. | WATCH the full chat: [ Link ]
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Get ready to fill your heart, it's time for Carrie's good news!
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We talk about Mike Baird's exit as NSW Premier while Pricey and Christopher Pyne talk about each other.
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It's almost #TheProjectTV tiiiiime with Pete, Waleed, Carrie and Christopher Pyyyyne!

Tonight's question: What did you think about Nick Kyrgios' performance last night? Discuss this and the show below.
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Prepare the tissues, tonight Carrie brings your weekly good news wrap-up!

Incredible moment twins separated at birth are reunited on live TV
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As the expenses scandal continues, what do you want to see change about politician entitlements?

Pressure mounts on Brandis
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Not long now until there's a cabin class where you just get stowed in the overhead bins! What do you think about the new 'basic economy' ticket?

A cabin class worse than economy is creeping its way onto major airlines
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Maybe one day we'll all have the great honour of asking repeatedly for an invitation to an event.

One Nation asked for Trump inauguration invitation, says foreign affairs
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Everyone throw away your 'World's Best Boss' mugs, this guy wins. Would you be able to work in a place like this?

Tech founder treats staff to Star Wars cinema and a free holiday
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Turns out the Pixar team were the real Incredibles all along!

Disney confirms the insane fantasy that every Pixar movie is connected
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What did you think about Nick Kyrgios' performance last night?

Kyrgios divides opinions after loss to Seppi
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Been having a tough time putting a rose in every cheek? This news might help!

Bega pays $460m to bring Vegemite home
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"Look, I don't like tweeting. I have other things I could be doing."

Trump Hits Twitter Bump
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"Thank-you for the privilege and honour it has been to be Premier of NSW, the best state in the best country in the world." Who should be the next NSW Premier?

Mike Baird Quits
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With one sleep to go until her new album, tonight we chat to Kasey Chambers LIVE at #TheProjectTV desk!