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What's more romantic than dinner and a show? Dinner and a show aboard a historic ocean liner. Make your Valentine's Day reservations now: [ Link ]
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We need your stories! If you or a family member traveled aboard during the Last Great Cruise in 1967 (Oct-Dec) our ship's historians would like to talk to you. Fill out the form below and be a part of our history!

Submit your Last Great Cruise stories & pictures to the Queen Mary!
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Love Stories: Who might these flowers be for? Queen Mary stewards bring boxes of fresh flowers at the start of a voyage in 1939.
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The Long Beach in this image is long gone. Care to guess the year?
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Love Stories: "Jolly" Jack held on to this photo of his Dot Harrison with a crew member aboard the Maiden Voyage in 1936. [ Link ]
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Brunch is calling... make your reservations for tomorrow. (Pic: @hautekhuuuture)
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Love Story: Love is in the air aboard the Queen Mary. Celebrate an evening of romance with us on February 14th at our Tell It To My Heart Valentine's Day Dinner! Reservations, Hotel Packages, & VIP upgrades available here: [ Link ]
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Actress & heart breaker Marlene Dietrich was a passenger aboard the Queen Mary during her vacation from the U.S. to Europe in 1938.
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Make your way to the historic Observation Bar as we kick off our Local Band Hangout tonight at 8pm featuring live music by emerging artists Halle Johnson and The Black Noise. Details [ Link ]
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Did you know that we transported a Shetland Pony for Shirley Temple? The pony's accommodation was in a specially constructed horse box on the aft deck, and was looked after on the voyage by Major Caldwell J P, who bred him.
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Tell it to my Heart: Intimacy, Elegance, Fine Dining, Live Music & a little Burlesque. Featuring a special performance by Taylor Dayne. [ Link ]
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Check out this great OC Weekly write-up about tomorrow's Local Band Hangout featuring Halle Johnson & The Black Noise!

Local Band Hangout Offers Live Music Aboard The Queen Mary Tomorrow Night
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Top of the morning! Animator and filmmaker Walt Disney and his family were passengers aboard the Queen Mary.
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Celebrate Scotlandโ€™s best-loved bard, Robert Burns, with a traditional Burns Supper including haggis, whisky, traditional Scottish music and dancing in the Queen's Salon! Add-ons available: [ Link ]
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Calling all Clans! Register your clan for the ScotsFestival below: [ Link ]
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Explore the rich history she has to offer. Daily tours departing from the ship's decks.
Experience the majesty of the Queen Mary when you purchase a First-Class Passport! Tours available daily: [ Link ]
Love Stories: Ellen & Richard Stalley were 23 when they met more than 50 years ago aboard the Queen Mary on the ship's cinema as they traveled in third class (or tourist class). โค The couple is still together. Do you have a romantic Queen Mary story to share?
Anchors aweigh! โš“ The Queen Mary's two anchors each weighed 16-tons & measured 18 feet tall. They are still located on the bow of the ship.
Enjoy the elegance of our famed Sunday Champagne Brunch. Reservations are highly recommended. [ Link ]