Millions of children, from all 50 states, have pledged to help spread kindness.

Children Across the Country Spread Happiness With the Great Kindness Challenge
This handy little clothes rack allows those less fortunate to pick free winter apparel at their leisure for the freezing winter weather.

Shop Owner Sets Up β€œTake One, Leave One” Coat Rack for Homeless
A simple, yet powerful thing we can do at any moment of the day.
Looking for a little inspiration? Listen in as our Communications Director talks kindness with A Kind Voice radio at 12pm EST

A Kind Voice Online Radio by A Kind Voice
We rarely ask you all for anything, but tonight we're wondering if you can do a little tiny act of kindness for us? Would you mind hitting that "share this page" button up above? We are a little over 3,000 fans away from hitting our 1 million mark and we'd love to have a reason to pop a bottle of bubbly next week and celebrate the fact that ONE MILLION people have joined us on this incredible...
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Taylor and Charlotte were destined to shiver in the cold for hours if it hadn't been for Joey offering up his own blanket and coat.

Couple Gives Back to Homeless Man Who Offered His Coat in the Cold - Good News Network
This is a business model we can get behind. Bravo!
Bob invented a sock knitting machine to make socks for those in need. We need more Bobs.

Man, 88, creates super-powered machine to knit thousands of socks for shelters
My eyes are leaking a little bit.
A doctor at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin is getting a lot of attention for performing surgery...on a stuffed animal.

Viral photo shows doctor stitching up stuffed animal for young patient