Tomorrow is officially the first day of summer and that means that a lot of people are going to be hitting the beaches and the poolside. Although swimming
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What Parents Need To Know About Dry Drowning After 4-Year-Old Dies A Week After Swimming
Wonder Woman was a box office success. It grossed nearly 440 million dollars and was well reviewed by both critics and fans. In the movie, Wonder Woman (WW
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Women Are Now Copying Wonder Woman's Sword-In-Dress Look And They Couldn't Look More Tough
Kenny Gross
Rocco Volpe
Lee-vis AC Ostia Acosta Hernandez
On June 9th, 2017, firefighters at Station 21 in Houston were taking part in a district training at 9:30 a.m when they heard the cries of a baby. The group
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A Baby Was Abandoned At A Houston Fire Department And Authorities Are Looking For The Parents
Sean Senior
Way Long
David Earhart
Gene E Mapes
Schemar Brad Traore
Philip Wood
Chas Green
Jlee Nichols
Terrell Townsend
Being clever is a good tool to have most of the time. Other times, people can perceive it as having way too much sass. Regardless, it can be a lifer saver
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15 Times People Displayed Too Much Sass
If you’re into UFOs then you’ve probably heard of the Phoenix Lights. And if you’re not into UFOs, you’ve probably still heard still heard of the Phoenix L
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Kurt Russell Reveals He Reported One Of The Freakiest, Most Infamous UFO Sightings Ever
Eight years after giving birth to octuplets, Suleman has now celebrated her kids’ eighth birthday and hopes to leave her famed moniker behind.
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Octomom's 8 Babies Celebrate Their 8th Birthday
This year has been a challenging and traumatic one for Billie Lourd. Before the start of 2017, she said goodbye to two family members: her mother, 60-year-
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Bille Lourd Reveals Carrie Fisher's Cause Of Death For A Good Reason
Jay Skinner
Jamie Hendry
Monique Williams
Shopping is a thing that many westerners like to partake in. Maybe because it relieves stress, or maybe because it is nice to acquire material possessions,
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10 Sneaky Ways Stores Make Us Pay More Than We Normally Would
Jonathan Mashburn
Childbirth is one of the most beautiful moments that happen in life. There is nothing more heartwarming than the moment a couple first becomes parents.
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11 Powerful Shots Of Dads In The Delivery Room
Everyone has that dream to be able to live in a mansion. Even if you’re not one for that extravagant lifestyle, being able to stay at a mansion for a day o
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Beautiful Mansion Is On The Market For Only $89,900, But No One Is Buying It
Cu Joe
Joshua Robinson
High school is nothing if not a wild ride. You go from being a tiny freshman who was afraid of joining the big leagues to essentially being top dog once yo
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28 Senior Quotes The Class Of 2017 Somehow Got Away With
Derek Baker
Jordan PapaCrust Putnam
When you’re the woman playing Wonder Woman on the big screen, you’re most likely a pretty cool and tough person in real life–and that’s
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Gal Gadot's Husband Wears A T-Shirt To Show Exactly What He Thinks About His Wife And Her New Role
Ellie Jones was born with a rare condition that made her jawbones stop growing when she was 8-years-old. Not only was this a problem in terms of aesthetics, but it also prevented her teeth to line up and made it difficult to eat.
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Girl With Dental Deformity Goes Through Amazing Transformation
A number of manipulated photos have achieved viral status due to their perceived authenticity, but later were found to be the work of Photoshop wizardry.
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16 Photographs Gone Viral That Are Actually Fake
Ryan Chung
Olanya Charles
Ali Azimi
There’s no better way to cheer yourself up than spending some time with or looking at cute and adorable animals. Whether it’s a
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16 Adorable Photos Of Animals Growing Up Together - Then And Now
Ivan Juka
Rodney Haripershad
Vatsal Vakilwala
We know of all the quizzes out there that will claim to know your best personality trait based on the color of your hair. Some try to guess your biggest fe
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The Length Of Your Index Finger Tells Your Personality And Fortune - Adventurous? Successful? Natural Leader?
Ik Ben Stijl
Aziz Ali
Darren Gray