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You know you love this scene!
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Girls are often forced to adhere to unfair and unnecessary dress code policies in order to attend mandatory places such as school and work. Whether it be young girls in elementary school being told that their shoulders can’t be showing, or women in the workplace being judged for the length of their…
The Real Michael Jai White 04/26/2017

This Sixth Grader Intentionally Broke Her School's Dress Code To Make A Point
Serena Williams may go down as the greatest female tennis player ever. Scratch that, the greatest female athlete ever. Sorry, what I meant was: Serena Williams may go down as one of the greatest athletes ever. She dominated her opponents like no other and has amassed four Gold medals and 23 Grand Sl...
The Real Michael Jai White 04/26/2017

Serena Williams Just Made A Big Announcement, Here Are The Details
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Steve Knowles
Brendan starred in the super successful movie George of the Jungle in 1997. Do you remember his gorgeous locks and toned body from the movie?
The Real Michael Jai White 04/26/2017

Photos Showing The Evolution Of Brendan Fraser
MD Muneer
MD Muneer
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When children are asked to stand trial in a court of law, the experience can tend to be very traumatic for them.
The Real Michael Jai White 04/25/2017

Little girl testifies against her abuser. When he walks in, she gives her deaf dog a signal
Griffin Gangwer
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There are few things in life that are more beautiful than childbirth. Whether a mother gives birth naturally or via C-section, or does it m
The Real Michael Jai White 04/25/2017

Video Of Baby Slowly Popping Out During C-Section Shows Birth Like You've Never Seen Before
MD Muneer
Humans have long been fascinated with the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Scientists and astronauts have long been sending radio signals out into deep space while simultaneously opening up our satellite ears for potential signs of communication elsewhere. Whether it be the prototypical, commer...
The Real Michael Jai White 04/25/2017

NASA Just Confirmed That There May Be Alien Life In Our Solar System
סאמי אבו קעוד
Janatan Betbejano
Alexander Fuse Delarge
Most people enjoy living a life of convenience. No one likes to struggle over small irritations and everyone is always looking for a quicker and easier way of doing things. There are countless life hacks out there designed to do exactly that. Whether it be using a bowl or a cup to enhance the speake...
The Real Michael Jai White 04/25/2017

16 Things You've Been Using Wrong Your Whole Life
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Do you remember the classic cartoon about the modern stone age family, The Flinstones? Depending on how old you are, you’ll either remember the cartoon that’s been off the air for almost 50 years, or you’ll think of those multicolored children’s vitamins. Well, those vitamins came from a show that u...
The Real Michael Jai White 04/25/2017

This Town In Arizona Is Modeled After Bedrock From The Flintstones, These Are The Hilarious Pictures And Details
Gary Savage
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Jesse Dawson
Women twerking on the internet has become a cultural phenomenon. The amount of rump-shaking videos you come across on your explore page alone are enough to make your stomach upset. Either you get seasick watching all that up and down movement or motivated to hit the squat machines at the gym. You mi...
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19 Year-Old Russian Self-Proclaimed 'TwerkGirl' Gains Almost 500K Instagram Followers In No Time
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Gabriel Molina
Even black belts find themselves in situations they can’t get out of. Take this guy for example. Watch as an overly aggressive martial artist begins stirring up trouble at a training facility and a black belt tries to put him in his place.
The Real Michael Jai White 04/25/2017

Black Belt Confronts Overly Aggressive Student But Quickly Backs Down
Michael David-Anthony Fekete
Charles Hammond
Albert Becerra
If you’re into watching vlogs on the internet you are most likely aware of the YouTube prank frenzy. The mega-hub of user-generated content holds hundreds of thousands of videos dedicated to a bunch of mindless prankster entertainment. Pranks that are done well usually result in some kind of prank w...
The Real Michael Jai White 04/25/2017

Man Rubs Hot Pepper On Girlfriend's Underwear Before She Works Out
Iva Linder
Herberdenia Phillips
Fade Shade
La Quan Scott
David Smith
Austin Gallegos