Nadya Suleman made international headlines when she gave birth to octuplets back in January 2009. The media named her ‘Octomom.’

Update On Octomom Nadya Suleman, 7 Years After She Gave Birth
You're just a soldier, so take the orders.
Some days it feels like the world is out to get you and there’s nothing you can do about it. A true bad day usually starts with the typical warning signs that you should have never left bed, including: Sleeping past an alarm, Forgetting an important item, Missing the bus. However, as bad as your day...

20 People Having The Worst Bad Day
The laws of physics bind us to reality, but once in awhile when things don’t agree with the natural laws, we become enraged and fascinated all at the same time. In olden times, people chalked it up to the gods, nowadays we tend to believe it’s dark magic, aliens or the influence of another dimension...

World's 4 Greatest Magic Tricks Revealed - Spoiler Alert!
Companionship is necessary to live a human life. We need friends and family in our lives in order to remain sane and functional. Studies have shown that having fun is a very important aspect of social life. When researchers studied the function of play in rats and monkeys they found that rats and mo...

Top 8 Best And Brutal Responses To Flirtatious Texts
Although vandalism is illegal and I wouldn’t condone messing with property that does not belong to you, there have been some cases when

Top 16 Hilarious Acts Of Vandalism That Will Make You Laugh
They say the good learn from their mistakes and the great learn from other people’s mistakes. Like Seneca said “It’s as if they lived for me.” Taking on a very selfish standpoint that everyone who has ever lived, has lived for you is what is required to become one of the greatest and brightest think...

24 Of The Biggest And Most Obvious Fails From Around The World
At one point all of us were young, awkward kids, trying our best to make it through puberty to the light at the end of the tunnel that was adulthood. Most people cringe when they look back at photos of themselves during puberty, but take solace in the fact that everyone goes through their awkward, c...

28 Celebrities Before And After Fame Transformations
Just months after his father’s death, a son discovered a heartwarming message while dismantling one of his old workbenches.

Son Takes Apart Dad's Workbench And Discovers Heartwarming Surprise
Family photos used to be in black and white and you would have to wait for them to get processed before owning a hard copy. They were a literal physical representation of a moment in time. Nowadays, all the photos we take are not for memories or collections but more for views and likes on social med...

Top 8 Incredible And Funny Family Photos Then And Now
You may or may not have heard of the Human Barbie, a Ukrainian model. She became internationally known when pictures of her came out on the internet. People could not believe that she was human, and for good reasons.

Photos Of Valeria Lukyanova The Human Barbie, Without Makeup
Do you know what it feels like to be in here for nothing?!
Sometimes when two people meet, they fall in love and stay together regardless of what some people may say or think about them. Some awkward looking couples have height differences, size differences or even age differences, but what matters is how they feel about each other. Some people say that lov...

Top 28 Awkward Couples
We have all been prone to some not-so-flattering pictures. Using a filter whether from Snapchat or Instagram has the useful benefit of hiding that pimple or helping to shed some fat. But unfortunately there are some pictures that no amount of filtering or tinkering can fix. That’s why Photoshop was…

Our Favorite Photoshop Troll Is Back And His Hilarious Photo Edits Will Have You Dying
Tattoos are a form of body modification that are becoming more and more accepted with several workplaces allowing people tattoos or piercings

Here Are 28 Bizarre Tattoos That Will Bend Your Mind
Long known as one of the best rappers today, Eminem has been spitting rhymes and producing mass hits ever since he starred in Eight Mile. A little vulgar, and extremely lyrical, Em has never been one to keep his mouth shut about any topic. From politics, to breast implants, to his love life, all the...

Top 8 Celebrities That Were Lyrically Assaulted By Eminem