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Huey vs. Grand Master Bushido Brown
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Sometimes, life offers up situations that can be a little bit trying. Whether it be getting into an argument with someone,
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16 People Who Took Petty To The Next Level Every once in a while, it’s nice to look back at old family albums and remember the happy simpler times. Looking at baby pictures or pictures of your old room really bring back memories of a time with no smartphones or iPads. The photos you’re about to see really remind us of what’s im...
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16 Awesome Photos From History That Will make You Nostalgic
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thevintagenews Movies like Indiana Jones or Alice in Wonderland always have made us dream of going on an adventure and find a secret world that’s totally different from anything that we’ve seen. But sadly, it rarely ever happens. As a kid watching fantasy movies you would find yourself pretending to...
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Rabbit Hole Leads To System Of Caves That Were Used By The Knights Templar!
Although many of you are probably already aware of the chronic skin condition that is eczema, you may be interested to know that
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Scientists Discovered What Really Happens To The Skin When You Have Eczema
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When you’re at work, ready to dig into your soup or salad but you forgot your fork, you have no choice but to get pretty creative. You’re desperate, but using your fingers would get pretty messy and gross. So you look around your desk and try to figure out what you can use. There’s nothing there exc...
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College Student Breaks Hanger To Eat Pasta And Now People Are Sharing Concerning Utensil Hacks
There are some places that visitors are not granted access to and in some cases, extreme measures of security are integrated to ensure no one enters.
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Keep Moving, Nothing To See Here, 16 Forbidden Places You Can't Visit
Quitting smoking is a pretty difficult task. Whether it’s done using the nicotine patch, hypnosis, or just straight up cold turkey, it’s not easy. Millions of people around the world smoke, and it’s no news that these people are putting their health and their lives at risk every time they take a puf...
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Mix This With Orange Juice to Flush Nicotine Out Of Your Body
A 31-year-old woman from Jackson, Michigan who was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for the murder of her boyfriend received some harsh words from a judge during her sentencing, and some people are questioning his extreme reaction. Camia Gamet was found guilty of first degree murd...
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Judge Freaks Out In Court, 'I Hope You Die In Prison'
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IQ has long been thought of as an indicator of intelligence and how well someone will do in life. But new research has identified that EI, our emotional intelligence, is just as important as IQ. This is because one’s social aptitudes and strengths play a huge role in how we navigate the world. Someo...
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Signs That You Might Have An Intimidating Personality
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One on One with Tony Jaa. Who wins?
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There’s nothing more exciting or enjoyable than the early stages of a new relationship. Often referred to as the ‘honeymoon’ phase, it happens when a couple is totally blinded by their newfound love for each other and they don’t notice any red flags or annoyances. After a couple of months, however,…
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10 Habits That Can Ruin Relationships
Shannon Christi Hayes
Stress is a common part of life. There is an array of external and internal causes for the reaction. Stress can be the catalyst for a variety of ailments yet it can be hard to pinpoint that stress is your problem because it can mask itself under many other symptoms. These symptoms can affect your he...
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8 Clear Signs That Show You Are Way Too Stressed
There have been many vicious prehistoric predators in our past. Animals such as the hell pig, the T-rex or the short-nosed bear would almost surely ascend to the top of the food chain if they were still alive today. However, luckily for us, they no longer exist and we can exist ‘triumphantly’ at the...
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This Previously Extinct Venomous Snake has Just Been Rediscovered
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In a recent interview on the Zach Sand Show, singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus addressed her changed attitude about her widely popular song and controversial music video for “Wrecking Ball.” Back in 2013, this song was a huge hit, but now she describes it as “her worst nightmare.” In the music video rel...
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Miley Cyrus Speaks On What She Thinks Of 'Wrecking Ball'
Nicholas Wilks is an Australian man who likes to fish. Last year, he went fishing with his dad and came across a great white shark. The shark was swimming around their boat, grabbing fish out of their net. The great white ended up getting tangled in the net, which resulted in a tug-of-war of sorts.…
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Man Tells Shark To Go Away In The Most Australian Way Possible
James Flores
Cody Robinson