Richard Dawkins and Dave Barry will be at the Olympia Theater on May 27th. They'll be discussing a range of topics including current events, Odd Socks, religion, and, of course, science. They'll make you laugh. They'll make you cry. But more than that, they'll make you think. Don't miss out!

"But hey, at least the parents didn't let the kid be the TOOL of BIG PHARMA and get AUTISM." and more in today's Heresy!
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The Morning Heresy: Subsequent Profuse Sweating - Center for Inquiry
"THE END OF THE UNIVERSE AS WE KNOW IT" says physicist Lawrence M. Krauss. Find out why and how. [ Link ]

The End of the Universe as We Know It
Pakistani police prevent clerics' rally against blasphemy. Associated Press reports with comment from CFI's Michael De Dora!

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Pakistani police prevent clerics' rally against blasphemy
Stick it to the anti-vaxxers. Join us:

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Despite how it may seem, there is still good news out there. [ Link ]

Faith-healing bill dies in Idaho Senate
Dogs have been our companions for a long time but how did the dogs we know now come to be?

The Surprising Origins of How Dogs Came to Be
Richard Dawkins will be joined by special guests Adam Felber, Annabelle Gurwitch, and Dave Barry on stage this Spring. Don't wait, tickets won't last long! [ Link ]

Center for Inquiry
The rusty patched became the first bumblebee to be listed as an Endangered Species. [ Link ]

The endangered listing for the rusty patched bumblebee is finally given...
Is resurrecting the woolly mammoth worth it if it means the extinction of other species currently struggling?
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We Might Soon Resurrect Extinct Species. Is It Worth the Cost?
Voucher programs are a sneaky way to funnel tax money to religious schools under the guise of promoting choice. Tell your US Representative to reject the reauthorization of the D.C. Voucher Program. What happens in D.C. could be a blueprint for the nation: [ Link ]

Tell Your U.S. Representative: Reject Reauthorization of D.C. Voucher...
Facebook is going to meet with Pakistani officials to discuss the country's request for the personal information of users Pakistan deem to hav

Sensitivities - The Morning Heresy 3/22/17
"Though for the media outlets that are fact-checking these things, it’s a matter of truth and falsehood, for the ordinary person evaluating, adopting, rejecting, or spreading false beliefs, that may not be what it’s really about." [ Link ]

This Article Won’t Change Your Mind
The author of "No Friends But the Mountains: Dispatches from the World’s Violent Highlands," on Point of Inquiry. [ Link ]

Mile-High Violence: Judith Matloff on Mountain Conflict
Critical thinking instruction in humanities courses are reducing pseudoscientific beliefs according to this study: [ Link ]

Critical Thinking Instruction Reduces Belief in Pseudoscience
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I forgot to mention yesterday that the day before that was the 5-year anniversary of The Morning Heresy as a web-published thingy. Here's the

Stupid and Even Cruel - The Morning Heresy 3/21/17
A valued member of the Center for Inquiry's board of directors, Leonard Tramiel, discusses the impact of his pioneering work in the early days of the personal computer, as well as his passion for science and critical thinking, at TEDx.

The story of Commodore and the 8-bit generation | Leonard Tramiel |...

With his father, Leonard Tramiel helped create the Commodore, one of the first personal computers. He also led Atari after his father bought the...