Cause & Effect: The CFI Newsletter - The story of an incredible year, Darwin Day fun, and more. [ Link ]

Center for Inquiry News: Cause & Effect: The CFI Newsletter - No. 75
"Fake news has its particular historical origin in Christian fundamentalism’s rejection of expert elites."

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The Religious Origins of Fake News and "Alternative Facts"
Advancing Reason in an Irrational Age:
Presenting CFI’s 2016 Progress Report.

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New Point of Inquiry, James Morris, is author of "Eye on the Struggle: Ethel Payne, First Lady of the Black Press." [ Link ]

James McGrath Morris on Ethel Payne, First Lady of the Black Press
Over 370 kids reported sick or killed because of a homeopathic teething product.
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Hundreds of Babies Harmed by Homeopathic Remedies, Families Say
TOMORROW David Grinspoon will be talking about how the different and profound ways we humans affect our planet.

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The rapture has not yet occurred, nobody is going to hell, people can live their lives how they want and love who they want:
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Same-sex Marriage Linked to 7% Drop in Teen Suicide Attempts - LGBT Rights
Great article about the growth of the atheist movement in the United States. [ Link ]

Every Day Is Sunday: As atheism rises, nonbelievers find one another
The Center for Inquiry denounced the announcement by the Trump administration yesterday that it would reverse the guidance issued by the Obama administration requiring that public schools allow transgender students to use the bathroom which correspon

Reversal of Transgender Students’ Protections “Callous and Spiteful” says Center for Inquiry
The Heresy is a little gassy, but that's ok...just another part of life.

Life Releases Gases - The Morning Heresy 2/23/17
"Few world leaders have reaped so much politically as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin from embracing their faith." [ Link ]

Trump & Putin: Our New Biblical Kings
The Center for Inquiry unequivocally condemned the charge of blasphemy brought by Danish prosecutors against a man for burning a copy of the Quran in an online video. CFI blasted the charge as an affront to the fundamental rights to freedom of belief

Denmark’s Use of Blasphemy Law Condemned by Center for Inquiry
Your brain, great as it is, makes some (funny) mistakes interpreting language. We are now learning why. [ Link ]

When Mismatched Voices and Lips Make Your Brain Play Tricks
NASA is set to make a big announcement at 1pm EST. We are very excited!!

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NASA to Host News Conference on Discovery Beyond Our Solar System
Dispelling Demons: Detective Work at The Conjuring House [ Link ]

Dispelling Demons: Detective Work at The Conjuring House - CSI
Thought to have lived 540 million years ago, the discovery of Saccorhytus coronarious fossils sheds light on the early stages of evolution

A huge mouth and no anus – this could be our earliest known ancestor
Once again, the skeptic perspective comes from CFI's Joe Nickell. [ Link ]

Does Bigfoot Have a Soul? A Radio Host’s Audience Ponders