"Anger asks us for action but unfortunately the expression of anger is not always the most appropriate or effective action — fact checking information, trying to empathise... and focusing on the things you can actually control are often much more useful."

This week Salvos psychologist Maris Depers unpacked what anger can mean for us with RendezView.

Anger can be unproductive. Try empathy

When Jayne lost custody of her children to her ex-partner and then subsequently lost her rental property because of drug use, she knew it was time to seek help.

“I just had nowhere to go. I was couch-surfing, sleeping in my car a bit. I had nothing.” After building the confidence to ask for help, Jayne entered a Salvos refuge for support.

During this time, workers addressed her addiction...
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“I had been raised by a good family with good Christian values and ethics but once I started on ice I spiralled out of control - by the time I was jailed I had lost my children, lost my family’s support, lost my business and lost sight of everything I once aspired to be. I had hit rock bottom."

Read how Tony has turned his life around and is now helping others.

Former Ice addict’s search for salvation

On World Day of Social Justice, we reflect on these words from the Founder of The Salvation Army, General William Booth.

More than 100 years on from when these words were first spoken, we continue to bring hope to those whose lives have been affected by inequality. #WorldDayofSocialJustice
Congratulations to Salvo Peter Evans who was recognised for his invaluable contribution to our Emergency Services recently by being named Bundaberg's Citizen of the Year.

"Peter, through his involvement with The Salvation Army, has been responsible for positioning The Salvation Army as a vital service agency helping the Bundaberg community prepare for and recover from disasters, through The...
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REVEALED: Bundy's citizens of the year

Today is Random Act of Kindness Day. What will you do to bring hope in someone's life today? #RAK2017
Calling all young filmmakers! Are you ready to inspire change?

We're asking YOU to put together a one minute video about youth homelessness to help increase awareness of the issue and challenge stereotypes of what homelessness in Australia looks like. If you are between 12-24 years of age we want to see what you've got!

Find out more at: [ Hiddenothers.org.au Link ]

This Aussie Comp Needs Yr Filmmaking Prowess To Fight Youth Homelessness

On Valentine's Day, we'd like to share with you a love story of a different kind. For the last two decades, Salvo volunteers Bob and Barb Patterson have dedicated their lives to caring for vulnerable babies and children with disabilities.

In loving and nurturing the children in their full time care, Barb learned to see beyond disability: "We found out who they were, and we found the child...
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“These young people have limited opportunities and support available to them for engagement in outdoor activity programs, that are specialised and tailored to their needs, providing the level of support they require to further develop and achieve their full potential."

Thanks to the generosity of the Sargents Pies Charitable Foundation we've been able to open a new activity and training...
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Salvos take on challenge of helping youth

While parts of Australia are experiencing a heatwave, it's important to remember what to do in times of crisis. Have you got an emergency plan in place?
You know him as the host of The Late Late Show with James Corden and carpool karaoke, but did you know that James Corden's creativity began with The Salvation Army?

His story: [ Bit.ly Link ]
We want to say a huge congratulations to Salvo Hazel Cooper! She was recently honoured for 70 years of volunteering for The Salvation Army with a Community Volunteer Award in Mackay.

Over the years Hazel has gone door-to-door for our Red Shield Appeal, prepared meals as part of our Emergency Services team, volunteered in her local op shop, and collected food for one of our domestic violence...
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She's volunteered for 70 years, and raised 13 children

"People are coming for food essentially. That's a basic need that's driving them to be here," says Salvo volunteer Nicole Anderson. "But we noticed they had health issues that weren't being addressed as that's way down your priority list when you're dealing with homelessness and lack of access to food and shelter and that sort of thing.”

Read about how our breakfast program in Darwin is...
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Charity's free breakfast service evolves into more than a hot meal

"We've been connecting with the community since Friday's tragedy by getting our workers and volunteers out and about day and night."

Salvo Anthony McEvoy shares how our services at The Salvation Army Melbourne Project 614 have been responding to those affected by the Bourke Street tragedy on 20 January.

Bourke Street Mall incident - community connection & resilience

We have developed a number of short videos to assist us to better understand some of the personal issues we need to consider following the Bourke St tragedy....

Homelessness isn't always what it seems.
"At noon, I got lunch again at the Salvation Army. Then came a long, light-headed afternoon. If you’ve got no money in Melbourne there’s nowhere to eat again until 6pm. This leaves three options — steal, borrow or beg."

When journalist Luke Williams learned about Melbourne's homeless epidemic, he took to the streets for 3 days to experience it for himself.


Thank you so much to the team at Selling Houses Australia for celebrating their 100th episode by supporting us! We can't wait to watch the episode! Tune in on March 1 to see how the SHA team helped raise money for our homelessness services - and to see how the auction went!

Selling Houses Australia celebrates its 100th episode

“You hear stories of tragedies and sadness over Christmas, but on the other side you have these people who come out of the blue and give generously to help others. It makes a huge difference not only to the people who receive it, who have desperate need, but to people like myself and others who witness it." Read more about how My Salvos Stores manager Liona witnessed a Christmas miracle.

Salvos Store role enriches Liona's life

A few weeks ago one of our services in Darwin was broken into, where property was damaged and stolen. Amongst the items stolen was our Salvo shuttle bus which allows us to connect with members of the community.

But the support we've received from the community has been overwhelming! They've stepped in and donated food to restock our pantry, collected financial donations, given up their time...
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"The biggest struggle is not Christmas but the cost after Christmas with back-to-school. That’s where I’ll struggle."

Straight off the back of Christmas, families across Australia are feeling the strain of 'back to school' costs. For single mother of four, Malia, the cost of school was all consuming.

"The Salvos can help with some extra support for back-to-school … school books, shoes,...
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