Happy #NeighbourDay! Every day, we're out in the community connecting with those who need it most.

Whether it’s sharing a cuppa with someone who’s lonely or struggling to cope, to giving fresh fruit and vegetables to a family who are finding it hard to make ends meet, we’re here to help Australian communities.

On Neighbour Day, what are your tips for being a good neighbour?
Today fires broke out opposite The Salvation Army Headquarters in Papua New Guinea. Australian Salvation Army Colonels Kelvin and Julie Alley had to react quickly and their team worked to evacuate the school, which was only approximately 50m away from the blaze. "The destruction of good things in this city is devastating. While there is no one physically hurt from our compound, it was...
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Riots break out in Papua New Guinea

In Australia we're blessed to live in a culturally rich and diverse community. This #CulturalDiversityWeek, we're thankful for volunteers like Joy who make our community a better place for everyone.
On World Social Work Day we want to honour all of our social workers right across Australia who are working to build healthy communities - like Rosie from The Freedom Partnership- to End Modern Slavery!
Our incredible Emergency Services teams (which include our invaluable volunteers!) are always ready to support first responders and those facing adversity during times of crisis. Here's Pearl serving up meals for those fighting a blaze at a recycling plant in Coolaroo, Victoria.
Our Just Brass program now has more than 600 participants across Australia

In 2010, program founder John Collinson (pictured right) saw a need to give young people the opportunity to develop self esteem, team work and leadership - all through music.

Grant (pictured left), was among the first to join the program. "Music took me to a different place... It's also taught me how to be different...
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"Drugs became what I lived for. I finally got so low [on money] that I stole from my parents. They had had enough and reported the theft to the police." At rock bottom, David was referred to The Salvation Army's Bridge Program.

Today, David is a Salvation Army officer and helps manage those struggling with addiction to find hope too.

On the other side

Our centre in regional Victoria's Healesville provides a safe space for the community members to connect with others and inspire hope.
This week saw the launch of Salvos Funerals, our new funeral service which will provide compassionate and affordable care to those in grief.

“The stress of organising a funeral when you’re grieving can be a distressing experience, but Salvos Funerals hopes to be there to alleviate the emotional burden and provide cost-effective options. We are a community of people who are passionate about...
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Today on International Women's Day, we reflect on what it means to be bold for change.
“Being ‘bold for change’ is ultimately about giving voice to the voiceless... It is costly, to be pioneering. If you fight for equality and awareness, or against misogyny, you cop the initial fire.”

Ahead of International Women's Day, actress Anna McGahan shares what it means to be bold for change.

#BeBoldforChange #IWD2017

Anna McGahan: Bold, brave and blessed | Salvos Warcry Magazine

Congratulations to Cody who has made leaps and bounds in Salvos Resto!

This unique program gives young people the opportunity to learn how to restore cars under the guidance of mentors at Drysdale Smash Repairs.

For program manager, Salvo Peter Hobbs, the program is a chance for young people like Cody to come out of their shell and develop their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing....
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“A tragedy like this is a powerful reminder that amid all the debate you’re actually talking about human beings that are homeless and human beings that require long term, well supported, affordable accommodation.”

Salvo Major Brendan Nottle reflects on the tragic loss of life in a factory fire in Footscray, Victoria, an area known to be occupied by people sleeping rough. Our thoughts and...
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Explosion as Footscray fire kills three

Since 1920, a house in Sydney's inner west has been a part of our story. First purchased by General Bramwell Booth, the son of the Founder of The Salvation Army, the house has been the home for many Salvation Army Officers who worked in the inner west suburbs of Sydney.

Tonight, a stunning makeover of this house will be revealed as it goes under the hammer on the 100th episode special and...
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"Anger asks us for action but unfortunately the expression of anger is not always the most appropriate or effective action — fact checking information, trying to empathise... and focusing on the things you can actually control are often much more useful."

This week Salvos psychologist Maris Depers unpacked what anger can mean for us with RendezView.

Anger can be unproductive. Try empathy

When Jayne lost custody of her children to her ex-partner and then subsequently lost her rental property because of drug use, she knew it was time to seek help.

“I just had nowhere to go. I was couch-surfing, sleeping in my car a bit. I had nothing.” After building the confidence to ask for help, Jayne entered a Salvos refuge for support.

During this time, workers addressed her addiction...
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“I had been raised by a good family with good Christian values and ethics but once I started on ice I spiralled out of control - by the time I was jailed I had lost my children, lost my family’s support, lost my business and lost sight of everything I once aspired to be. I had hit rock bottom."

Read how Tony has turned his life around and is now helping others.

Former Ice addict’s search for salvation

On World Day of Social Justice, we reflect on these words from the Founder of The Salvation Army, General William Booth.

More than 100 years on from when these words were first spoken, we continue to bring hope to those whose lives have been affected by inequality. #WorldDayofSocialJustice
Congratulations to Salvo Peter Evans who was recognised for his invaluable contribution to our Emergency Services recently by being named Bundaberg's Citizen of the Year.

"Peter, through his involvement with The Salvation Army, has been responsible for positioning The Salvation Army as a vital service agency helping the Bundaberg community prepare for and recover from disasters, through The...
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REVEALED: Bundy's citizens of the year

Today is Random Act of Kindness Day. What will you do to bring hope in someone's life today? #RAK2017