Winter is a tough season—the cost of heating a home isn’t getting any cheaper. The Salvation Army in Nova Scotia, along with local partners, are helping to keep vulnerable people warm this winter through their heating assistance program.
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Good Neighbour Energy Fund opens for 2017
Commissioner Susan McMillan, our Territorial Commander, is in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, this week to view some of the Salvation Army projects and programs that were developed in response to the 2010 Hurricane. These photos feature school children from some of the 48 Salvation Army operated schools across the country, as well as highlighting some of the beneficiaries of livelihood housing, and...
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1 million Canadian children face hunger every year. Your support can help change that. [ Link ]
Leaving a charitable gift annuity enables donors to make a donation that supports the work of The Salvation Army and provides a safe, secure stream of income for life. For Ann Dutton, having seen the good work of her local Salvation Army growing up, she decided to leave a gift in her will to help them continue their efforts. “It feels good to give to a cause you care about,” says Dutton....
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Make a Charitable Gift and Improve Your Income Security
Did you know that profits from our thrift stores are used to fund local Salvation Army programs and services such as life-skills classes, daycare services or summer camps? When you donate your gently used household items and clothing at one of our locations, you’re supporting vulnerable people right in your community.
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How Your Gently-Used Clothes Can Change a Life
35,000 Canadians experience homelessness on any given night, emergency shelters are getting fuller each year and 1.5 million people pay more than they can afford on housing. The numbers don’t lie; homelessness is a real issue in Canada. The Globe and Mail examines ways to address poverty, and how we can work toward ending homelessness in Canada.
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We can end homelessness in Canada
1 in 5 Canadians will experience mental illness, making them more susceptible to poverty, unemployment, homelessness and social isolation. The Salvation Army continues to address the challenges of mental illness as we strive to meet the needs of the whole person. [ Link ]

Salvation Army Addresses Mental Illness
Because of you, we are able to change the stories of millions of Canadians by providing practical assistance such as food, shelter and clothing.
Family, employment, housing, friends—addictions can take a lot away from a person. But support and encouragement can help restore lives. Last year, 1,570 people completed our addictions and rehabilitation programs. That’s 1,570 people with a renewed sense of hope for their future.
Imagine that in sub-zero temperatures, you have to send your children to school in a hoodie because you can’t afford winter clothing. As temperatures plummet, The Salvation Army is doing its best to keep people warm by providing emergency shelter beds and life-sustaining necessities such as sleeping bags, coats, boots, socks and gloves. [ Link ]

Salvation Army Addresses Cold Weather Needs
Your support is inspiring an attitude of appreciation. For one mother, the assistance she received from her local food bank didn’t just feed her family, but the additional counselling gave her the encouragement she needed to move forward with her life. Today she is able to fully provide for her family and takes the time to return the favour by supporting her local food bank. “Being able to...
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Gravenhurst mother recalls painful struggle with poverty
Without you, their future won’t be so bright. Sponsor vulnerable children today to help build a better tomorrow. [ Link ]
Thanks to contributions from our donors, volunteers and community partners, The Salvation Army raised over $23.5 million dollars nationally through our Christmas Kettle Campaign, surpassing our $21 million goal. We are truly grateful for our generous supporters who enable us to help those in need during the Christmas season and throughout the year. [ Link ]

Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign Surpasses $21-Million Goal
New beginnings can be exciting and scary. Shannon was 18, pregnant and alone when she found The Salvation Army. With compassion and practical support, the staff at The Salvation Army’s Grace Haven in Hamilton, Ont., helped her to stay strong, and taught her the skills she needed to tackle her new life as a mother. [ Link ]

Single Mom Finds New Life with Help from The Salvation Army
Healing begins with hope. We are so grateful to our donors and volunteers for their time, love and generosity. Your support is giving hope to children, men and women, helping them realize and reach their full potential.
Signs and symptoms of poverty: hunger, depression, anxiety, inadequate housing, poor health…the list goes on. No one deserves to live in #poverty. The Salvation Army is present in more than 400 communities across Canada, responding to the needs of those most vulnerable.
For many of us, we’ll leave work today and go home to prepare a nutritious dinner for our family. But for 1 in 8 Canadian households living with food insecurity, they may not have supper tonight. No one should go hungry tonight.
No one plans to live in poverty; it can affect anyone. A sudden illness, the loss of a job, a family break-up—one change can have devastating outcomes. For Pat Bayes, the onset of an illness cost her her job and home. "My situation can happen to anybody. I'm the poster child of that. I had a very good life, a very good life and everything was turned on its head because of a catastrophic...
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'My situation can happen to anybody': food bank donor now relies on program
Did you know that 36% of those helped by food banks in Canada are children and youth? There are parents in your neighbourhood that worry about where their family’s next meal will come from. Some may skip supper tonight so their child has something to eat.
Sometimes all we have to give is time. Give back in the New Year by helping to spread warmth and kindness to Canadians in need. Be a Salvation Army volunteer. [ Link ]