This evening’s #SpiritualThought is from Colossians
In 1977 members and officers celebrated the 70th birthday of the Home League at Oxford Salvation Army with a sing song around the piano!


Remember When: Oxford Salvation Army Home League celebrate 70th birthday with a knees-up
“It’s been so cold recently that we wanted to do something to help local people who are living on the streets."

Hit LIKE to help us thank Bletchley Fire Station, who have collected and donated winter clothing for our service users experiencing homelessness.

Have clothing to donate? Find your nearest donation bank here:

Fire crew in Milton Keynes donates clothes to homeless
Here’s your mid-week # SpiritualThought
During the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, many Salvation Army church & community centres are praying alongside their local churches that we will be 'Crossing Barriers'.

The love of Christ compels churches to be ambassadors of reconciliation, finding peace so bridges may be built.

As part of the universal Christian Church, we value our relationships with other churches and welcomes the...
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Ecumenical Office | The Salvation Army
"At the Salvation Army, I could roll my sleeves up and get stuck in see a change in the lives of people was more reward than enough".

Before becoming a Salvationist, Rudolf Pilsel was a teacher and ran a business crafting instruments. In his 30's, he felt a calling to become a Salvation Army Officer.

This year, after leading eight different churches, Major Rudolf is...
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“You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”

On #WinniethePoohDay take time to consider these quotes about love, mindfulness and confidence by famous author A.A. Milne.

The best Winnie the Pooh quotes for all moments in life
Enjoy this #SpiritualThought from Ephesians
“Oh, I got it in a charity shop,” seems to be the sentence on everyone’s lips, and with treasures like these to be found it's easy to see why.

What’s the bests second hand item you've found in charity shops?

Find your nearest Salvation Army Shop and Donate here:
“She has probably done more in her own person to establish the right of women to preach the Gospel than anyone else who has ever lived.”

#OnThisDay Catherine Booth, co-founder of The Salvation Army, was born.

Catherine was a powerful advocate of social reform, which included working against sex trafficking, helping people with addictions and women’s rights.

We continue to remember her in...
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"Take a blessing when you need one. Leave a blessing when you can."

The Ballard’s “blessing box” is there to lift people's spirits with anonymous donations of essentials.

What will you give to your community this #CharityTuesday?

This Family's "Blessing Box" Is So Pure And So Sweet
Here’s a #SpiritualThought for your Monday evening
Your donations in 2016 helped us provide 3,081 beds every night of the year for people experiencing homelessness. Thank you.

Thank you from The Salvation Army

“The Salvation Army strives to meet the needs of the communities in which we work, and an airport is no different. It’s a privilege for us to be here at Glasgow Airport. My thanks go to all the staff for the wonderful support they give our chaplaincy team.”

Our world leader General André Cox paid tribute to airport staff this morning during his final stop on a tour of our centres in West...
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Here's a story to lift your spirits this #BlueMonday.

After a burglary last year, this Grandma from Leicester has turned the ‘worst week of her life’ into a way to help others. Read her story below.

What positive stories have you heard today?

Burglary victim gives £2,000 of well-wishers' cash to charity
Our world leader General André Cox was given a rousing Scottish welcome last night in front 600 Salvationists and friends of the Salvation Army.

The General and his wife Commissioner Silvia Cox were piped into a civic event at Port Glasgow Town Hall, which was held to celebrate our work in the West of Scotland.

The event featured music from the Divisional Youth Band and Ayr Community Gospel...
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We're delighted to welcome the world leader of the Salvation Army, General André Cox, to the west of Scotland this weekend for a whistle-stop tour of our churches and centres.

General Cox and his wife Commissioner Silvia have been meeting residents from our homelessness services in Glasgow this morning as well as older people at our Eva Burrows Day Care Centre in Cambuslang.

The General, who...
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‘Whatever the circumstances, we can achieve so much more than we think. With God’s help, the circumstances that you’re in don’t have to decide your fate. I’m a perfect example of that.’

Former gang member, Sephton Henry tells The War Cry how finding God changed his life.

On the right road | The Salvation Army
‘I think Sherlock’s temperament is more shaped by the fact that he is human and trying to be superhuman … his real weakness is sometimes not seeing what’s right in front of him. He’s not unhuman, he is human and he is fallible.’

In this week’s The War Cry, we look to BBC One's popular 'Sherlock' and are reminded that we are all only human.

Holmes truth | The Salvation Army