As tonight's vigil in Trafalgar Square begins, here is a word from our Territorial Commander, Commissioner Clive Adams:

“I have mixed emotions as I continue to watch the news of the terror attack in Westminster.

I feel deep sadness for those who have been bereaved, for those who have been seriously injured, for those who have been traumatised... I mourn with those who mourn.

I feel deep...
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Today's #ThrowbackThursday shows a photo of Strawberry Field in 1967.

We want to bring life back to the site - our vision for Strawberry Field is to be a place for spiritual reflection and a centre of learning for young people.

You can help us carry on the legacy of Strawberry Field - find out more:
We continue to pray for those affected by yesterday's events in London and for those still responding. If you are feeling anxious or afraid this morning, we pray you will find comfort and peace.

We love this photography project celebrating people journeying through their later life!

'LIKE' if you appreciate 'aging gracefully' and learn how we support older people here:


Touching new photo series shows the beauty of women over 100
We take words from Amos on #WorldWaterDay

Last year, captain Matt Butler braved the waters of Hyde Park’s Serpentine Lake to raise vital funds for our work.

Have a passion for swimming? Or looking for your next challenge? Sign up with The Salvation Army Fundraising Events to swim the Serpentine and help to transform lives!
Did you know that one in ten people across the world go without clean water every day?

This #WorldWaterDay, why not donate to our Watershed project, which provides communities with access to safe, clean water and in turn protects people from water-borne diseases, supports agriculture and increases to school attendance.

Give water, give life:

WATERSHED - Water Is Life

Billions have access to clean water. 783 million people still don't. Help us give water to everyone who needs it. Visit

Peter Sumpter, who is 82 years old, captured Govan Salvation Army Community Church Songsters & band in these wonderful illustrations!


Who hears the joyful sound.

Happy birthday to The Salvation Army's oldest remaining Corps!

Based in East London, Poplar church & community centre celebrated its 150th anniversary with the community and special guest General André Cox!
Will you play a part in bringing the iconic #StrawberryField site back to life?

Our vision for Strawberry Field isn't possible without your support.

Visit to donate and leave your mark on this historic project.

This #CharityTuesday, what can you give?
We’re celebrating #WorldPoetryDay with a poem written by Milly Roe and Ruby Longley, who learnt about us at school!

Have your children written a poem today? Share below!

Have a peaceful evening #SpiritualThought
“But slavery persists today in many forms—from sex trafficking rings in North Dakota to child labor in gold mines in the Philippines to families in India working to pay off debts from a generation ago.”

Thank you Glamour for highlighting the horrific issue of modern day slavery.

Slavery is Still a Problem Today—Here's How to Get Involved
This #InternationalDayOfHappiness, what makes you happy? Tell us below!
What could you do to make someone smile on #InternationalDayofHappiness?

‘We may not always know or understand what causes people’s erratic behaviour, but, like Jesus, we can still treat everyone we encounter with compassion and respect.’

In this week’s The War Cry, we look at the biblical account of Jesus healing a man possessed by demons.

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'Society needs to think beyond locked prison doors. It needs to have a better welcome for when the doors are opened.’

In this week’s The War Cry we’re unlocking the truths about crimes and punishment as we begin our new Hidden in Justice series.

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Have faith!

This week’s #FridayFundraiser is Joel, who works at William Booth College.

He’s joined The Salvation Army Fundraising Events to trek Iceland and has been busy raising money for us by washing cars.

Ready for a challenge? Head tour website to get involved: